Detroit Pistons Schedule Wallpaper

by | Nov 12, 2007 | 26 comments

Detroit Pistons November 07 Schedule Wallpaper
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Sometimes it’s difficult to keep up with the Pistons schedule, so I will be adding a Monthly Wallpaper to make it a bit easier. Here is the November Pistons Schedule with the home games in red and the away games in blue.

Download November 07 in Widescreen and Standard resolutions.


  1. Justin

    I LOVE this idea. Very creative Nat.

  2. Anonymous

    agreed great idea and a different way to highlight your great wallpapers

  3. Natalie

    Thanks guys, I think I just might put the opposing teams logos on the game days starting next month.

    What do you think?

  4. Big Al

    Very cool Natalie! Thanks!

  5. vwarren

    Thanks, Nat!!

  6. Anonymous


  7. Anonymous

    Marry me, Natalie! :p
    Maybe instead of the team logo you should put the broadcast channels on the games that will make National TV for those of us not fortunate enough to live in the My20 area anymore?

  8. Natalie

    Ha ha ha Richie…
    How bout I put both? I was thinking of putting the Television info but I know a lot of you don’t live locally so I didn’t. I can put local as well as national schedule, what do you think of that?

    December will have some changes.

  9. claire

    Hey, Nat, for December, can you use Rip as the background? It’s my favorite month, Rip’s my favorite player, and you’re my favorite blogger!

  10. Natalie

    I am not going to promise that Rip will get December for the simple fact I have to be particular depending on size and the schedule. If it fits for the month I will use it. Don’t worry though, he will get a month!

    I will be making new Wallpapers soon, I am waiting for quality Max, Amir, Hayes pictures. They come first.

  11. Anonymous

    I LOVE THIS IDEA! very very very creative.. so every play will get a month… right??

  12. Natalie

    ^^^^ Well some are going to have to share months. I am glad everyone likes the idea.

  13. Anonymous

    Natalie U got Mad skill and Mad Ideas. This Wallpaper is on my desktop @work and on my laptop! U may want to find out if u can copyright this idea or something. Thank about it!


  14. Elliot

    Yeah love the idea too thanks Nat like Thor said you need to patent your stuff because I see sites copying your game like they have no shame.

    Doesn’t matter to me your the originally and simply the best. Keep up the great work, your the OG in my book.

  15. Anonymous

    thank you so much =]
    this is one of my favorite websites.

    i come home from work, and instead of getting something to eat, check the mail, or go to the bathroom, i check this site.

    It might be kind of obsessive but i am OBSESSED with the pistons! =]

    <3, Courtney

  16. Amanda

    ^ Don’t sell yourself short, Courtney. You are not obsessed. You, like myself and many of our fellow Pistons fans, just have a passion that knows no bounds. And just because we make it a point to visit this site 100 times a day, read every single article about the Pistons (even when many are essentially the same thing), watch every second of every game– preseason through the Playoffs, and spend obscene amounts of money on Pistons paraphernalia, does not mean we have a problem.

    At least that’s what I pay my shrink to tell me.

    lol Just playing.

    I love the wallpaper, as usual Natalie. It radiates your style, for sure. I don’t know how you find the time to be so creative but it’s contagious. I’m going to try to get back into drawing starting right…tomorrow. lol Keep up the great work!

  17. Natalie

    Amanda… It is an obsession but at least we know we have problems. They say the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem. But what if you don’t want to be cured?

    Glad everyone is enjoying the Schedule Walls, I had the idea Friday night when I went to the Clips game. They handed out free Pistons Calenders and the idea just popped.

  18. claire

    You know what I have noticed? I find that fans who comment on need4sheed sound A LOT nicer than fans who comment on other Pistons blogs. I’m not gonna say which blogs, but those fans are always nitpicking, complaining, demanding stupid trade deals, etc etc. On the other hand, we’re always bright and happy and supporting our Pistons to the point that other infidels might think that we’re hallucinating.

    Here’s to us, Cheers!

  19. Anonymous

    Hah, I wish you wer right about that last point, Claire- but if you check the comments from the “Big Lead in Seattle Turns In To Big Scare” comments it’s quite different. That said need for sheed, being the best Pistons blog naturally has the best Pistons blog readers!

    Now Natalie, I’m thinking you should do whatever you want regarding the TV scedule thing; one should never tell and artist how to do what they already do so well on their own. I trust you!

  20. Sue

    Rip Should get Feb( his Bday month)

  21. The Piston Post

    I am astounded…again.

  22. Anonymous

    Thank you ! Looking forward to December

  23. Anonymous

    Definitely add a TV schedule…I’m a college student in Kalamazoo and we don’t get FSN or any local Detroit channels so I’ve been missing out on the Pistons and Red Wings.


  24. Steve

    I’d love to have TV as well… to tune in with my Slingbox from down here in Ohio.

    Awesome, awesome idea overall… Sheed’s now gracing my monitor at work. Any chance of a high-res widescreen on this, Nat?

  25. Mike

    O my goodness this is great, ive had the rodney stuckey background on there from the day you put it on this site (a long time) these will fill up my wallpaper all basketball season, then all summer will be one of the pistons holding up the nba championship trophy from this season.


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