The Pistons take on The Kings before returning home

by | Nov 18, 2007 | 35 comments

Pistons vs Kings
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The Pistons will complete their 5 game western trip tonight against The 3-and-6 Kings.

Arco Arena, the loudest place to play in the NBA, is always tough, especially when Chauncey Billups and Antonio McDyess are still game day decisions. The Kings also have been without their point guard Mike Bibby since the start of the season due to a thumb injury.

Little known Fact: ARCO Arena set a Guinness world record for loudest sports roar by reaching over 130 decibels on November 8, 2006 during a Kings game against the Detroit Pistons.

It looks like we may get a chance to see the youngsters again tonight, so if you have been waiting patiently for your chance to see them play, make sure you stay tuned tonight. The game starts at 9 PM and is locally broadcast on FSN Detroit.

If you are in Grand Rapids, or by your computer at 6:00 PM, don’t forget to listen to WTKG’s S Sports Extra with Bennie and Jeff to catch my Pistons update on the show. If you can’t make it, you can always listen to the clip afterwards on Bennie and Jeff’s page.

I’m leaving it up to you in the comments.


  1. Troy

    Natalie, I’m with you all the way. I love the youth movement. Even though we lost to LA, that was a great game to watch. AJ and Samb were wreaking havoc together. They both seemed to have Inspector Gadget arms around the glass. Of course Maxey was a beast (KOBE FACIAL! HA! Did you see Samb laughing on the bench?), Hayes continues to prove himself, and AA is a gangster. I agree that Flip Murray needs to pass more, but I do appreciate his desire to put points on the board, especially when the young Pistons are sputtering a little. Altogether, it was a very refreshing look to our bench. I hate to see C-Bill and Dice out but I love watching these young guys…and I can’t wait till Stuckey comes back. Anyway, message to Coach Flip: Let the young run again. This is a great time to give them experience, especially with Bibby out.

    Here’s to the young getting to run from Hawaii’s biggest Piston’s fan. Aloha.

  2. claire

    Good luck Pistons! As always, I will be watching the Yahoo Scoreboard since I can’t actually watch the game. But I think I’ve come to a sad realization: the Pistons lose when I watch them T_T on TV. Luckily, I don’t get to watch too many games on TV.

    And dont forget to vote for Pistons ALLSTARS!!!!

  3. jess

    I would love to watch the game… like I always do, but Im going out tonight.

    I know you’ll have a great summary, that makes me visualize the whole game, up by tomorrow Nat ;)


  4. Anonymous

    hi, i just came across a SLAM magazine for December 07. and i saw on page 83, it mentioned a “NEED 4 SHEED”. It said the words! man your blog is popular!

  5. Anonymous

    magic beat celtics by 2 points…

  6. Amanda


    Where the hell is Blaha and why is Chauncey warming up.

  7. Anonymous

    They just said Chauncey is BACK BABY!! Can I get an Amen??

    GO PISTONS!!!!

  8. Anonymous

    Oh thank God!! Chauncey is on the floor and looking good!

  9. jess

    My plans changed, but Im still going out.. Im leaving right now so I caught the first 5 minutes. Who is broadcasting tonight? I hear Kelser but that other person sure aint Blaha?

  10. claire

    Damn, Sheed got a tech. Oh well.

  11. Sean

    anyone know where to watch online? i can’t get this game in my area

  12. uyen

    Did you see that shot by CB? It was hella sweet

  13. Sean

    samb just came out!!!

  14. claire

    let’s hope our bench dethrone the kings!

  15. Amanda

    What? When did ‘Sheed get a tech?

  16. claire

    ^^ it says so on the yahoo scoreboard. I don’t know lol

  17. Amanda

    I think it must be a misprint. As far as I know, ‘Sheed, amazingly enough, is still tech-free. lol

  18. Amanda

    Best play so far and by far, is definitely Samb’s block on Artest. He sent that S.O.B. flying. haha

  19. Sean

    They didn’t credit Samb with a block on the Yahoo Sports box score.

  20. Amanda

    haha that was great! Oh, Sheed!

  21. Amanda

    Sheed ws probably credited with the block. He may have touched it first but it was definitely a team effort.

  22. Amanda

    hey, gmac, did you see Nazr pass that ball out of the post to a wide open Tayshaun for the 3?


  23. Amanda

    matt shepard is a hilarious commentator.

  24. Amanda

    who was saying “That’s right! That’s right, ‘Sheed, that’s righ!”?

  25. Amanda

    Whoa, Dave Cowens!

    I just realized I’ve been talking to myself for the past like hour…

  26. Anonymous


    These refs need to be fined for this bull crap. Some ridiculous calls.

  27. Amanda

    Haha that guy has lost his voice screaming at ‘Sheed and the boys.

  28. Anonymous

    I caon’t watch anymore… this is sad. Hope this is a wake-up call. Hope some formal complaints go against them refs too.

  29. Amanda

    I don’t know how much the actual loss goes on the refs. There were some iffy call for sure, but we left some shooters open a few too many times.

    I don’t think those red jerseys are good luck anymore.

  30. Anonymous

    COACHING?!? What happened tonight?!? I could not be more angry. I just finished watching the game and am very angry with Flip. I have a bunch of problems with Saunders tonight.

    1) Why the hell couldn’t we guard that high pick and roll from benoh udrih. This is a player we frequently played off the floor with our defense. He lit us up with 23 points tonight!
    2) What’s wrong with Saunders’ substitution pattern? We were down 7 at one point with under 2 mintues to play. Saunders then puts in Jarvis Hayes (for points i assume) to disastrous effects! John Salmons waltzes into the lane on 3 straight possessions (due to hayes lax interpretation of zone d) to keep/push the lead to 10.
    i mean WTF!?!? A loss at LA was okay, seeing how well our youngsters played, but SACTO is a team we should beat without this many problems.

  31. Anonymous

    (i was the angry person above)
    brad miller is a thug that happens to be on a basketball floor when games are on. i laughed so hard during the beginning of the game when he started 0-5 slogging to the basket and missing layups.

  32. claire

    well, you know our team. We like to make things hard, just to spice it up a little. But seriously though, short term memory! dont be too upset! But I do hope the Pistons take these 2 losses into consideration. The bright side is that the bench is getting minutes (only Sheed and Tay played for almost 40 minutes). So I can take the L if it means our bench gets to learn to prepare for the playoffs. Because thats when we desparately need them. With all that said, dont be so sad, Pistons fans!! Cheer up Cheer up!!


  33. Amanda

    ^ Free throw shooting can’t be put on the coach. And wow, did we suck at the stripe tonight.

  34. Anonymous

    man was that an ugly 2nd half for the pistons. offense went cold, free throws killed us tonight… horrible at the stripe!! jmax — bad foul trouble 2 games in a row. he needs to learn a little there — especially if he wants to be a starter. bad timing with the techs at the end of the 4th. officiating did suck pretty bad, but we got away with a few too so i am not going to dwell on that much. it was a disappointing game for sure but as i have said before… it’s a long season. i still love my pistons =]

  35. Matt

    Free throw shooting = Not Flop Saunders fault.

    Everything else is. Why would he pull Flip Murray in the 4th when he was the only thing going. His penetration is the thing we were missing last year against the Cavs and he was starting to heat up in the 4th and they pulled him out just to watch chauncy and sheed jack up 3’s? I dont get it.

    Also time for some Mad Props for Nazi. After all he went thru last season its GREAT to see him come in and contribute.

    Lets get back home and get back on track.


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