Crushing Cleveland, just what the doctor ordered.

by | Nov 29, 2007 | 58 comments

The Pistons started the game out right last night against Cleveland. The offense was running well and with the presence of Sheed again in the starting lineup the defense was as good as it’s been all year. The 109-74 shellacking of The Cavs couldn’t have come at a better time for the Pistons, who have been playing without key pieces at times this season.

Much will be said, especially on the Cleveland side, that this win doesn’t “count” because LeBron sat out the second half with a sprained finger on his non shooting hand, but if you ask anyone who was watching the game they would tell you that the Pistons were on their way to a victory regardless of who was or was not on the court.

Key Points:

  • Impressive offense from the start for The Pistons who were sharing the ball, getting it to the open man and knocking down shots.
  • Sure is nice to have a team that can play without key players and still win, isn’t it?
  • The Palace crowd was brutal to LeBron every time he touched the ball and when he was lounging on the bench in his suite in the second half, he got booed every time they put him up on the big screen.
  • I am not exactly sure when LeBron hurt his finger, my best guess was when he went up for an offensive board with Chauncey and Sheed, but I guess it was Nazr… “I didn’t hit him that hard, but it’s easy to sprain a finger,” Mohammed said. “I’m sure he’ll be OK.” Via Mlive
  • LeBron scored 15 by the half and the only other Cav to put up double figures was Pavlovic who had 13.
  • Detroit’s +/- was excellent. Chauncey +22, Nazr +21, Rip +18, Tay +19, Jarvis +19…. I could go on and on.
  • Rasheed’s numbers weren’t startling, but his defense was the key to the Pistons success in the first half. He finished with 9 points, 8 boards, 2 blocked shots and 2 steals in 25 minutes.
  • Rip looked great, he was the player of the game with 18 points on 8-for-14 shooting with 6 assists and 2 takeaways. He also got free on a couple of breakaways that led to easy dunks. Good to see him back in All Star form.
Rip Hamilton
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Photo/Getty Images
  • Flip Murray and Lindsey Hunter really disrupted the Cavs offense.
  • Chauncey made sure he payed Boobie Gibson back for his playoff performance last season. Chauncey took it to him so strong that Mike Brown had to pull him. Chauncey finished with 7 points and 5 assists, but numbers don’t really show the affect he had on the game.
  • “James did not respond to a few questions as he walked to the team bus after the game carrying a pizza.” Via Yahoo
  • “A win never loses its luster,” Chauncey Billups said. “Was it less exciting to watch without LeBron? Yeah. But a win is a win and it was a game in our division. These are the games that come back to haunt you if you let your guard down.”
  • McDyess is definitely used to being a starter, he’s just not missing. It’s actually pretty to watch his shot fall. Antonio finished with 14 points on 6-for-8 shooting with 8 boards and 2 blocked shots. McNice!
  • Play of the night has to be a pull up alley oop pass from Rip to Tay for the dunk.
  • LeBron or not, this win was nice. Where are all the Cleveland fans today or The Cavs Optimist for that matter?
  • Solid night for Tay who went 8-for-12 for 16 points a blocked shot and 4 assists along with a great defensive effort on LeBron when he was on court.
Tayshaun Prince
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  • Thank you boys for the convincing beat down, it’s got to be especially nice for Pistons fans in Ohio.
  • With the win last night and a 9 and 5 record, Detroit is sitting on top of the central division.
  • Mr. Big Talk, Drew Gooden, who always seems to go at it with Sheed, had nothing to talk about. Especially after he turned the ball over 4 times with just 9 points, he was a -22 for the night.
  • Flip Murray 8 points, 5 assists and 2 steals in a solid 19 minutes.
  • Nazr played so well that Sheed got extra time to rest his knee. Mohammed was 3-for-4 for 7 points, 5 boards, and a assist.
  • Sheed was so animated when he was at the scorers table coaching his team while waiting to return to the game.
  • When the team plays like they did last night they are unstoppable.
  • Rebound war handily won 43-23.
  • 30 Assists for the Pistons on the night.
  • Highlights of the game.
  • Maxiell not only tries to dunk every time he has the ball, but he’s been money from the line lately. Maxi finished a point shy of a double-double, 10 boards and 9 points with a little attitude thrown in for good measure.
Jason Maxiell Thunder Dunk
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  • Jarvis Hayes….I hardly miss you Delfino. Hayes has been simply fantastic since joining the Pistons. Instant buckets and he’s consistent. He finished with 9 points, 2 blocked shots and assist and 2 steals.
  • Amir played well in 9 minutes going 3-5 with a board and 2 blocked shots. He’s getting better and better every time we see him. The Palace crowd loves it when he gets the ball, especially when he’s dunking it.
  • Arron Afflao, perfect on the night. Three for three from the line and 1-for-1 from the floor for 5 points in 8 minutes.
  • Pistons 58% shooting on the night.
  • I know a ton of Piston fans think LeBron threw in the towel last night…. Tell me what you think in the comments.
  • Team Need4Sheed member Claire had something that made me smile in the comments of last nights game post. “Just so you know, all you Anonymous Haters , we eat your kind for breakfast! Now that’s a comment Detroit stlye.
  • Stuckey’s not coming back as quick as we thought. “Rodney Stuckey is not going to make it back in the original six-week time frame. He had his left hand re-examined Wednesday and was not cleared for contact.” Via The Detroit News


