Pistons take on The Trailblazers

by | Nov 13, 2007 | 38 comments

Pistons vs Trailblazers
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With Sheed at a loss for something nice to say about his former team, we get ready for The Pistons to square off against the Trailblazers. Since the Portland traded away Sheed, they have yet to beat the Detroit Pistons at the Rose Garden.

Ra hasn’t had his best games against his old team so here is to a monster game from Sheed. As always I’m leaving it up to you i the comments.

UPDATE: Something to think about while watching the game. As pointed out by a member of Team Need4Sheed while watching ESPN.

Joe Dumars inquired about a trade for Kobe. I am going to have to agree with Justin on this one, he simply had to see if he could get the deal done. That’s his job.


  1. Mustafa

    Rasheed Wallace is going to dominate today and make a statement. I can sense it in his words after having breakfast at his favorite cafe in Portland. I can sense it today!!!

  2. Anonymous

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Joe D. needs to trade Tayshaun Prince He cannot coexist with Rip. He’s to passive and it gets on my nerves. today i experimented with the ESPN trade machine, and surprisingly enough a straihgt up trade for Al Harrington works. That trade would be awsome. Joe D. needs to look into that.

  3. claire

    ^^ anon 6:38, Joe D doesn’t need to look into anything. Perhaps you need to get your brain looked at. And why don’t you trade for a new brain while you’re at it, perhaps a functional one?

    I kinda like Brandon Roy and Lamarcus Aldridge. Promising talents. But still, Pistons, please, show them that they’re still young and inexperienced tonight! Show Portland what they’re missing Sheed!!

  4. Sam

    I’ll be rocking my Sheed jersey in the Garden tonight. Can’t wait for the game.

  5. Anonymous

    just watching ESPN. they just said the Pistons offered for Kobe Bryant but Kobe turned down the deal..said he doesnt want to come to Detroit. i thought it was very interesting

  6. James

    On a completely different note, the other day we(team Need4sheed) were talking about how original this site is, how hard Nat works on the site and how she’s done things that nobody had ever done.

    Well it seems as though a couple (especially one in particular) Pistons blogs have popped up that might as well copy and paste everything Nat has done here on n4s. I’m not going to give name but YOU know who you are.

    It’s about originality and style not imitation. I am surprised they didn’t name the site need4pistons or something like that. Why would I bother going to a website that is a cheap imitation of the original.

    I just had to say my peace, the least that they could do is site this website for all the ideas it has stolen. Scandalous!

    Proud member of team Need4sheed going on 2 years.

  7. Anonymous

    Once again, claire is right. This time it’s in regard to anon 6:38. Where the hell do you get off saying that Tay and Rip can’t co-exist?!

  8. Anonymous

    tayshaun is one of the best players we will not trade him

  9. Natalie

    What’s with all the Tay trade talk? He’s had 3 quite games but we have won 2 of them. I will take him at SF all day long.

    His length alone makes him a keeper.

  10. claire

    Great, let’s hope the Kobe curse will not fall upon the Pistons as it had on the Bulls. Maybe that’s why Tay’s been not focusing lately?

    well, the article said that no Kobe-to-Detroit, so I think we don’t have to worry about anything. And I hope Kobe will not change his mind. It’s true that he’s the greatest player of our time, but we’ve won a championship without him (or any superstar) before, I believe we can do it again. Please, Kobe, just proudly put on your Lakers jersey everyday! There’s no place like home!!

  11. jess

    I’m really starting to hate to see the ball in Flip’s (Murray) hands again. I thought he was through wiht his selfish ways but he’s back to being a ball hog and trying to make every play by himself. I HATE SEEING IT!! I was on his bandwagon for a second there but I had to jump off real quick and I have no regrets.

  12. Steve

    Flip’s making me bipolar!

    Nice circus 3 at the buzzer though.

  13. Natalie

    I couldn’t have said it better Steve….LOL

  14. jay

    way to lose to portlan boys…who do they have again?

  15. Steve

    We’re totally a step behind on defense – and offense – right now… we need to get our s**t together and get the lead back!

    Man, at this rate the whole team’s going to be injured before we leave Oregon… I hope Dyess and Chauncey are ok

  16. Natalie

    don’t count them out Jay..Im worried about Dyess 🙁

  17. Jeff


  18. Steve


    …and before I hit send Roy kills that sentiment

  19. Steve

    Ok so let me vent my Flip (Saunders) frustration for the evening…

    Our bench has been outscored at least 45-15 (saw the stat a couple mins ago on tv)

    Our starters minutes: 40, 38, 38, 30, 25

    Our bench: 4, 4, 14, 15, 15

    What exactly happened to having and developing a great bench?

    I know there’s more to the story than that, but come on!

  20. Natalie

    Steve, I have a feeling our FS concerns are going to hand around all season long. Maybe if he let Maxiell play a bit more Dyess wouldn’t be grimacing on the bench.

    We’re in for a long season, long minute for the starters that is.

  21. Steve

    Yeah there’s just no reason for these kind of starters’ minutes – it’s not like the bench was behind any more than we have been down the stretch.

    Final bench comparison – we lost to the tune of 48-18

    Starter minutes – 41, 25, 41, 39, 32
    Bench – 4, 4, 15, 16, 14


  22. Amanda

    I was just going to say that there are a lot of reasons for the loss tonight including Rip missing like 5 point blank shots (layups and jumpers 6 inches from the basket!) and then he missed one right at the end. lol That just summed it up right there. Poor Rip. Poor Pistons.

  23. Steve

    Rip going 5-20 certainly didn’t help the final outcome, that’s for sure.

    Postgame’s making it sound like Dyess might finally have to get that MRI… ugh.

  24. Amanda

    Hey, I think it’s better he get it now than wait til the trip’s over like he originally planned. No need to injure his shoulder further and miss a substantial amount games.

