Out of sync in Portland

by | Nov 14, 2007 | 18 comments

The Pistons and The Blazers kept pace together in the first half of Tuesday nights game in Portland. In fact they looked pretty good going into halftime with 53-50 lead. Everything went downhill from there though. as the Pistons played out of character and Portland seemed to get everything they wanted. The closest the Pistons got in the fourth quarter was being down by three 91-94 with two minutes left in the game, final score of the game was 94-102.

Key Points:

  • Pretty pass from Sheed to start off the game to Rip even though he didn’t convert (which was the theme of the night for Rip).
  • Rasheed draining 3’s like nothing. Three triples is in the first for Sheed.
  • “Happy homecoming big fella” from Blaha after a Sheedtastic first quarter from Sheed.
  • Chauncey surpasses the 10,000th point in the second half of the game.
  • Maxi brings the energy, his timing is getting better each game. He was blocking shots when the Pistons really needed stops.
  • Someone needs to tell me why The Pistons stopped going to Sheed in the second half. He was on a rampage to start off the game. If the Pistons would have kept going to hi he probably could have scored 30.
  • No look from Rip to Dyess was nice.
  • The Portland fans were trying to bate Sheed into getting a tech.
  • Ridiculous last second buzzer beating 3 from Flip Murray to close out the third and tie the game at 74.
  • Antonio McDyess aggravated his shoulder injury in the 4th. By the looks of it Arnie Kandor probably won’t be able to fix this one. He should be getting a MRI today and I doubt he’s going to play tonight against GS.
  • Huge jam by Sheed over Pryzbilla, can we say Posterized! Sheed had 13 at halftime. He finished with 15.
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  • I have a foot off the Flip Murray bandwagon, but I might have to stay on it considering Chauncey took a knee to his hip last night and probably needs to sit some to rest it. “It hurts, man,” he said. “I took a weird fall there and did something (to the right knee). I am banged up, but hopefully I will be all right tomorrow.” Via Detroit News
  • 95% of Pistons fans are doubting Flip Saunders rotation or lack there of. HEAVY minutes for the starters again.
  • Jacked UP, The Blazers Jarrett Jack lit up The Pistons for 20 points.
  • Remember when the Pistons used to be able to get a defensive stop when they needed it? It’s been so long I have forgotten.
  • Tayshuan led the team with 20 on 8-for-15 shooting with 6 rebounds, a takeaway and a assist.
  • Rip missed so many easy shots it was mind numbing. He shot an abysmal 5-for-20
  • “I like to point to something that I thought we really did well,” Detroit coach Flip Saunders said. “But we didn’t. Their bench hurt us, their bigs hurt us, Roy hurt us, their guards hurt off penetration…They totally out-played us.” Yes the bench didn’t do their part but considering the starters played 40 plus minutes except CB and Dyess who left because of injury it doesn’t make much sense to blame this one on the bench alone.
  • Can we get back to playing D? The Trailbalzers got tons of easy shots. The funny thing was they kept using a pick and roll over and over again and The Pistons did nothing to stop it.
  • Rebound war lost 36-43.
  • Looks like Lindsey will get some time along with more minutes from the bench (we hope) since Dyess and Chauncey are ailing.
  • Not too many good things to say about this one. Let’s hope the Piston rebound tonight against Golden State who currently have the Pistons number. If you have something to gripe about like I just did feel free to a comment.


  1. Jeremy!

    The problem with Flip is he just doesn’t make a good point guard. He’s a one-on-one player and doesn’t seem to have the ability or interest to make plays for other people. We started out the season using him more as a back-up shooting guard and that was great. I’d like to see Flip go back to using Prince at the point when Chauncey is out until we get back Stuckey.

  2. Natalie

    Totally agree with you Jeremy, I have been saying that since last season. He’s a 2 and a turnover prone 1.

  3. Jeremy!

    Also, I noticed Afflalo was one of only three players who had a positive +/- for this game. He didn’t score and was only in for a little under 5 minutes, but did anyone notice if his defense was making a difference? Should he be getting more burn?

    I’d like to see Maxiell get more time (which he may, if McDyess has to sit out a bit). He’s averaging 4.6 rebounds (and 1.7 blocks) in just 18 minutes so far this season. That’s pretty good for a power forward. Was anyone else a little thrilled by that fall-back rebound he had last night where he got the benefit of the foul call despite jumping backwards at a 45 degree angle to snag the ball?

  4. YK

    I agree, Afflalo actually stopped Roy for his under 5 mins. I wish I could have seen Afflalo more.

    Sanders, please give your players some direction about DEFENSE. Joe D should hire a defensive strategy specialist as assistant coach (or as a head coach).

  5. claire

    at this point, I’m more concerned about Chauncey and McDyess than the loss. This loss means nothing, but injured Chauncey and McDyess mean disaster. Hopefully Amir and Maxiell get a chance to shine tonight. And Rodney, PLEASE heal quicker!!! if chauncey can’t play tonight, then Flip should let Rasheed play point guard!! That will confuse the Warriors and be interesting for fans to watch.

  6. Natalie

    Good idea Claire, nything would be better than Flip at Point,

  7. Anonymous

    holy crap how did we lose the the blazers? are we really that old? haha if big shot cant play tonight were screwed dyess is out and filp cant play basketball at least not piston basketball he can play like kobe-never-passball but thats it! get of the flip bandwagon natalie! he cant pass the ball! he shoud be playing the 2 and i agree with claire…heal faster rodney


  8. Anonymous

    I have been worried about Dyess since the initial report about his shoulder. I thought it was strange that he seemed to play better after the injury and concerned that he wasn’t going to get it looked at or taken care of because he wants to help this team win so badly. I hope he didn’t make it worse by trying to play through it. The guy has so much heart — I am so gonna cry if we lose him to this injury.