  1. Amanda

    I hesitate to correct you, Natalie, but the score was 109-74. I would hate to think those 2 points you’re missing were on Rip’s double-clutch alley-oop pass to Tayshaun for the jam. lol

  2. Natalie

    LMAO Amanda… I fixed it thanks, you know your right I would hate to miss those 2 points.

  3. ED

    I didn’t really think bron-bron threw in the towel last night. It’s still november. there’s a long season ahead, now’s not the time for heroics. No sense in risking something worse. His turtleneck looked stupid, though.

    I came up from Toledo for the game last night, and yes, it always feels good being an ohioan and watching the ‘stons beat the cavs.

  4. Amanda

    All the boys played well last night. Saunders needs to figure out a way to get Hayes more minutes. Like Natalie hinted, he’s an upgrade from ‘Fino. But I still miss that Argentine’s thumbs. haha

    I read all the comments last night about how James gave up, knowing the Pistons were going to win and not wanting any part of a loss. I don’t think that’s the case. At least not the giving up part. James is a competitor. I think that if he could have played, he would have. He was in obvious pain after the initial hit (which I didn’t see until a late replay). As much as I want to denounce his sportsmanship, I don’t think it’s warranted.

    Ed, you’re right. The turtleneck was bad. LOL

  5. Boyde

    Can I just say your photoshop work is top notch Nat, if fact I have seen biting your style lately. Maybe they should give you a call…The Originals always know how to do things better.

    The pics today are great.

    As for Bron, it did look a bit staged but I am sure he didn’t want to risk making it worse. He did look pretty self centered out there on the bench though.

  6. Anonymous

    So, I was thinking! I know its a little premature to be thinking about next season, but I am already looking foward to next offseason for 1 reason and 1 reason only… a GIANT free-agent pool. A great thing to note is that the pistons didnt use up all of their salary from last season which will help sign a bigger free agent target. With that in mind… What about Jermaine O’neal? Would he not be the perfect fit for this team? A best friend of Rasheed Wallace, a lowpost scoring threat, a defense minded(one of the best shot blockers in the league), player? I know we are overflowing with bigmen, but what an amazing starting line up… Chauncey, Rip, Tay, Sheed, and Oneal???? With McDyess Maxi Amir off the bench? Sounds good to me, what do yall think? Just a thought!


