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by | Nov 27, 2007 | 15 comments

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  1. claire

    FIRST! lol it shows that i visit this site way too much. I hope Rip sits out tomorrow. No need to aggrevate his sickness. But it would be nice if he miraculously recovers from the flu tomorrow. Does anybody remind Rip to get a flu shot? He seems to get it every year -_-; Poor Rip. Please Pistons fans who are going to the game tomorrow, be as loud as you can be!! Your energy will feed our players! Esp. Sheed!

  2. Ahmed

    i vote for amir every single day

  3. Amanda

    Yes, please cheer your asses off! Give LeBron hell and show some real love for our boys. It may not be a big deal to our players, but to me, the Cavs game is the biggest game of the season thus far. GO PISTONS!!

    Okay, this might sound like a dumb, can’t-believe-you-even-have-to-ask question but how many consecutive division titles have the Pistons won? If it’s how many I think it is, I’m really, very confused.

  4. Anonymous

    oh this game is huge!
    the cavs just beat the celtics tonight, so if we can pull off a win in this game, ill be less terrified to play the celtics.

  5. claire

    muhaha I was hoping the Bucks would lose tonight so we can reclaim our usual Central division champ spot. Let’s win it tomorrow, Pistons! I kinda feel iffy about it though, because Rip’s sick, Sheed’s slightly injured, dont know if Chauncey and McDyess are 100% well now…

    Btw, I looked that the stat for the Boston-Cleveland game, Lebron was 11-25 and 2-8 for 3 pt., and nobody makes a big deal out of it. When Rip goes 6-11 or something, people start freaking out and demanding to trade him.

  6. dirge

    Hi Natalie! That article about Varejao (as much as I dislike him), Wade, and the Langois blog on injuries were all great reads and insightful.

    Varejao’s point about being one of the lowest paid players on the team (and in the NBA) struck a chord. Yes, I dislike him, but he provided energy and hustle that got the Cavs to the ECF. Anyway, while we always think of professional basketball players as making ridiculous amounts of money, it’s all relative. People judge others by ther income (even perceived income) pretty frequently. We look at their profession, house, car, clothes, jewelry, even what they do for vacations, and pass judgement. While the numbers are much higher, income is relative, and I can see how that feeling of being undervalued is an issue in the NBA. It was a good article, shedding a tiny bit of light on that situation.

    The comments about Wade’s play and what he brings to the national team was dead on. I did notice the writer completely dismissed Billups at the point. I have to admit, I think Deron Williams outplayed him then, and in the recent matchup. I suspect a lot of what Billups does defensively isn’t going to be as successful in the Olympic format, but we’ll see. I did love his comments about Tayshaun. Prince was a borderline choice for the team, and played extremely well. I’m a big fan of players that contribute without being a ball hog–like Prince’s rival, Shane Battier (and Michigan native).

    Is any one else excited about getting Stuckey getting cleared to play? I think the bench will be much better off with Flip Murray playing at the shooting guard spot, and Stuckey getting most of Billup’s backup minutes. Flip does seem to be better this season, having trimmed down and gotten more aggressive, but he’s still more of a shooting guard than a point guard. Even when he racks up a nice assist number, you can see the difference in the way he runs the offense.

    I’m happy Flip Murray has improved, but I’m much more excited to see Stuckey get regular minutes, along with working Amir into the rotation. Oh, and Samb really showed some amazing progress in so short a time. You can see the differences between his summer games and his NBA minutes already, and that’s impressive. Afflalo looks like a great pick at the bottom of the first, too. I may have longed for Belinelli, but I think Afflalo fits the Pistons *and* he’s a ton better than Derrick Byars, who I had on my wish list–though Byars is more of a true small forward, not a shooting guard. I would rather have Afflalo forced to play a bigger small forward than Byars, who was clearly such a liability as a defender that he got cut from the 76ers!

  7. Anonymous


    – the 4 horsemen

  8. Anonymous

    Everybody keep an eye on Lebron in the offense. I may be wrong but I think the Cavs are using him on the box facilitating like we did with Webber last year. Coincidence? Just can’t get off our stuff.

    PS Don’t anyone say nothing to anon 12:38, so many ways to insult him/her don’t even need to bother, we don’t need to encourage that kind of stuff

  9. Anonymous

    Hey,anon 12:38 you suck it!

    What a kindergarden point of view.

    Never saw a troll riding a horse,pretty funny visual actually!

    Go stones give those cavs a run for their money!

  10. Anonymous

    The 4 Horsemen, huh, so Cleveland is finally admitting to being the shit hell hole of Sports in the USA? Your city sucks and your arenas suck and your sports teams can’t win one without help from the stooges in black & white stripes.

    By the way, I see Stern using Dwight Howard more as his “good poster boy” this year because of the nasty attitude that King James showed to the people and the media while they played their exhibition game in Shanghai, China. Howard was friendly with the orphans and the press while King Dud showed everyone the cold shoulder and the headlines broadcasted it across in Asia.

    I hope the guys get their injury bug out of the way while the season is early. Also, I think Rip is having a hard time adjusting to a new baby in the house.

    Let’s kick some Cav’s ass tonight.
    And does fluffy mophead really think he’s worth that much. Well, Wade gets that much for flopping, maybe he should too…..
    But the CAVS owner is in serious financial problem, no, because of the prime lending fall out.

  11. Anonymous


  12. Davi Alexander

    Capital letters in a democratic site like need4sheed is so useless like a great player playing with no team involvment, like that ones you have putted up. Pistons may be in trouble, but hey, we´re coming up to the finals every year.

    Varejão in Brasil used to earn 10,000 dolars a year. I think he should become very happy with 3,5 million he´s earning now a days, especially remembering that he´s 6 points, 6 rebounds kind of guy. I mean, why the hell the NBA wants this guy? There are so many good guys in Brasil…

  13. Anonymous

    Pistons need to make a trade to even compete against the celtics this yr the pistons r too old and slow and cant shoot. Too bad were not trading tayshaun and rip and amir for kobe.. that would be so sick!! chauncy kobe and sheed ohhh boyyyy 2008 nba champions baby

  14. Amanda

    If anybody is feeling iffy about the Pistons current record, I suggest you head over to and read Langlois’ latest blog. There are some crazy ass records littered throughout the league. I’ve been so fixated on Detroit that I haven’t really noticed who’s been winning and who’s been losing and against what teams. Kinda nuts…

  15. Anonymous

    We don’t need a superstar. Basketball is meant to be a team sport and that’s how it should be played. The Cavs are one injury away from disaster. We have shown time and time again that we can hang tough even with 2 or 3 injuries to key players. We get healthy and stay healthy and we are going all the way — no question about it. Cleveland, Maimi, the Lakers, & all those who rely on their superstars can all go to hell!!

    GO PISTONS!!!!


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