Injury Update: Chauncey and McDyess

by | Nov 15, 2007 | 13 comments

A Sherrod Blakely has the latest on Chauncey and McDyess.

“I just got word that both had an MRI performed today, and the results were negative. While this doesn’t necessarily mean they’re in the clear, it does open up the possibility that both might play tomorrow. Team officials are listing both as day-to-day.

I would say Chauncey’s more likely to see action than McDyess, simply because Chauncey’s injury hasn’t lingered the way McDyess’ has….”

I can almost hear a collective sign of relief from Pistons fans right now.


  1. Anonymous

    WHEW!! Thank goodness for that! I was worried as hell about Dyess because I was thinking he was letting it go too long – trying to play through it and making it worse. I just hope he and Chauncey are feeling 100% better very soon. I really don’t want either of them to rush their recovery… it’s a long season and we can’t afford to have them turn ‘minor’ injuries into ‘major’ ones.

  2. sammi

    yay i was worried about them…

    wow im so excited im a die hard pistons fan born in detroit with relatives there. we come to detroit every couple months and i am going to the game vs. the sixers next friday! so excited.

    havent seen the pistons since last season in LA against the clippers in march!

  3. Richie

    *Breaths intense sigh of releif loudly enough for the Detroit ressidents to hear me from Marquette*

  4. claire

    *PHEW* big sign of relief. I see you got the little Allstar voting thingie up, Nat. Very nicely done! Let’s get our starters to New Orleans!!

  5. Dominic

    Lol i always forget that Negative in the medical world means a GOOD thing. After glancing at the paragraph I saw MRI…and Negative and I swore loudly then upon reading the rest of the article i realized my stupidity 😀

  6. Dominic

    Oh and btw everyone on this site, if you haven’t already go to the banner on the side of N4S and vote the Pistons in on the All Star game, yes all of them!! 66 days left, if everyone votes once a day that’s a damn lot of votes SO VOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Anonymous

    Has anyone heard of the Pistons’ proposed trade?
    Rip+Tay+Amir+1stRd pick for… Kobe

    However, breathe a sigh of relief. Kobe wont do it because “there wont be enough left in Detroit”.

    Personally, i think Kobe is just jerking everyone around, trying to act all tough because he can reject these trades.

  8. Domiinic

    I think Kobe just doesn’t want to live in Detroit, he’s so used to his Mansions on Beverly Hills that he’s not mature enough to be content to coming to Detroit psshhh his mistake

  9. Anonymous

    Also, the players left in detroit if the trade were to happen would easily outweigh the players on his current team. Think about it: Billups, Wallace, Dyess, Maxielll, Stuckey, Afflalo, Murray, and an inevitible 6th consecutive Conference Finals appearance. Kobe never went to college, cause he cant do the math

  10. Richie

    The Kobe thing is old and tired. Why are we talking about it. I don’t think anyone really wants that whiney ballhog here anyway.

  11. Anonymous

    kobe bryant is pound 4 pound the best player in the league. I wouldn’t mind him here if he was willing to play team basketball. If it happens, which i highly doubt, the Pistons would without a doubt be back in the Finals

  12. Aaron

    I’m going to be at the GAME! I’m living in Burbank CA but my heart is always a MI and PISTONS boy. I have great seats to taunt all Lakers fans…I’ll be decked out in gear in section 106. Causing a ruckus! GO DETROIT!

  13. mikearase

    ill be at the Laker game cheering on our team…we’re one point dogs according to Vegas. let’s prove em wrong!

    also i’ve seemed to misplace my Billups jersey 🙁


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