    AKA- NickDyess #1 DYess Fan :)

  7. Anonymous

    The Optimist is back with some more than pathetic words for us. How can he say that, “…I’m beginning to the think that the referees aren’t pulling for us at all.”?! If TheBron (whom I dubbed TheBrownie) isin’t in playing gear, the Cleveland LeBron’s have no scorer. Yeah, Z can give you some points, Hughs can do something and Boobie…but what about the rest of the people? And why is saying that Dancing Kid is scary? (Forgot his name, sorry ^^; )

    I see that The Optimist has just negative words for everybody…that’s okay…we’ll just have to do it again next time we play the LeBrownies.


  8. Anonymous

    I (and many other people) did think James threw in the towel and wanted no part of the loss. He knew his “team” wasn’t going to give him the help he needed to come away with a win so he opted to watch them go down in flames from the bench. He wanted to cheapen the win. He may be a competitor, but he’s also arrogant and immature. He wouldn’t even talk to the media after the game. (Must have had the munchies and couldn’t get that pizza off his mind.) He’s a punk when things don’t go his way — and a punk sometimes even when things do go his way. All that aside…

    Thought all the guys played great. Nice to see Lindsey redeem himself after that last performance when he was el-stinko. Amir was looking to score which was good to see. My man Dyess continues to make me smile big every game he plays. Maxi knocks me out with his leaping ability and grabbing those boards with authority — his jump shot is loooking pretty sweet lately too. All the guys seemed to be on a mission (and probably were) and it is so beautiful to see that. Love to see it and hope it becomes a regular thing. Teamwork, focus, determination!! Beautiful!!

    GO PISTONS!!!!

  9. Anonymous

    Even though Lebron went out (and I agree with Ed, I think it was the better decision by him to sit out rather than play with a bad finger this early) this was a great team game, that is what I’ve been waiting to see from those guys, the focus, and seeing all the guys move and pass the ball was great.

    I loved how unselfish Lindsay played when he passed to rip on that wide open fast break I knew something was different about this game. Glad he’ll be playing more

    Everyone is saying increase Jarvis’s minutes but I’m saying the opposite, even though Delfino is not as great a shooter as Jarvis he could be put in and defend Lebron James, not only could Jarvis not defend, I’m not even sure he scored until garbage time.

    and PS I think if Flip employed more of a motion offense (which I’m happy he used last night, and Rip says he is too) and let them run a little more last year Delfino would have been A LOT more productive. Delfino is very selfless on the court, just like Tayshaun he didn’t beg for the ball. but he always played hard on defense no matter what, Jarvis is going to be on the bench a lot cause he can’t defend

    Overall great job Pistons this better not be a one night thing

  10. mobius909

    what delfino did with lebron should not be considered defending as much as it should be considered running after.

    we forget that lebron, by many standards, is still a kid. the media makes him out to be a man. his body language after his bang up (and nail biting) attest to his real age.

    detroit’s defense came to play finally! when lbj got hurt, he had 4 dudes collapse on him. that’s what i like to see. he’s bound to be tired after getting beat on like that for 4 quarters.

  11. Arica

    lebron is a baby.
    he knew that he wouldn’t get his 30 points so he sat out. He hurt a finger on his NON-shooting hand. so sad.

    also, anyone that says the game didn’t “count” is wrong. Like Rip said after the game, “there were still 5 guys out there in NBA jerseys”.

    screw the cavs
    Go PISTONS!!

  12. Anonymous

    I gotta give props to Flip Saunders for two things

    1) The better offense and defense schemes and

    2) “He’s had enough vacation time.” Talking about Lindsey.

    Also if it’s true that the Cavs still had 5 guys out there, why are so many people making so many excuses for the Pistons “being plauged by the injury bug” Not saying you’re right or wrong, just call it the same for everyone

  13. el patron himself, Raul A. Mora

    I’ve always referred to the Cavs as “LeBron James and 10 guys named Pepe” and last night they REALLY proved my point… Once LBJ was gone and suited for his best Tommy Amaker impersonation, Pepes 1 thru 10 showed the world what they REALLY are: A mediocre at best, totally sucky at worst, supporting cast. For all the comparisons to MJ (and I can’t diss the man anymore… Champaign is his second home what with Jeff Jordan playing for the Illini!), MJ had a far more decent cast: Gooden is NO Pippen, Z is no Horace Grant, and there’s no way Marshall is even a third world homeless man’s Steve Kerr. And Boobie… are you kidding me? In the nickname department, that’s a HUGE downgrade, from World B. Free to Boobie Gibson?

