Thank You George

by | Nov 18, 2007 | 12 comments

I had mentioned in the Lakers – Pistons recap that Mr. Blaha wasn’t too happy with Kobe towards the end of the game. You asked for the clip, so here it is. I do have to mention that after the clip is over George actually said Kobe was one of the great talents in the NBA, but unfortunately the recording ran out, so I didn’t get that part for you.

I know a lot of you like Kobe, I must say that I do not. Yes he’s arguably the best basketball player in the NBA right now, nobody can dispute that. Plain and simple he’s got game.

I will forever be thankful to Kobe for being so selfish in 2004 that it helped the Pistons win the NBA Championship. So it put a smile on my face to hear someone say what I have been thinking for quite some time.

Count that baby and a smile!


  1. Anonymous

    Nat, do you have the video of Chauncey introducing the starting lineup from this season?

  2. Natalie

    Yes I do, I will have it up at some point. Have a few more too keep an eye out.

  3. Anonymous

    the clip isn’t showing up =[

  4. Sable

    It was just over him arguing with the ref? I’d feel like a hypocrit if I bashed Kobe for that. Other fans complain the Pistons do too much of that.

  5. Amanda

    ^ I think there was more to it than that. Blaha had a courtside seat and witnessed everything Kobe was doing throughout the game: yelling (not discussing)at the refs for not calling a foul on whoever was defending him or for calling a foul against him when he can do no wrong, over-exaggerating his approval of every call made against Rip, and celebrating the shots he made as if it were a Playoff game.

    Compared to what I was saying about Kobe Friday night, Blaha was being very kind. haha

  6. Amanda

    Oh, and I too thank Kobe for being selfish when his arrogance blows up in his face. But I have to admit, when he’s selfish and it works for him, I don’t thank him. I shout obscenities at him through the TV.

  7. LC

    Kobe and Lebron (Stern’s boy) can complain and carry on all they want without getting techs but let a Piston express frustration and it’s a different story.

    I know I should be used to Detroit not being favored – it’s always been that way but it’s getting aggravating. If I’m forced to watch a game on ESPN I watch it on “mute” so I don’t have to hear them talk the entire time about whatever team we’re playing.

    Thank God for Blaha & Kelser!

  8. mannie32

    as a pistons fan i actually prefer watching games on espn and tnt

    yea they’re not going to talk about our team in the best way all the time, but that’s because unlike local radio stations they’re not biased towards a particular team… they’re gonna say it how it is, and give their opinions… i prefer that. when they say something good about the pistons (which they do) it brings a smile to my face, because u know they’re not saying it because they feel obligated to say it, but because they believe it.

    they praised the lakers in this game because… well the lakers played well. They praised kobe for what he did well as well, such as being a great facilitator – something most people on this site would ignore and would only like to point out when he’s “selfish”. But they also pointed on on espn that pistons held him to the lowest points in a first half of the game since 2004. They also mentioned pistons would be better with the combination of rip and tayshaun rather than kobe, they also mentioned that despite not having 2 of their starters and not playing their best,pistons weren’t being blown out. I dunno, it personally frustrates me when people don’t like national commentating because they simply don’t talk positively of the pistons 100% of the time.

    anywho it was a great game, i enjoyed watching it on espn, i enjoyed watching rip and kobe get into it, and i enjoyed our young guys playing great ball… now we just gotta win the next game.

    PS: and yes it’s hypocritical to say kobe is this and that for arguing with the refs when ur a pistons fan hahaha… c’mon, we have rasheed. who has also complained quite a lot this year and hasn’t received a tech yet. and kobe made the top 5 players last year in terms of techs as well, so it’s not like they don’t hit kobe with techs just cuz he’s a superstar. don’t forget kobe got suspended for two games last year for “elbowing” on the release of his shot… which was total bogus seeing reggied did it all the time, AND lebron did it to the webber in the playoffs last year and nothing happened… to say kobe get’s star treatment all the time is BS.

  9. Anonymous

    ^ mannie32, i agree with sometimes watching the national broadcast. While I enjoy blaha – it is nice to watch a national broadcast sometimes to see what they actually think about the pistons, and they did have a lot of good to say about the depth and strength of the pistons. One of my fave compliments they mentioned during the lakers game was after Samb came in and showed he had some skill, they said something along the lines of the Pistons just realized they were one man deeper than they thought they were… and they were already very deep. I just like to see the perspective of the unbiased announcers from time to time.

  10. Paige Skinner

    In my honest opinion, Kobe is one of the most selfish, self-centered crybabies in the league. First of all, to make your team better you have to come in the game with a postitive frame of mind. He doesn’t. He has to support his team through everything. He doesn’t. For him to whine and complain on how LA is not getting anywhere that’s ALL his fault. Allen Iverson wasn’t getting anywhere with the 76ers, but he tried. I really think Kobe needs to shut his mouth and just play and its not like he’s not getting paid to do that because he is. Back to AI do you remember his supporting cast besides Iggy And C-Webb? Who’s Kobe’s ? He needs to think about the team and not just him.
    In my opinion, Rip is better than Kobe in so many ways 😀

  11. dirge

    I don’t mind TNT, but ESPN games really are terrible. I also watch them on mute.

    My opinion of Kobe is mixed. I agree, he’s an amazing player… but I also see how poorly he’s dealt with his tremendous fame and talent.

    * He had a questionable affair with a girl that was unstable. Adultery is pretty common when you’re famous; adultery with a certifiably crazy person speaks volumes about Kobe’s own sanity.

    * He’s managed to take his competetive edge to the point of alienating most of his fellow players. Shaq might be bitter because he’s struggling with the realities of aging, but Kobe struggles with restraining himself any time one of his team mates plays poorly. His outburst over Andrew Bynum was a great example of the kind of guy you don’t want on a team. Name one Piston that has been recorded smack talking about one of their fellow players, especially a guy that isn’t old enough to drink yet.

    * Perhaps you have to dislike other teams to maintain that aggressive edge against them, but Kobe uses every dirty trick he can when he’s struggling. I was thrilled when Raja Bell finally close lined him.

    I’d definitely be disappointed to see Kobe on the Pistons, regardless of what it did for their chances for a championship. Sorry, but the trophy isn’t worth selling out your ethics over.

  12. Anonymous

    Thats not all, at a point in the game, Rip Hamilton had the ball in possession on the ground. I’d understand that Kobe jumped for the ball, but he didn’t really get the ball. In fact, the only thing he got, was Rip’s face. Kobe is starting to think of him self as a little too much now a days, and I’m not trying to say anything because I also like Kobe, but he needs to know when to take that type of action.


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