  25. Amanda

    I hope Chauncey is okay. Man, did that first blow look painful. And they just kept showing it over and over and over… lol I wanted to cry for him.

  26. Steve

    Oh the MRI is probably a very good idea… I was just pointing out what is probably bad news about Dyess in the most glass-half-full way possible… if that’s possible.

  27. Anonymous

    ALl i have to say is that Portland is gonna be a damn good team in the next couple years. Oden and ALdridge are gonna be the next david robinson and Tim Duncan. Aldridge was a beast tonight.

    Flip Saunders pisses me off sometimes…

  28. Natalie

    You do have to give it the the TB’s they played well but yes I always have a problem with Rip when he’s cold and he tries to force it.

    Crossing my fingers for Dyess.

    I can’t believe I stayed up for this.

  29. Amanda

    Speaking of Flips, I was almost ready to conceed to whoever on here was hating on Flurray a few days ago but just when I got comfortable with the idea that every time he touched the ball disaster was sure to follow, he surprised me and made a few very nice plays.

  30. Amanda

    Considering how much we tended to play into both the Sonics and Blazers style of play, I can’t even imagine how the game against Golden State is going to go. They done killed us last season–both games–and I remember how painful it was to watch.

  31. Steve

    Yeah this makes 2 days in a row (with WMU vs Oregon last night) I’ve stayed up way too late to listen to/watch bball on the West Coast… but I’ve gotta be at work in 7 hours so it’s time to go to bed.

    Go Pistons!

  32. Jeff

    Lets just say that yes we should be beating these guys all the time but let’s be realistic west coast trips and devestating on any east coast teams even the Beasts of the East like the Celtics right now. Just ask the Chicago Bulls for the last ten years (the yearly circus trip has not been very kind). So let’s just hope to bounce back tomorrow.

  33. claire

    And this is when I come in with the positive comment (i’m just as bummed out as all of you are, in fact, I decided to stop looking at the yahoo scoreboard and studied instead). well, this is our second loss this season to another team that we will not see in the playoffs in the near future. Yea, we lost, and it sucks, but this season is barely starting. No need to panic and to demand stupid trade deals yet. There are nights when our Pistons are oven-hot and there are nights when they’re ice-cold. I’m sure they’ll learn, adjust, and improve. That is their job. Our job is to support them. With that said, I hope our players are OK after reading the above comments about Chauncey and Dyess, especially Dyess. One lousy loss won’t make a difference comes june, but one major injury will. Season records mean nothing (look at Dallas last year). So lets take a deep breath and forget about Boston, Portland, the West, etc. This is a marathon, not a sprint.

    Now that my pep talk is over, I hope tonight was a wakeup call to the Pistons, that they can NEVER underestimate even a non-playoff team, because losing sucks!! And please Rip, find your mojo back because we miss seeing your sweet jumpers.

  34. Richie

    Clair is right AGAIN. West coast games aren’t that important, and in the worst case senario the boys will return home .500, so let’s just enjoy these next few games and hope our guys are okay!

    That having been said I’d like to proudly announce that I’ve NEVER been on the Flip Murray Bandwaggon, and never will me. Even when he tries to pass out of his wild drives to the basket, he tries to pass in a way that’s too flashy for his skill level and 9/10 times results in a TO. I don’t get why Flip hasn’t Benched him for it yet.

    Basically, besides Rip being cold (you have to expect it, he can’t be on ALL the time) I only see two big question marks with the season right now.
    A. Why is Amir another DNP in a game that starters logged excessive minutes
    B. Why is Murray (a guy we signed to do a job that Afflalo does 10 times better) the first an behind Chauncey at the 1 spot when we have Lindsey Hunter (a veteran POINT GAURD and defensive specialist). I’m confused!

  35. santa

    Maybe we should wrap Rip in a blanket and have him seated near the fire place before every game, so he can be hot hot hot! yea, that was a bad joke…anyways, cheer up Pistons fans. I’m sure Rip won’t let this happen again.

  36. Sue

    Rip Missed 11 jumpers…what else needs to be said….

    FLIP M..Im Sorry but.. he sucks wind…

  37. Justin

    Every once in a while a few people make a statement that just so enrages me that I have to comment on it. Anon@6:38 pm you can’t be serious. Tay was DOMINATE earlier this year. Granted it was in 1 game. But still. He effects the whole game. Did you forget about “THE BLOCK”???? The block that saved the world??? Are you kidding me? People who make ignorant statments like that need their own blog. Just so they can share their thoughts and noone will read them. And you nipped it in the bud when talked about the signature alley oop Richie. No chemistry between Tay and Rip…..please.

    And as far as the west coast games not meaning much…..come on. They DO mean alot. EVERY game means something. At the end of the year when the Pistons and Bulls are only seperated by a few games these games will matter. Obviously you are correct Claire about it being a marathon but don’t discount the importance of every game. A couple of years ago it wouldn’t have mattered much when the stones were dominating and winning the division by multiple games. But now that we have strongER competition in the division they mean more.

    I said it last year I will say it again. FS will never lead this team to a championship. He is a good regular season coach. But a terrible playoff coach. I hope that #40 is in the plans for next year. How many championships does he have to win to get some respect. Granted the WNBA is not the same as the NBA. But wasn’t the Houston (whatever their nickname is) and the L.A.(whatever their nickname is) winning every year before Bill took over?

  38. Richie

    I agree that Bill Laimbeer should coach the Pistons. Why? WHY NOT?!
    Anyway- I subjugated the importance of Western games because let’s face it they aren’t AS important East games. Of course we want them to win every game but they simply aren’t going to, and if they’re going to lose, the best games to lose and learn from are the ones out west. That’s all I’m saying.


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