Black Friday Pistons – Sixers

by | Nov 23, 2007 | 17 comments

The Detroit Pistons vs. The Sixers Ticket
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The Pistons take on the 3 and 7 Sixers tonight at The Palace of Auburn Hills. The Pistons hope to have Rasheed Wallace back in the lineup after he missed the second half of The Pistons – Knicks game with a sore knee.

“It’s a bone bruise, which is painful but usually not something that lingers. Had he twisted the knee, or stretched ligaments, then there would be cause for worry. The Pistons might run tests on him just as a precaution, but the feeling is that Wallace probably will play today.” Via The Detroit News

That last quote game for Chris McCosky’s piece in the Detroit News about Rip’s struggles on court. I suggest you head over there and read it.

The game starts at 8:00 and will be broadcast locally on myTV20, you can even score some $10 tickets for the game if you aren’t planning on spending the rest of your day shopping.

As always, I’m leaving it up to you.


  1. Amanda

    I couldn’t comment on the Knicks recap thread but I wanted to say that I laughed out loud for like 2 minutes straight when I saw that picture of ‘Sheed as a pilgrim. I have no idea why but that is hilarious. And holy shit, another brilliant dance move! I wouldn’t even dance that way in front of my closest friends and relatives and he goes out there and does the craziest things in front of everyone! I love that man!

    I’m not sure how I feel about having Rip come off the bench. I know a few people have suggested it either here or over at the Pistons Mailbag but I don’t think I could get used to it. It makes sense, I guess but starting a rookie instead of a 2 time All-Star who’s been the team’s leading scorer since he got here? I’m sure he’ll get his rhythm back shortly. He’s too good of a player to be out of sync for long.

    Here’s to a better feeling ‘Sheed, beautiful Detroit Basketball, and an 2 game winning streak. CHEERS!


    P.S. That guy who was holding the sign must be a reader. Where you at, dude?

  2. sammi

    i’ll be at the game,

    hopefully sheeeed plays

  3. Ricky - Sixers4guidos

    I predict another embarassing night for the Sixers and a +18, +20 Pistons W

    u guys always love to destroy us, lol

  4. Anonymous

    total blowout hear we come!
    lets go pistons

  5. uyen

    What the fuck is up with RIP???

  6. claire

    i still have faith in Rip. Give him some time. Just be patient, guys. I know Rip wont disappoint us.

  7. uyen

    It is halftime and Rip has yet to put one in the bucket. I wonder what is going with him. He must feel very frustrated. Poor Rip.

  8. kyle c.

    Rip is 1-9!

    What is that about?

  9. kyle c.

    Whats up with the Pistons letting Phili back in the game.
    Pistons only up by 5 now

  10. uyen

    FUCK!!! Rip can’t seem to find the basket to save his life

  11. sammi

    that game was really fun, i was there. pretty exciting at the end.

    iguodala is clutch! jeez! nice ending there for rip with the little dunky dunk.


  12. yk

    I have faith in Rip that he will be back to himself shortly.

    BTW, can anyone please tell me what +/- means in boxscore?

  13. jeff

    +/- means is calculated by how many points are gained and lossed when a player is out on the floor.

  14. yk

    Ah ic. I had been wondering since the season started. Thank you Jeff!

  15. claire

    well, and say that Rip had flu-like symptoms and he played through it. So I think thats why our masked man was missing shots left and right. Poor Rip, get better soon!!

    It’s just right after Thanksgiving, everybody’s still in holiday mode, so that explains the low energy of the game. Eating too much turkey makes you sleepy. But I’m very glad that its still a W and Rip finishes the game with a dunk. Hope that makes him feel a bit better.

  16. Andrew

    We played a good game the other night. For those of you that didn’t get to watch, Dyess and Mohammed played well for the big men. The brahma bull got into foul trouble in the first quarter, but came back pretty strong. He had a couple of good moves on the rookie white 7 footer from philly and a really nice block. The most clutch piston, however, was afflalo (or however you spell it). He played confidently and made some very good plays. me and my dad were saying that our bench probably played better than our starters (as a whole) yesterday.

    In general our offense looked a little confused. The spacing and movement weren’t that great for a lot of the game. However, when we started moving more, we got some baskets going. I would say that we’re missing the offense of rip and sheed, but tay and the brahma bull were doing some good inside-outside work too.

    i know a lot of you love flip murray, but i can’t wait to see the day when he doesn’t dribble into double-traps and holds the ball for so long. He showed some promise though, having some really pretty dimes and good dribble penetration.

    Anyways… when do we get to see samb play again?!? i thnk he has good potential to be the next sheed(entertainment wise, of course).

    I guess the question now is:
    who’s the best bench player?

  17. mannie32

    man seeing afflalo gain confidence is a huge plus, with all the talk of stuckey coming in i didnt think afflalo would develop muhc… now i can’t wait for stuckey to come in and go through the same learning curve… I’m extreeeemely excited about seeing the possibility of billups and rip start, with stuckey and afflalo coming off the bench


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