    So, last night, the CAVitieS showed their true colors: A headless chicken going up against a shark that saw blood in the water. If anything, give the D to the P credit for only performing a CAVity Search on the Pepe Squad, but also for the HUGE PSYCHOLOGICAL VICTORY that this will mean. Bear with me here: The Pepe Squad got beat down, that means that right now, they KNOW they CAN’T WIN a game WITHOUT LBJ. There will be times when ElBron (hey if the Optimist can call him TheBron, I’ll call him ElcaBron James!) will be gone… and noone will be there to step up. If anything, Nazr showed ElBron that he’s no afraid to bring the PAIN if he gets to the paint. Say what you will, but right now NAZR isn’t afraid of the big bad Bron, and that’ll be humongous down the stretch… Sheed ain’t scared, now Nazr isn’t either… and Maxxi is waiting for the chance to posterize him for a SportsCenter highlight anytime soon…


  14. mobius909

    i think it’s good Nazr fouled him hard when he came into the paint. Make him think twice about doing it next time… shoulda happened sometime in June last year.

  15. Anonymous

    Hey so i know this is really weird question but when i watch the games they always say theres some deal with 4 tickets 4 soft drink and 4 hot dogs for 99 bucks but when i try to find it on the website i cant. does anyone know how to find that deal, im real interested in those free hot dogs…

  16. Anonymous

    Trade rumor…

    Amare for Sheed and J-max.



  17. Richie

    Unfortunately, because I live in the UP now, I was unable to watch the game last night :(
    However, I was delighted to watch the score and hear the game announced on line. The highlights were delectable, and it’s good to see Lindsey back in the mix.
    I do not blame Lebron for leaving a game that was already out of hand; I don’t think he was really giving up, but it is a little bit soft of him, considering some of the obstacles MJ played through.

  18. claire

    WOW my name was mentioned in the post..i feel so honored haha

    Great game, I dont think there’s anything else that can be said about last night that hasnt been said in the 60 messages on the game post already.

    Kudos on the new photoshop pictures, Natalie. I love it! I love the whole everybody’s fading out except the scorer. HOT!! Are you gonna start doing that from now on? That’d be awesome.

    Does anybody have the Rip-Tay alley-oop video? or Tay-Rip alley-oop, watever lol.

  19. Anonymous

    i really dont feel like the pistons would trade sheed till next year hes kinda like part of the drive right now…wheres that rumor coming from?

  20. Anonymous

    I absolutely thought Lebron threw in the towel. I bet he’ll play the next game.

    Even with Lebron in the game we would have still won big. Cleveland is a one man show and a team can always beat that.

    All the Pistons had a terrific game. Was glad Sheed was back and that Rip seemed in the grove again. Great game for Nazr – and love Jarvis.

  21. Anonymous

    i am also from ohio, toledo to be exact……..and let me tell you, that win last night was just AWESOME. and natalie, i too thought the injury happened when he collided with sheed and billups…?

    being from toledo, its hard to make it to games… mom and i usually go at LEAST once a month!!!!! and when we can’t it’s “pistons girls night” at my house….bean dip, cold beverages, and the game! :)

    also quick side note……i LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this site…showed it to my mom who is a HUGE Pistons fan and a FANATIC over sheed, her words “what a way to bring the game home, from someone who is there to see it…..GREAT JOB”…..


  22. Anonymous

    ^^haha im a girl too and im absolutely OBSESSED with the pistons. my mom likes them too, but she isn’t a fanatic. And ,u dad isn’t really a fan, but the one time he watched the ending of a game with me was when sheed hit that 60 footer. talk about luck =]

    and i hope we can play the cavs in the ECF. let’s show them who really is better.

