Big lead in Seattle turns in to big scare

by | Nov 12, 2007 | 23 comments

Detroit had Seattle on the ropes early in the game leading by as much as 23 points. It looked like it was going to be a repeat performance of Friday night contest against the Clippers, but the Sonics slowly chipped away at the lead tyeing the game at 99 in the fourth quarter. The Pistons did what they needed to do in the last 2 minutes of the game helped by a clutch offensive rebound by Antonio McDyess that led to a Rip Hamilton basket. The final score was 107-103 in the Pistons favor making the Sonics 0-7 the worst in franchise history.

Key Points:

  • The Pistons had their highest scoring first quarter of the year putting up 35.
  • Detroit made 12 of their first 15, shooting 64% from the field.
  • Sheed had a clutch 3 at the 7 minute mark.
  • Though Durant played well, putting up 19 and leading the Sonics, Jeff Green looked like the better Rookie.
  • Great alley oop from Rip to Tayshaun that had the Seattle crowd gasping.
  • The Pistons were so cold at times in the second half I had to put on a jacket.
  • Speaking of the crowd, tons of Pistons fans were in the arena.
  • Antonio McDyess had another killer game 15 points and 15 rebounds.
  • Rip scored 10 of his season-high 32 points during a first quarter leading the Pistons. He also dished out 5 with 4 steals in 41 minutes.
Richard Hamilton scores 32
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Photo/Getty Images
  • Tayshaun was 4-for-13 from the floor for 8 points, 6 assists and 9 rebounds.
  • Pass the ball Flip!
  • Jason Maxiell was quiet for his 13 minutes on the floor. He scored 3 on free throws with 3 rebounds, but as always brought the energy.
  • I thought it was going to be an enjoyable stress free night after what I saw in the first quarter. Boy was I wrong.
  • The Pistons shot 23 three pointers, that couldn’t have made Saunders happy.
  • They were taking some horrible shots in the second half rushing things when they didn’t have to.
  • 69% from the line.
  • Highlights of the game.
  • Amir saw some time early in the first half when the Pistons had a nice lead. He put up 3 points in 5 minutes.
  • Jarvis Hayes did a great job off the bench putting up 14 points with 2 assists a steal and 3 rebounds. It was especially nice when he drove the lane in a crowd and made this shot falling to the ground and converting an and one.
Jarvis Hayes
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Photo/Getty Images
  • Loved the Pistons fans in the house who spelled out MAXIELL 54 on their shirts. I have to get a screen capture of that.
  • 48 minutes boys!
  • “They make runs,” Hamilton said. “The way they play, trying to get up and down the floor, trying to get easy baskets and taking quick shots, they’re capable of being down by a lot and capable of being up by a lot.”
  • Rebounding war won 49-47
  • Ra had a really nice block on Durant. We need to thank him, along with Rip, for the clutch jumper late in the fourth.
  • Nazr did well in his 7 minutes on the floor putting up 3 points with 2 boards.
  • “When Sheed went out of the game, we had problems with it,” Saunders said. “He’s our best interior feeder and scorer. And so we did have some problems when he went out of the game.”
  • Great to start of the Western trip with a win.


  1. Sue

    Awesome Pic!…

    Im not sure about these dry spots…eeek…

    very nice Job by Mr Hamilton!

  2. Eric

    Natalie, I don’t mean to pick on your boy again buuuut… hehe. I’m thinking anytime Flip gets the ball he should just set it down and let whoever grabs it first take control. It usually ends up in a turnover or a foul anyway!

    Amir is still looking a little “deer in headlights” out there, but holy sh*it is that kid fast! I want more.

    A win’s, a win but it was ugly.

  3. Natalie

    I’m with you about Flip, I am not happy with the way he’s been playing lately. He’s been trying to do things he doesn’t need to. A bit selfish at times.

    Ugly it was but we all will take it.

  4. dirge

    Yes Siirrrr! Rip played some great ball. He seems to really have developed his court vision in the off season. Even with his thirty plus performance, he was keeping his eyes open for other open Pistons.

    Yeah, the scoring drought in the second half of the third and first half of the fourth was very hard to watch, but it was relieving to see our boys lock down at the end of the game. I bounced off the bed (our big TV is in the master bedroom) when Dice got that offensive rebound and Rip converted it. It felt like they had a decisive edge in the last two minutes, much like they did in the first.

    The Sonics played pretty well with Wally and Kurt Thomas on the floor, but I think they’re only getting some burn because they’re desperate for their first win. I still think they want to really showcase the young guys, to the detriment of the team’s record. Ah, well. I’ll adopt Sheed’s old team when the Sonics pack up for Oklahoma City as my second or third team to watch.

    Whatever the case, my home town is STILL the D, even if I live in the Emerald City now.

