Prince, Johnson and Afflalo: There’s no place like home

by | Nov 16, 2007 | 80 comments

Pistons vs Lakers
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The Pistons will play LA tonight at The Staples Center and three of our Pistons will be returning

Tayshaun Afflalo Straight out of Compton
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home to play. Tayshaun Prince and Arron Afflalo are both Straight out of Compton and I’m sure they would like to do well in front of family and friends. Tayshaun seems to always play well in his hometown, but this is Arron Afflalo’s first trip back to his stomping grounds since leaving UCLA.

Pistons Fan favorite Amir Johnson is from LA, let’s hope he can finally get some court time and show is crew what he’s been up to since leaving LA out of high school

I know quite of few Pistons fans will be in the house tonight representing the “D”. Let’s hope that the Pistons come out of the gate strong and show that certain someone how TEAM basketball is played. Tip off is at 10:30 PM and it’s broadcast locally on FSN Detroit.

As always, leave ’em in the comments.

And something to think about: C-Webb to the Magic.


  1. Amanda

    That album cover is disturbing. Not the altering, but the actual cover. *shivers*

    Anyway, I saw the Hollinger Power Rankings and hahahaha! The Lakers and Hornets ahead of Detroit? Flabbergasted? I know the feeling…

    I hope the Pistons beat the shit out of Kobe and the rest of those dudes that just stand around staring at #24. Oh, and I hope Flip Saunders bitch-slaps Phil Jackson when he comments on the Pistons’ “weak” zone defense.

    Here’s to another solid team effort. CHEERS!

  2. jess

    Speaking of C-Webb… there is nothing on TV to watch so I kept flippin through channels and decided to watch LIKE MIKE. Did you guys know that C-Webb is in a little scene.

  3. jess


    I know that was kinda off topic but I didnt remember seeing him in there when I watched it a couple of years ago.

  4. jess

    I’m sorry I didnt read the part where he vetoed the deal.


  5. James

    To Jess’ comment.. No the deal has not happened..

    “According to radio station 1270 AM in Detroit, the Lakers and Pistons came to an agreement to trade Bryant to the Pistons.
    However, Bryant used his no-trade clause to veto the trade.
    The report claims the deal was completed late Tuesday night.
    Detroit would have sent Tayshaun Prince, Rip Hamilton, Amir Johnson and a first round pick to the Lakers. “

    On another note.. Natalie I love the Straight Outta Compton picture.. It is hilarious! When you get the time would you be able to make a 2007 Detroit Pistons screen-saver?

    Much appreciated, James

  6. sammi

    hey i live in sd. we went to the game against the lakers last year but my parents wouldnt let me drive up to la on a friday night! but its ok because im coming to detroit on tuesday and going to the game on friday vs philly!


    <3 detroittttttttt

  7. jess

    Thanx James. I had to read it twice.

    Rasheed was also in a little clip in LIKE MIKE!

  8. Amanda

    I’m pretty sure the rumor about Kobe to Detroit didn’t even go as far as Kobe vetoing it. The only time Joe Dumars contacted L.A. was during the summer, when the Kobe talk started and that was only to see what the Pistons would have to give up to get him. Once he found out who/what had be included to make anything happen, he made up his mind: No Kobe. No way.

    At least that’s what I got from the various Langlois blogs over at And I trust the team’s website editor, someone within the organization, more than most sources.

    A little over 2 hours ’til game time…GO PISTONS!

  9. Anonymous

    Ya C-Webb is on the cover of Like Mike… I love that movie!… haha well anyway is this just me or would C-Webb cosider alot of teams?? Like Cavs, Mavs, Magic…etc. again i think its just me but im not sure

  10. Anonymous

    Man tonight in LA TAyshaun is probably gonna be the biggest ball hog in the world, he might dish off a couple assists, but he’s not going to be playing team ball tonight, like a lot of other nights.

  11. Steve

    Nice D by Afflalo so far… of course too bad Rip already picked up 2 fouls.

  12. uyen

    I can’t believe our boys are behind again!!!

  13. Anonymous

    I, just love the way Maxiell has improved his free throw shooting

  14. Anonymous

    SAMB has butter fingures. May be nervous for his first game.

  15. Steve

    Block party!

    It’s like we’ve got the JV team in right now… but hey, they’re keeping it relatively close.