    Go pistons! Always and forever<3

  23. dominic

    Ok the Suns would never trade Amare for Sheed and Maxiell that is a dime on the dollar deal for the Suns. Think about it an up and coming superstar for an unproven young gun and an aging vet? No this is the same team that wanted two starters two bench players and draft picks for the THIRD best player on the team. Please don’t bring up rumors that dont exist. thanks

  24. World of Isaac

    Bron with a sprained finger?

    Come on…what a joke…on his non-shooting hand too…

  25. Anonymous

    hahah yeah lebron is the kinda guy that if he could feel thye were about to lose hed fake some kinda of gayness like that. last year i kinda felt bad for the cavs becuase i once heard tnt refer to them as “lebron and gang” but i guess they were just calling it how it was….i cant believe stern let them into the finals what hot garbage.

  26. Cavs420

    Stern didn’t LET anyone to the Finals.
    It was that week-ass D by Pissies!
    You can have the bottle Today cause the King of the Courts got hurt.
    But you guys are SUPPOSED to be the best team remember? I mean what he did last year to the D was embarrassing and he’s in the turtle neck laughin all the way to the bank! Gettin ready to serve these cats and dunk ALL OVER Tay, again.

  27. lyndakay

    I think Nancy didn’t like the way the game was going in the first half so he took himself out. What NBA player leaves the game for a jammed finger? Who is that much of a puss? He was back in his street clothes so fast it made my head spin.

  28. Anonymous

    he still looks stupid now matter where hes laughing too. and hes still a little bitch about everything did you see him almost cry when a hand KINDA brushed agaist his face….i felt like i was watching an 8 year old. I mean i like other players out side of the pistons dont get me wrong i even like other superstars out side of the pistons but i would rather chew glass then even meet lebron james.

  29. claire

    note to all Pistons fans, Cavs fans are insignificant and what they say has no value. To demonstrate my point, I’d like you to meet exhibit A: Cavs420. He rambled on and on about last year’s ECF and forgot the fact that his team played like a bunch fifth graders last night.

    I mean if your best player is out, your 2nd, 3rd, 4th,… player needs to step up and fill in. Wait, I forgot, you dont have a 2nd, 3rd, 4th best player. You only have one player.

    In addition, the fact that your entire town, from you to your idiotic Optimist to NOT-GOOD-ENOUGH-EN, keeps bringing up last year’s ECF because you’re so insignificant in this league that we dont even care about your accomplishments, so you have publicize your accomplishments to the whole world. If you did something worth bragging about, others will do it for you.

    I think its more embarassing to be beaten without your best player than to be beaten as a team. Because it shows that w/o Bron, you’re nothing (I mean everybody knows it already).

    And I dont think he was in the turtle neck laughing. Wasnt he groaning in pain last night in that turtle neck because he was in so much pain that he couldnt play? So sure, keep being delusional and think that he was laughing, but we tell you, that was not an upside down frown.

  30. Andrew

    HAHA 23 boards???? what are we playing in the little boys league? After last season i love seeing the Cavs struggle. Its not that i dislike bron-bron, i HATE gooden, varajao, and their general “yeah, we’re all really SWEET” mentality (when everyone knows its just bronbron that essentially makes up their team.

    Anyways i hope the pistons really are the cav’s PISS-STONES… we’ll be hard to pass no matter what they do. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!
    ok, sorry.

  31. Sue

    Have you ever noticed if the boys are beating the Cav’s, Bron bron always gets hurt or has something to pout about.

    Something I was reading today said the boys did not start beating the cav’s until bron bron left the game.

    I do not get tv 20 (grrr) Is that true?