    Go Pistons! Oh, and great shots of the game, Natalie 🙂 I really liked that drive Jarvis made, too. My wife was worried he was going to hurt himself, but I really like to see that kind of aggression from our bench. Of course, I’d also like to see Stuckey relieving Billups! Flip is a decent reserve shooting guard, but I’m much more comfortable with Stuckey at point; he may not have the best court vision, but the offense runs more smootly through him. I’d rather Flip concentrate on playing shooting guard!

  5. claire

    Hopefully the Pistons have learned their lessons and won’t take an early break against Portland -_- But anyways, Good Job, Pistons!

  6. downtown

    I thought Flip was passing the ball at least half the time, especially towards the end.

    I was actually kind of relieved to see him attacking the paint sometimes during the stone cold jump shooting phase.

  7. Natalie

    Claire, I feel the same way. I hope they did learn their lesson but seeing how this happened a lot last season I wouldn’t count on it. But I will try to be optimistic.

    It must have been great to catch out boys on HD! I too wish we could see Stuckey back up Chauncey. I even like day doing the job better than Flip but I don’t think that will happen much.

    I was surprised how well Green played and sort of felt bad for Swift. He’s more talked about because of his hair and new tats than his game.

    Lets hope to 48 minutes of Solid play the rest of the road trip.

  8. Anonymous

    Trade Tayshaun, he cannot coexist with Rip. He needs to be traded for an aggressive forward and a future first round draft pick. It would be nice to pick up Turkoglu or Bonzi Wells.

  9. claire

    I was reading the Pistons mailbag, and people are demanding Rip to be traded. It’s been like 2 weeks into the season, the Pistons have a 5-1 record, and when Rip’s not scoring, he’s assisting. Yet people want to trade him? Do they expect each Piston to put up 30 points every night for the entire 82 games? Just because some of the players haven’t been playing their top games, we should trade them? For who? Show me another shooting guard who has Rip’s work ethics and skills. Or another small forward like Tayshaun? Our players need our support and clearly some “fans” are simply not giving it. We all know that the past few games have not been perfect, but it’s too early to self-destruct ourselves. I hope the Pistons players don’t let this nonsense get to them and prove them wrong. Trade Hamilton, psstt..ridiculous

  10. Sue

    Claire said @ 12:49 pm
    “I was reading the Pistons mailbag, and people are demanding Rip to be traded. It’s been like 2 weeks into the season, the Pistons have a 5-1 record, and when Rip’s not scoring, he’s assisting.”

    Rip could score 100 pts a night and they would still be screaming for him to be traded.*sighs*

    Im pretty sure joe will hang on to him….Or I hope so anyway. If he is gone it will be next year if the team does not preform.

    What was KL’s reply to the question?

  11. Anonymous

    What’s with the trade talks, The Pistons are one of the 5 best teams in the NBA!!! Just enjoy it people while it lasts, this is way better than the Grant Hill Days.

  12. Anonymous

    Why the hell would anyone want to trade Rip?? Last time I checked, Dumars still had his brains functioning at 100% capacity and Rip is still tops and the Screen, Curl and Shoot. If they are clamoring for Kobe, that selfish, obnoxious excuse for a ballplayer, tell them to stop drinking the lemonade. Kobe has not won a postseason series without Shaq, he’s another A-Rod in the making except he’s more obnoxious. He wants to be traded to a championship caliber team, make the same salary with the core players intact. Wonder what the hell he’s smokin’, like the Lakers are that stupid to give up their Marquee player without getting good value back??

    As to Flip, I get the feeling he’s trying to exact revenge on his former teams. Also Amir is still very green, could be a case of nerves that he needs to overcome.

  13. Anonymous

    I’d like to see Amir get in the groove and get more comfortable being on the floor. I think that will happen when his minutes become more consistant and when he is back 100% healthy. I was glad he got some time again though. Been waiting a long time to see what this kid can do.

    This game did turn into a nail-biter in the second half. Not a good confidence builder for me to see them blow a huge lead like that. I hate to see that. I’m happy for the win, but damn! I can do without the heart attacks at the end. “48 minutes guys” is right on Natalie. Everybody’s got to show up for the entire game.

    Don’t even get me started on Flip Murray!!

    GO PISTONS!!!!

  14. Anonymous

    “Trade Tayshaun, he cannot coexist with Rip. He needs to be traded for an aggressive forward and a future first round draft pick. It would be nice to pick up Turkoglu or Bonzi Wells.”

    I try to be respectful and open minded but this is one of the dumbest posts I’ve ever read here- including the posts from obnoxious Cavs fans.

    Tayshaun is the up and coming all-star caliber player who does EVERYTHING. He normally shuts down Kobe, Lebron, Wade etc. for us and he provides mismatches all over. He just had his career high scoring game 5 games ago, and you want him traded? Get real!

