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by | Nov 25, 2007 | 13 comments

The Pistons once again couldn’t seem to figure out how to beat The Utah Jazz Sunday afternoon at The Palace of Auburn Hills. Carlos Boozer put up a season high 36 points and 11 boards for a Utah Jazz team that hasn’t lost a game to the Pistons since the 2004-2005 season.

Key Points:

  • Final score 103-93.
  • Rasheed Wallace rested his sore knee with Jason Maxiell starting in his place.
  • First home loss of the season for the Pistons, who are now 8-and-5 on the season sitting in second place behind the Bucks in the Central division.
  • Flip Saunders was tossed from the game late in the third quarter after receiving two techs for arguing with referee Marc Davis.
  • Terry Porter, who took over for Saunders, took note of Detroit’s lack of defense.

    “We never did a good enough job as far as what we needed defensively.”

    Hopefully the coaching staff address the defense asap. I have been concerned about it all season, in fact I even talked about it on Sports Extra with Bennie and Jeff Sunday night after the game.

  • Richard Hamilton, despite flu like symptoms was in the lineup. Rip put up 17 points on 6-for-16 shooting with 7 assists and 4 rebounds. He still doesn’t look like his usual self just yet, but he was 2 for 2 from downtown, both shots coming when the Pistons needed a bucket.
Richard Hamilton
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  • Five in a row for The Jazz against The Pistons.
  • Boozer was 17 for 20 from the floor and Deron Williams looked like an Allstar with 21 points and 14 assists. I have actually been voting for him on the west side of the All Star Ballot. Have you voted yet today?
  • I wonder if Jerry Sloan would like a change of scenery.
  • The game was back and forth in the first quarter, but Detroit couldn’t keep the Jazz out of the paint in the second. Utah went on a 20-7 run to finish the first half. With Rasheed on the sidelines the middle looks like an easy target to get to for opponents.
  • Sheed has been helping from the sidelines, he wasn’t happy with all the jump shots his team was taking. “(Bleep) all those jumpshots,” Wallace told them. “Go to the basket!” Thank you Sheed.
  • 14 rebounds and 7 points for Nazr Mohammed in 17 minutes. Solid game when the Pistons needed it.
  • Flip Murray a painful 0-for-7 from the floor.
  • Just 3 minutes for Afflalo. No Johnson or Samb, in fact the starters played heavy minutes.
  • Frightening isn’t it?!? Too bad this one got stuffed. 6 boards, 2 blocks and 11 points for Maxi.
Jason Maxiell
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  • Double – Double for Dyess who was big again, he led the Pistons with 19 points and 12 boards.
  • Rebound war was even at 42.
  • Even Mike Abdenour got a tech from the bench.
  • I know many of you didn’t like the officiating, it seems as though even Nazr Mohammed had something to say about how the calls were going.
  • What can Detroit do to stop dribble penetration?
  • Highlights from the game.
  • The Pistons 10 games in.
  • Jarvis understands why he’s not getting 20 plus minutes. He’s been solid all season long off the bench. He put up 8 points against Utah.
  • Deron got the best of Mr. Big Shot who probably taught him a little too much when they were on teammates this summer on Team USA .
  • Cleveland is up next Wednesday night at The Palace.


  1. Richie

    +I think Maxielle did a fantastic job, but there is certainly still a Need4sheed.
    +We’ve been too hard on Rip. He is a shooting gaurd- he’s supposed to take a lot of shots- granted, they aren’t all falling, but he is still leading in scoring with his work at the line and the quality of shots he’s taking.
    +The techs basically won this game for the Jazz, particularly by doubling their 4 point.
    +I will be very disapointed if Flip Murray is still with us next year.

  2. claire

    hah next thing you know, Hooper is gonna get a tech for cheering for the Pistons at this rate. It’s pretty frustrating. Its like we’re against both the opponent AND the refs. I guess thats part of being a Piston: things dont come to you easily. I’ve been defending Rip since the season started, and I’m not gonna stop now. I think his increasing assists gotta count for something too. For Pete’s sake, the man is sick and he’s still playing. pointed out that its pretty blue collar of Rip. With all that jazz aside, lets continue to stay positive, Pistons fans! However, I’d like to see some major defense in the future though. More Amir and Samb, please. How are they gonna help the starters in June if they’re not getting real practice now?

  3. claire

    I forgot to include this in my previous post: VOTE PISTONS ALL STARS, PEOPLE!!! it’s very hard for all our starters to be on the all star roster (since there’s like 12 spots) So vote everyday people! get your mom, dad, grandma to vote too!!