  32. Anonymous

    all i have 2 say is this….isn’t tayshaun playing with 2..i repeat 2 sprained fingers on his shooting hand??? huh yeah so y couldn’t LeBron play with a sprained finger on his non- shooting hand. I’m about 2 go off on this Cavs420 person, but i going 2 rremin calm because we stll ahve a lot more gammes 2 play, and i really want 2 be pumped 4 the playofss. Please please please stop bringing up crap from last year, because it’s old and whack….just ask Cavsin4 on, every fan owned him because he kept bring stuff up about lebron (and ONLY lebron) and the ECF. The Pistons did win fair and square (or however you say it), and the Cavs just saw how pissed the Pistons are, and like sheed said this season is going 2 be more personal and i believe him. Cavs420 if u have anything else besides what happend about 6 months ago then i’m willing to listen. Other than that please stop bringing up the bull because you will be owned by the Detroit fans, and plus it’s old. I have mad respect 4 Lebron, but i accepted the fact that we lost last year. I’m not going 2 bring up old stuff because it’s old and we need 2 move on. It’s a brand new season and i’m going 2 leave what happened last season behind

    LET”S GO PISTONS AND LET”S GET THAT SHIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2007-2008 IT”S OUR TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ALL BOUT DETROIT BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Anonymous

    sue- no it’s not true. pistons had a 5 point lead at half time — BEFORE king cry-baby decided he was in too much pain to continue playing.

  34. jacqueline

    Lebron is such a punk, he knew they we’re losing so he sat out, I truly do believe that. The Cavs are a sorry ass team and Lebron does not have the supporting cast that he needs to get anywhere, he is so arrogant, it’s ridiculous, he needs a reality check, the Pistons beat him and his sorry team, the game should have been personal for the Pistons because they can beat the Cavs, I hope they get to play them again in ECF so that they can whop on them just like they did last night!!!

  35. Anonymous

    Funny how he just sat there on the bench. A TEAM LEADER would have been helping coach and motivate the others. But then, I think he could care less for anyone else but himself. He just figures, if he is not in, it doesn’t matter.

  36. RJ

    School was sooo much fun today!! I think I got like $50.00 of of bets I made with cavs fans!! (I live in Ohio) … it is sooo much fun to make fun of cavs fans

  37. Anonymous

    whatta great gameee !!

    i wish it was on tv or that i lived in detroit so that i could see all the games ha

    lebron and the cavs..


    its all about

  38. Will

    about LBJ:

    I want to think that LeBron would not purposely sit out. If he was able to play I think he would. But then i started thinking, and he just “SPRAINED” a “FINGER” on his “NON SHOOTING HAND”. Which is suspicious. Plus in the picture on the ESPN Daily Dime, his sprained finger is partially bent which also raises suspicion.

    In the 6th grade i broke my pinky finger during a game. I thought i just jammed it, so i put tape on it and kept playing. It was really painful but i kept playing. So, if i can play with a broken finger, i think LBJ should be able to play with a sprained one.

    Anyway, great for Detroit and nice job to Amir and Afflalo for doing a fantastic job in the last 5 minutes.

  39. Amanda

    It’s a little upsetting that from the beginning, the Pistons kept saying that Stuckey was going to be back way BEFORE the 6 weeks and now he’s not going to even make it BY the 6 weeks.

    LIES. Just one long string of LIES.

    Oooh! Just remembered that I haven’t voted yet!

  40. claire

    I was just watching the NBA TV Recap of the whole week clip (I only watched the Pistons portion), and one of the guys who were commenting said something like this :”When I had a finger injury, I taped it up and went back playing” So being the great and heroic king that BronBron is, he should have played through, plus it wasnt even his shooting hand. I’m not really suggesting that he was scared of losing or anything, it’s just that it was very, to say this in a nice way, very weak (?) of him. But enough about this, yea, its sad that Rodney’s not playing any time soon, but its ok, let him heal. At least he’s not out for the entire season like Greg Oden.

  41. amy

    anyone know where mason has been??

  42. Anonymous

    ^^he is taking a little break.
    no worries :]

    go pistons!

    can’t wait to see ’em saturday night!

  43. Amanda

    3 cheers for which ever camera person got a shot of this:

    I want that picture blown up and put on my ceiling so I get a good laugh when I go to sleep and when I wake up. What better image to start and end the day with than LeBron wincing in agony?


  44. Jess

    Nazr was the one who hit James… Blaha said it and they showed a clip.


