24 Seconds with Arron Afflalo

by | Nov 26, 2007 | 17 comments

Here is the second installment of “24 seconds with” featuring rookie Arron Afflalo.


  1. Anonymous

    ahhh i love these!!! Affalo is so cute =]

    They had one with Nazr at the palace on Sunday.

  2. jess

    Rocky theme song!? LOL

    Afflalo is too cute.

  3. Anonymous

    you can so see the age difference between sheed and afflalo with the superheroes they chose. Afflalo is a boy after my own heart for choosing the ninja turtles. I guess its just because i grew up in the 90’s that i appreciate that show.

  4. claire

    haha that was just too cute. They should release all these 24 seconds thing for all the players. I bet Rip’s superhero is gonna be Spider Man. They should have asked Afflalo WHICH ninja turtle he wants to be..

  5. Amanda

    ^ Leonardo. lol At least that’s who I would have chosen. But I think of all the superheroes, I would have said I’d want to be Trini, the yellow ranger from the Power Rangers. haha

    I was hoping the song on his iPod was going to be *NSYNC. I was a HUGE fan of those boys back in the day. In fact, I’m getting a “Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays” ringtone for my phone ASAP. haha

    Thanks for re-posting the ‘Sheed one Natalie ’cause I did miss it.
    The face he made when he said Randy “Macho Man” Savage was priceless. And the way he said it? Is that the way the wrestler says it or something? Too funny, too funny…

  6. Anonymous

    This is off-topic and maybe I’m late on this, but I just found out that you can vote two times a day in the All-Star balloting thing if you use both IE and Firefox. Infact, I just voted on Firefox. A couple of minutes later it let me to vote using IE.

    Just thought to tell you all about it.

  7. Matt

    I dont like the way you have to do it after the time you did it the day before or it says “You already voted today”


  8. Amanda

    ^ I know. They should go by the date or something, not 24-hour periods.

    But thanks for reminding me to vote! I missed a day or two last week ’cause my memory is shit.

  9. Anonymous

    i go to the library at my school every day and go on like ten different computers just to vote for the pistons five, also maxiell. ive actually cast about 150 ballots since the beginning of voting, no joke. if they dont get in the allstar game i will be very pissed off because i wasted a lot of time.

  10. claire

    lol I was gonna get on and remind everybody to vote, but it looks like you guys are on top of thing. Good job! Our starters better be allstars this year!

  11. Anonymous

    Also just a reminder, the voting online is for who starts the allstar game. Chances are, Shaq, Dwayne Wade, Lebron, Gilbert Arenas, and those people will start, but the coaches and nba analysts pick the bench.


  12. Dominic

    ^Wow I didn’t know that well if the coaches and analysts have half a brain they’ll get some of the Pistons in there ESPECIALLY Tayshaun the most Underrated player in the world!!!

  13. Dominic

    From Pistons.Com: Sammy Mejia, the Pistons’ second-round pick from DePaul who was the team’s last cut, was cut by the Fort Wayne (Ind.) Mad Ants of the NBA Development League. Mejia suffered an ankle injury the week before Pistons training camp and hasn’t fully recovered yet. Pistons vice president John Hammond said Mejia has some opportunities to play overseas.

    I feel bad for Mejia, after the Pistons cut him I thought for sure he could go with the Mad Ants and be successful there until the Pistons or another team was ready to pick him up, let’s hope he has some success overseass. I hope he doesn’t have bitter feelings for the Pistons cutting him loose, sometimes that’s just basketball

  14. Anonymous

    While watching nba tv; Rick Mahorn said that what the pistons need to get them over the hump is a big man who can rebound and block shots, because the stones have never recovered from losing Ben.
    I don”t dissagree, however if dyess can stay healthy and secure at least 8 boards a night we might be ok, otherwise it would be fun to watch Sheed and O’neal, (who are friends) play side by side on defense. Despite everything, I would just like to see us play better defense, and for our players to accept their roles on the team like they used to. I am watching the cavs celtics game, and as much as I hate the cavs, they play good team ball, and with the exception of pavlovic, they all know their roles. With that said, I think they are susceptible to drible penetration, which stuckey should help us with upon his return.

  15. Anonymous

    ^we would have to give away so many people for Shaq, and he hasn’t been dominate this year at all. His numbers have dropped from last year. We really need a center.

    Trade Nazr, and FLIP MURRAY! –> i cannot stand that ball hog. This is what flip murray does every game: Dribbles past half court, does his “fancy dribbling” for 15 seconds, and then when there is 3 on the clock, he either shoots a wild shot up, passes with no time left, or turns it over. =/

  16. Dominic

    Alright guy above me remember when Chauncey was out and we really needed a point guard to step up and run the offense?? Well he got 15 pts and 12 assists I believe and it was against that great comback vs. the warriors. Not bad for a guy who only does fancy dribbling and shoots wild shots. Please I am soooo damn tired of people hatin on Flip Murray it’s really more difficult than you think to play out of position, he is a natural shooting guard. I don’t know if you play basketball but I do and just because the SG and PG positions are both guards they are about as different as Point Guard and Center give Flip some slack he’s doin the best he can. ANd Nazr is doin the best he can too all I want from Nazr is about 8 rebs 6 pts and a couple blocks here and there and thats all. We can’t have a Maxiell caliber player for every bench position.

  17. Anonymous

    Flip Murray is a ball hog and he even if he does have a rare game where he feels like sharing or looking for someone who’s open, it is few and far between. He makes terrible choices and sometimes he gets lucky with a bucket or a whistle. I know there are times when we have to depend on him and there are games we wouldn’t have won without him (only because he was our only option) but I still don’t like the way he plays and sometimes he hurts the team more than he helps it.


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