    And Natalie, voting for the could you? just kidding lol I’ve been voting for random people from the West.

  4. Anonymous

    Man even though we lost I still found this game fun to watch (unlike the 76ers)

    When I watched this game I thought man this would be a good matchup game Chauncey vs Deron, Tay vs Kirelinko(these two actually seemed to be cool with each other during the game slapping hands and Tay even ran over to help AK47 up when he knocked him down.) But I really wanted to watch the bigs Sheed and Dyce vs Memo and Boozer four of the best in the game, hope they’re all healthy next time. Utah and Detroit are really similar and I think that’s why I like Utah…s team.

    Loved hearing Sheed say take it to the basket, we need to attack and make the other team pay for mistakes on defense, we let them get away with mistakes by taking too many jump shots. I hope once Sheed gets healthy he’s going to take that advice as well, When Sheed gets over his injuries I would love to see him take it at people rather than take so many 3s and those dumb turnaround jumpshots which he hardly ever makes when the Pistons really need a basket.

    Also Tayshaun needs to learn how to box out for rebounds that tip in by Kirilenko in the 4th that hurt us was cause Tay just let him WALK around him to the basket, he’s got to remember what made him great, doing the small stuff then adding in the skills he’s learned lately. Even though it’s not his personality Tayshaun really needs to up his intensity, not go crazy, but block out and run to where you gotta be. He jogs everywhere and that’s why his steals and blocks are so low

    I think we should start a We want Samb chant at the games if he doesn’t start playing against teams that don’t have really strong bigs to push him around


    Flip Murray come on dude you’re better than that

    Thought the ejection would get the team into it, guess not.

    Hope this serves as a lesson learned, you gotta earn what you get

  5. Andrew

    i definitely agree with all of everything you guys were saying. detroit pistons fans are pretty basketball savvy. that’s tite. anways, i have a freaking aneurysm whenever flip is on court, but don’t forget flip is a much more team oriented player compared to what we might have gotten in j.r. smith. While that’s not all that helpful, just imagine… it could be worse.

  6. Richie

    Does it strike anyone else as odd that Maxi’s jumper was falling so smoothly, yet his dunks weren’t converting very well?

  7. Anonymous

    Can anyone tell me Y we got all that youth on the bench for!? Cause at this rate the starters will be burned out before the allstar game! I dont know what it is, but flip must dont want his job before the season is over. OK Lambeer the job is yours if U want it!?
    It makes no sense y those guys cant have on the job training. How else are they going to learn. We know they’ll have alot of energy off the bench cause they’re not on it all game long!

    And what is the timetable on Stuckey’s return?


  8. World of Isaac

    I read on another board that Stuckey is doing basic stuff starting today…Im hoping two more weeks

  9. Anonymous

    i thiink that they all diid a great job and they shouldnt put themselves down becuz they all work so hard and try to come out and wiin evrydaii….We stiill have the best startiing fiive and they all know that they can wiin and they should be proud of themselves….everyone on that team should keep theiir heads up and not be down becuz they are always doiing theiir best!!!!!! It is and wiill always be detroiiiittt basketball!!!!!!!!!

  10. Amanda

    I wasn’t able to watch the game. Were the majority of Rip’s shots taken in the flow of the offense or were they forced?

    Does anybody know what Mike Abdenour did/said to get a tech?

    I’m with you on the chant idea, Anony 11:31. I’ve been waiting since the end of the road trip to see some more action from Samb. I won’t be at the Palace anytime soon but I’ll chant from my sofa. 😛

    I know every player who is asked if the game coming up is any more significant than the 13 before it is going to say “No. It’s just another game in a season of 82” or something like that but I won’t believe a word of it. I know they want to destroy the Cavs as much as I want to watch them destroy the Cavs. I only hope ‘Sheed is available by Wednesday.


  11. Natalie

    Mc Welk…that is defiantly a better picture.

    Amanda…I think that’s why Sheed has been resting, you know he wants to play on Wednesday. In fact I would put money on it.

  12. Anonymous

    I know this is a bit off topic… But I went to the Jazz Game, and for the first time I was disappointed because i wasnt having the excitement of hearing Masons voice… Anyone know why? Im getting sick and tired of hearing that damn “Soulja Boy” Song… Its funny the first time, but then we hear it… OVER, and OVER, and OVER… THat song is so whack… Anyway, Just curious! Also, is there a time table for Sheeds return? We could have used him against Boozer.


    AkA- NickDyess #1 Dyess Fan


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