    “Sure is nice to have a team that can play without key players and still win, isn’t it?”

  45. mobius909

    call the waaaaambulance, haha

  46. Jess

    “Cavaliers Injury Report – November 29th, 2007
    Cavaliers forward LeBron James experienced a sprained left index finger late in the second quarter of the Cavaliers game against the Detroit Pistons last night. He did not return to the game after half-time. X-rays taken at the arena were negative and he traveled with the team to Toronto after the game. LeBron underwent a MRI today at Cleveland Clinic Toronto which confirmed the sprain. He is currently listed as day to day and will be a game time decision for tomorrow night’s game in Toronto against the Raptors.”

  47. jess

    ^^day to day my A**


  48. gMac

    Am I the only one thinking the most enjoyable part of the game is seeing Chauncy , Rip, Flip ,Lindsey and even Tay completely punished that little midget Gibson? That was so fun. I mean, it’s like that little kid who always gets picked on by the bullies. I would even take a loss, just to see him cry after the game.
    He was so cocky last year, I can’t stand him! (same goes for Gooden and Varajao).
    Gillete should use Gooden as their spokesperson. “My beard grow so fast, I gave up shaving a long time ago, until one day I found Gillete Fusion…” lol
    I was the one who knocked on Nazr’s play few days ago. He played very well today. Some nice dish and D. Of course the interior defense bad boy style is always welcomed.

  49. mobius909

    i can’t believe comments went this long without anyone talking about that retarded houston astros star in the back of his head. also, lamar odom has the negative version of that too.

  50. Anonymous

    ^^^^^^i know….twas quite the joke…..i was like, what the hell is wrong with his head?! then i seen the “star”. wow.

    he’s a “boob” alright.

  51. Anonymous

    The star… I can’t believe I forgot about the star!! lol I laughed hard every time I got a good look at it. Does Cleveland have their own hair stylist? i saw that Gooden got rid of the hair turd on the back of his neck finally, but the star on Boobie’s head makes me wonder if he lost a bet or something. I did notice Odom had his own version of it also and found that quite funny too. I ALMOST felt sorry for the way Boobie was being abused on the court, but then I remembered how good he thinks he is and decided it was a good reality check for the little punk. He did get schooled and I did find humor in it. The whole game was entertaining as hell.

  52. Natalie

    I can’t believe I forgot to mention the star. It actually was the topic of conversation with Pistons fans seated around me especially considering how he acted during the playoffs and the way our boys handles him…


  53. Jam1

    i agree with will wayyy up there ^^ i too broke my pinky finger on my shooting hand in 7th grade and i kept playing (it’s still bent hah) but i think jordan wannabe could’ve played if a seventh or sixth grader plays through a broken finger

  54. jayjay

    hey y´all!

    i loved watching the game
    a team destroying a 0-man-show

    pistons all over to austria, europe

  55. Anonymous

    i really get tired of hearing about lebron… because in all honesty the cavs suck. as soon as lebron left so did the rest of the team… it’s part bias because i hate clevland teams but who do they have??? really…. sasha pavlobitch? drew gooden? big Z? i mean come on… Detroit has a dominate TEAM… Detroit played several games without there starters because the TEAM steps up… i am just getting so tired of hearing the name LeBron James. i am a long time pistons fan who grew up in Michigan and now live in Virginia and all they care about here is DWade and Bron… kind of annoying

  56. Anonymous

    The pistons owned the cavs the other nite.. great game Detroit.. how about that rip steal and ally-opp to tay that was a perfect pass…

    Go Pistons

  57. Anonymous

    anon 4:33 i must amend your roster:
    pavlobitch… yes BUT you got the rest wrong. it goes like this:
    drew not-gooden-ough
    big Z-ilch
    to add to that:
    boobie really is a boobie (with a gay hair cut no less)
    can’t forget le-loser and if i could possibly remembere any of the other role players i’d be sure to name them as well. (too many beers dude! but i’ll get to it eventually if the cavs can stick around long enough this season to make it worth it.)

  58. Anonymous



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