    It looked to me like Chauncey hurt his other leg a couple of plays after the knee to the hip. I hope we don’t lose him to that injury also. I think he probably should have sat down after he took that knee BUT I also think he didn’t feel like he could sit down for very long because he knew that Flip Murray was going to be his backup. I just hope he didn’t make things worse for himself.

    Speaking of Flip Murray… I have been saying it all along — he doesn’t seem to understand the concept of being a Piston (aka TEAM PLAYER) and it doesn’t seem like he ever will. I know he shows moments of greatness. I know he has some talent. I can’t sit here and tell you that I don’t have anything good to say about the guy… he just doesn’t seem to have a handle on the concept here in Detroit nor does he seem to want to get a handle on it. I was screaming for Lindsey last night after Chauncey got hurt. What the hell? Is he going to sit on the bench all season or what? I know he can play and I have a lot more faith in him than I will ever have in Flip Murray. His shot selection is a lot better and he does know how to pass the ball. Put him in!!

  9. Anonymous

    I’m actually confused this was the first game where after it was done a word popped into my head that I hadn’t thought of in ANY of the games this year( and a lot of last year.) TEAM this was the first time I saw guys like Jarvis and TAyshaun put aside their egos and pass the ball and pass the ball well. They just gotta learn how to play team ball again and be confortable with it.

    I have been really annoyed on defense. We need someone in the middle who wants to be in the middle and intimidate. Jason Maxiell does that but we really need someone taller to get those high arcing shots a tiny bit easier. Is anyone else surprised they don’t see how Cheick Samb does in a real game before shipping him off to the D-League? And it also bothers me that Tayshaun lets his length go to waste. Everyone always says Tayshaun is such a smart player, and we know he does intagibles. But shouldn’t he be able to anticipate the ball better and be able to get some steals and blocks He should be avereraging 1 per game, but he doesn’t cause he doesn’t care about defense anymore.

    BTW Sheed’s dunk and screen in the back court had me smiling something special.

  10. Anonymous

    I’m going to do something I don’t usually do and that is to say nice things about the Flips. First off I really liked what I heard about the practice and how he made everyone play a different position. My biggest knock on Saunders is that he is a bad motivator/leader that’s where the complacency STARTS, but it’s up to the players to push past it. But you really saw the players having more fun than I’ve seen them have in a game, they just didn’t know how to translate that into a victory YET! I think if Flip learns how to consistently movtivate the players we could go a long way

    And Flip Murray knows he’s going to go the bench no matter what when Stuckey comes back so he’s trying to get his numbers up before he’s relegated to the bench again and I think he believes he won’t be back next year, which is a shame cause I think he’s really talented, and he’s not the only one playing selfishly

  11. Steve


    I definitely enjoyed Mad Max’s 45-degree launch for the board – he’s got so much energy it’s beyond ridiculous he’s not getting at least 20 minutes a night right now.

  12. Anonymous

    So, as an avid Piston fan, it hurts for me to say this… I think its time we trade Richard Hamilton. Teams are figuring out how to gaurd his curls, and he just seems to be a focal point for offenses to abuse. His defense is horrid, he is inconsistant, and pretty much Tayshaun plays wayyyyy better with Rip off the floor. So why not try and find a defensive minded, doesnt have to find his own shot SG. I dont want to blow up the team Chem, it just seems to me, Rip is forcing shots, playing horrid defense, and making stupid fouls at stupid times. I love rip to death, dont get me wrong, i just think … IF, we were to trade anyone from the Fantastic 4, it should be rip…


    Aka- NickDYESS #1 Dyess fan…

  13. Anonymous

    Trade Rip and Dyess, or Rip and Max for Jermain O’neil. We need rebounding, Dyess looked really old last night, and I’m tired of us being a jump shooting team, with players who can’t finish around the rim; i.e. rip and dyess.

  14. TWR

    I agree about rotation problems. First of all, stop playing Flip at point. He still looks uncomfortable out there and would be much more effective at the 2 with Tay playing point. Also agree with calling more plays for Sheed, especially when it seems like he’s in the zone like last night. Last night felt eerily similar to last season, and I don’t want to think that will continue for the whole season…

  15. Anonymous

    oh my god!! shut up about trading rip… and tay… and now dyess is on the chopping block too apparently!! just shut up already!! y’all need to stop drinking in the middle of the day. it’s a long season and it’s barely gotten started. it’s not like we haven’t won any games. we have a decent record. we aren’t going to win every game so just… shut up!!

  16. Junior

    Flip is just not a good ball player period. It does not matter what position you put him at. If you put him at the 2, As soon as he gets the ball he becomes a point guard in his mind.

    It also isn’t a good idea to put the worst SHOOTER on the team at SHOOTING guard. A quick shot that misses badly is the same as a turnover to me. He creates nothing.

    This is the last time I will speak of Flip Murray. He and his game are dead to me. I have never disliked a Pistons player as much as Flip. He has done nothing for our franchise. Do you think it is a coincidence that Flip was nicknamed after a BUM? I have more respect for DARKO.

    But don’t worry Piston fans. I “GUARANSHEED” this will be the last year a FLIP will ever be a part of the Piston organization. Player, coach or otherwise.

  17. Richie

    As crude as the comment was, I agree with Anon 4:25. The season is young and we’re letting our high expectations create a low melting point. We need to relax ans especially shut up about bogus trades for key players. Rip had an off night, SO WHAT?! Everyon ehas off nights, even Kobe and Lebron who the refs try to give games away to.
    Saying that Tayshaun doesn’t care about defence anymore is absolutley ludicris. We’re only 7 games in, people!

  18. Anonymous




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