    Tradding Rip? That’s up there in the dumbest things I’ve hear suggested list two. He’s the best conditioned player in the NBA, he plays unselfishly, and his style of offense wears down the opposing teams shooting gaurd because they have to chase him around all night. Enough said.

    No, last night’s win wasn’t pretty, but it’s another notch in the W colomn, so why are we complaining? Let’s admire the fact that they finished the game the way a playoff caliber team is supposed to, and they have won 5 times more games than they’ve lost.


  15. Anonymous

    PS, the Rip to Tayshaun Alleyoop is a trademark Pistons play (which happened last night if I’m not mistaken) so I don’t get how Tayshaun “cannot coexist with Rip.” Just because Tay’s 34 point game happend in Rip’s absence? he stepped up when our all star shoting gaurd was out of the game. Punishing him for accepting a lesser role upon said all-star’s return is just lunacy.


  16. santa

    I find it funny how after a summer of praying that the core will stay intact, some people are actually suggesting the core to be traded. Who else do they wanna trade? Joe Dumars? Mason? Hooper? Mr. Davidson??? I’m sure those who are suggesting these stupid trades are not Pistons fans. If they are Pistons fans, then they’re just the bandwagon fans that need to be kicked off ASAP.

  17. dirge

    People complain because two swingmen don’t score at the same time (Rip and Prince). Umm, there is a reason for that; There is only one ball in play. Contrary to popular belief, Rip and Tay can’t both score on the same play.

    Seriously, wake up. The Pistons look for mismatches. The shooting guard and small forward spots are fairly interchangable. Yes, Tayshaun is more aggressive without Rip in the game, but you don’t exactly want the pair of them running over each other. Prince *had* to be more aggressive when Afflalo was in the game. It’s just common sense.

    You’d take Hedo or Bonzi and a first rounder for Prince? *Boogles* Bonzi wells would have been a great complimentary player a few years ago, but something has gone very wrong with him. Maybe it’s age, but he went *missing* last year. And I don’t mean that he was not playing at all, but rather the Rockets didn’t know his whereabouts and were worried about him. That’s NOT the kind of player you want on your team.

    And Hedo? We trade a defensive expert for a guy that only shoots it and provides virtually NO defense. Having Hedo out on the floor is a sure fire recipe for allowing the opposing swingmen to dominate the Pistons. Great trades ;p

    As for the first rounder, unless you could count on a lottery pick, I can’t see where you’re going to find a better player than Prince with a low first round pick. It’s very, very fortunate to draft someone who provides ANY help, let alone a guy that can defend the very best swingmen, play stints of point-forward, and score in either the post or out past the arc, depending on what is needed.

    I’m happy with the team. Sure, I’d like another great bench player or two, but who wouldn’t? Overall, I suspect the Pistons are walkng the fine line between gambling entirely on a ‘ship in the next couple years, and avoiding the Teal period by retaining some financial choice and young talent. I don’t envy Dumars! The draft can be a crap shoot, and that’s a difficult thing to rely on when you consistently finish as a top team in the league.

  18. Anonymous

    Amen, Dirge!

  19. airgrebe23


    GO PISTONS……..

  20. Anonymous

    Piston fans were definitly in the building, although last year i heard more detroit basketball chants then this year. but our little area was full of blue and red, and trade Tayshaun? come on dude thats the guy we buy jerseys for our kids. I been following Need4sheed for 2 years now, US Love you for this site..And i just have to note: the sonic’s do suck and The robert swift draft choice? lmao . that one’s up there with Darko! but they made it a game last night wich made it fun except SHEED was broke,Seattle hates Flip, it was good to see Amir, Rip was hot early, And sheeds 3 shut the crowd up, Detroit all say.Go boyz be strong with the road trip. Go Need4Sheed.

    picture @ game

  21. Natalie


    If that’s not the cutest picture I don’t know what is. Glad to know Pistons fans are representing all over the country (and world for that matter).

    How bad did Flip get booed?

  22. airgrebe23

    i totally agreeee……i know i tryed a few \
    deeeeeeeeeeetroit basketball chants, and i heard alot more from uptop..but ya it was awesome when Sheed hit that three just to see the detroit fans stand while all the Seattle fans hhid there heads in there kneess and the looks on there faces when they knew it was over..good times..hell great times..

    o and better not trade Tayshaun he may not be as well known or hyped as Sheed, but who else would Rip connect with for those awesome oops between Rip and Tay

  23. Mark

    When the Pistons were suffering in the third and fourth quarters, I was freaking out. But in the end when it was over and the Pistons had the “W”, I realized that we I had seen Maxiel, Hayes, Murray, Johnson, and Mohammed on the floor for a significant amount of time. So, we get the win and the bench gets some playing time. It was a learning experience all the way around. Good job Pistons!!!!


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