  16. Steve


  17. Anonymous

    I like to watch the espn telecast so im not always hearing bias, but heres some notes:
    *will they give rasheed a break about game 6, that was justified, get over it
    *how many times will they show kareem, we get it, he’s there

  18. Anonymous

    so billups isn’t out on the bench with the team because he didn’t bring a sport coat w/ him… couldn’t he buy one out there (or have someone buy one for him)????

  19. jess

    Hayes is on fire right now and Im lovin it!!

  20. Steve

    This s**t’s fun!

  21. Anonymous

    Should be fun to see Samb, Amir and SHEED on the floor together.

  22. Steve

    Tie game!

    If you are near a TV… TURN THIS GAME ON NOW!!!

  23. Natalie

    The D is back! How about Samb….

  24. Steve

    Kobe: 4 pts, 1-8 FG in the 1st half

    A good deal of that is thanks to Mr. Afflalo… nice job!

  25. Natalie

    Is it just me or did Lindsey Hunter look like a train wreck when he was out there?

  26. Steve

    He might have… I was far too high on the Amir/Samb action to notice anything more about Lindsey than the fact that he was on the court. 😉

    Anyone catch the Durant game winner? Quite nice.

  27. jess

    I was hoping Lindsey would spark it up and play more than FLIP MURRAY. Sometimes he reminds me of Kobe (NOT in a good way) because of how much he hogs that damn ball. His game has definitely improved but he needs to learn how to pass more.

  28. Anonymous

    yup, hunter was off for sure when he was out there. terrible and disappointing b/c it looks like it’s gonna be flip or nothing here in l.a.

    hayes and samb are impressing the hell out of me right now. and afflalo’s defense is on the mark too. let’s hear it for the bench!! we have a good chance of pulling this off i think.


  29. Steve

    wtf is going on with sheed and rip’s shot?

    man if we solved that we’d be up by 15

    maxiell just ate kobe’s babies!

  30. Anonymous

    deeee-troit bas-ketball

  31. Steve

    3 blocks for Amir!

  32. Natalie

    Amir, Samb, Afflalo and Maxiell have dominated for the Pistons. Rips shot selection is horrible.

  33. jess

    I feel like you guys are being too harsh on Rip lately. I agree that his shots havent been goin in and they havent been the best selections but everybody goes through a slump and his is probably just early in the season.

  34. Steve

    Rip beat Sheed to the 1st tech!

    If that’s a good thing…

  35. Anonymous

    FOUR blocks by amir!!! what a beast

  36. Steve

    Wow I love Amir… and people say we’re all crazy for being so high on his “potential” … ha!

    I’ll take 4 blocks and counting any day of the week.

  37. Natalie

    And the didn’t credit Samb for one… If this isnt a block party I don’t know what is.

  38. Steve

    Mmmmm nothing like a Sheed shot off the high glass.

  39. Anonymous

    This is already feeling better than Golden State win.

  40. Jack

    All I want for Christmas is for Flip to Share the freaking ball

  41. jess

    Blaha and Kelser credited Samb for his blocks. Are you wathchin ESPN or FSN?

  42. jess

    “All I want for Christmas is for Flip to Share the freaking ball”

    LMAO I AGREE 100%

  43. Anonymous

    I knew someone was getting a tech tonight. I thought it was gonna be a toss up between Tay and ‘Sheed but with Kobe on Rip I guess I should have seen that one coming. Kobe has a way of pissing people off and some how it seems to work to his advantage. He’s probably happy to see Rip sit down so he doesn’t have to chase his ass anymore for a while. Afflalo is doing an awesome job keeping Kobe quiet though so it don’t matter. I’ll be surprised it Rip’s is the only tech we see tonight though.

    Samb is BACK — SWEET!!!

  44. Steve

    I’m in Ohio so I’m on ESPN. At least it’s in HD. 🙂

    Ok so we’re up 6 and Sheed and Rip have to be shooting like a combined 30% (I didn’t actually look at the box score, but it’s not very good) … can’t complain about that

  45. Natalie

    Super Dupe must be Super sad right now. 🙁

  46. Steve

    I hate ESPN… “Maxiell continues to struggle from the line, shooting 55%”

    While he is 5-6 on FTs for the night.


  47. matt

    i’m sitting here, out in south korea trying to keep up w/my favorite team via espn’s gamecast

    why has maxiell only played 11 minutes?

    he’s not hurt is he?

  48. Anonymous

    Thats right Steve.
    All ESPN commentators are just like Bill Walton.

  49. derrick

    seeing samb i rember what it’s like to have a shot blocker, reminds me of a cetain wallace. Some have compared him to dikembe, your thoughts?

  50. Anonymous

    SAMB SAMB SAMB, wow, Joe Dumars really knows how to pick them.
    Good character, LONG limbs and hard workers.

    Too bad Rip and Sheed’s shots are off tonight, otherwise, Pistons would have pulled away by now.

  51. matt

    nm…he’s in


  52. Anonymous

    ^matt, jmax is having a little foul trouble tonight — no he’s not hurt.

  53. Natalie

    Maxiell is in foul trouble hes not hurt Matt

  54. Natalie

    Steve, bet you miss Mr Blaha right now

  55. Natalie

    Mo Evans has no right to do that… Big Deal, I hope they take it to him now.

  56. Steve

    He would be much nicer… tho I don’t mind Jon Barry on here too much. Can’t argue with the HD so I’m stuck with ESPN for now.

  57. Anonymous

    Oh please Chauncey… get well soon!!!!! Please! I can’t take it anymore!

  58. Natalie

    Compared Samb to Dikimbe? I can see that, put a little weight on him and he’s going to be unstoppable.

  59. Natalie

    Luckly Im getting the FSN HD feed…

  60. Anonymous

    I see Lindsey Hunter….

  61. Steve

    We need Stuckey or Chauncey.



  62. Anonymous

    wtf is going on here?? TURNOVER CITY!! shit!

  63. Natalie


  64. Steve

    Block party!

  65. Natalie

    How did they pull away by 10 so quickly?

  66. Steve

    You have to be f’ing kidding me… off the ref… good lord

  67. Natalie

    Blaha is giving it KOBE right now, it’s classic.

  68. Natalie

    We are about to lose but I must say this was one of the best losses I have seen in a long time. The kids were key.

  69. Steve

    All hail the rookies… at least the game was awesome when they were in!

  70. jess

    ^I was gonna say the same thing Nat.

    Kobe needs to get slapped up right now.

  71. Amanda

    lol That game was fantastic (except for the losing part, of course)! I loved Blaha’s comments about Kobe. I believe he said, and I quote “He’s (Kobe) really feeling his oats.” haha Kobe Bryant needs more than the a slap. He needs a total beat down.

    Notice only 1 of our boys went to congratulate the Lakers, and notice that that 1 player was ‘Sheed of all people!

  72. Steve

    I was very happy to see this kind of attitude and energy in November from the team… definitely a good sign of things to come.

  73. Anonymous

    Ughhh im really dissapointed we lost, but we didn’t have 2 starters. I was watching espn (which i regret) and they made it seem like the lakers were amazing and everything. Well, first of all, our defense was AMAZING throughout the whole game, and also, being short 2 allstars didn;’t help anything.


  74. Anonymous

    Damn!! I was hoping we could pull this one out. I hate Kobe Bryant!! I hate the way he plays, but mostly I hate the way he acts. He thinks he’s God. Why isn’t the entire World sick of this asshole yet? Can’t believe there are so many people who worship this pompous prick. (Including the refs and the announcers!) Too bad we couldn’t give him one more reason to piss & moan about wanting to be traded. I love it when we beat the Lakers. I’m bummed.

  75. uyen

    Has everyone voted today yet?

  76. mikearase

    I was at the game today. Too many turnovers arrrr. They were so out of rhythm most of the game. Stupid laker fans. Ugh all my friends are laker fans. I did get to talk to ben howland though (ucla coach) right outside the men’s bathroom. He was there supporting afflalo and farmar. Funny how I never talked to him at ucla as a student but talked to him during an NBA game. I didn’t realize he was that tall. Or I’m just short. We’ll get the lakers next time around.

  77. Anonymous

    wow you gotta admit, despite the loss, pistons tore that uppp ! especially without their capitawnnnn billups! haha.. no really though i thought rip gave kobe a run for his money he was getting soo tired and aggrivated trying to catch up with rip haha.. and i was getting tired just watching rip run around .. he has so much energy.. hes amazing!

    and i doooooo looove our roooks to death this seasonn!! and amir! i just wish stuckey could play already!

    but all the same… get well soon chauncey! cause i miss you on the court and im sure the pistons do tooo! we’re not whole without the whole team and our captain!

  78. Anonymous

    i guess the kobe to detroit deal wasnt true…thank god

  79. t

    Ha ha…much love to D-town. Y’all bad….but we ain’t just about #24 now. Love this blog, all kinds of respect, but it was of course wonderful to beat y’all. Go Lakers!!


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