Pistons in Seattle could be historic in more ways than one

by | Nov 11, 2007 | 19 comments

Pistons vs Sonics
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This may be the last time the Pistons are in Seattle for a NBA basketball game. Detroit starts off a grueling 5 game road trip out west tonight. We get a chance to see the NBA Rookie for the year front runner Kevin Durant for the first time. Look out for the Sonics who go into tonights game winless on the season as they try to avoid the worst start in franchise history this evening at Key Arena.

On side note Amir Johnson missed the team plane to Seattle and had to make his own way out west.

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When you’re watching the game keep your eye out for a couple of members of Team Need4Sheed who will be at tonights game in Seattle with a SHEEDtastic sign to support our boys.

Let hope The Pistons start off the trip srong tonight. As always leave them in the comments.


  1. claire

    lol poor Amir, I hope he makes it on time. It’s almost time for work, Pistons!!! And please God, let the Sonics’ winless streak continues tonight.

  2. Anonymous

    YAY first comment! Good effort in getting there solo, Amir!

  3. Anonymous

    D’oh! Looks like Claire beat me to it!

  4. shatia

    awwwwwww…i feel so bad for amir. Anyways, why would he get fined for not flying on the team plan? I think thats kinda strang especially if he makes it in time. Omg….im so exited about this west coast trip. Im expecting great things…lol. Good luck pistons!!!!

  5. Anonymous

    Hey Natalie, you seem to have a Pistons vs. Bulls graphic up instead of a vs. Sonics. :)

  6. Anonymous

    ^^ yea, I was gonna say the same thing too. I was like “what? the bulls?” Looks like Nat’s been busy these days ;)

  7. Natalie

    Thanks… thats what I get for being in a hurry. I know I can always count on Team Need4Sheed.

  8. bballnmike

    If he gets fined it kinda makes sense, cause the whole team probably had to wait for him, if you ever played highschool ball then imagine how mad the coach would be if you missed the bus. You probably would get benched and have to run sprints (not exactly the same, but I have tryouts tommorrow so thats pretty much all I’m thinking about lol).

    Also, the Sheedtastic signs: I was at the home opener against the hawks and I saw one on the jumbo screen, was that anyone from here?

  9. Amanda

    35-20 after the 1st? I’ll take that.

    Glad to see Rip AND Tayshaun both getting touches and baskets.

    Rip lob to Tayshaun for the slam. One of my favorite plays! Executed so beautifully, too.


  10. Eitan

    Hey Nat,
    You think you could get a clip of a highlight where the sign is visible?
    That would be great.
    Or even just a picture, it would go right on my desktop.


  11. Amanda

    haha I loved that spot they did on the Rookies take on the Vets during halftime. I have no idea why ‘Dyess reminds Stuckey of Brian McKnight but that made me laugh out loud.

  12. Anonymous

    ^^ what “spot?” you should elaborate more on that :)Perhaps a certain blogger (Nat) could post it?

  13. Anonymous

    i can see the mcdyess-mcknight resemblance…i always thought so too. they could be distant cousins or smth…

  14. claire

    YAY!! Pistons won!! I don’t like how how our 15+ lead became a 4 point win. But a win’s a win. I kept refreshing the yahoo scoreboard towards the end because the teams were only a few points apart. Rip played like 40 minutes tonight =/ Why couldn’t the starters just build up like a 30 pt. lead in the 1st half and let the bench take over?

  15. claire

    Now that I’m done rooting for the Pistons tonight, I’m gonna root for the Clippers now! they’re playing against the cavs.

  16. dirge

    Whew! I got nervous the Piston’s were going to let this diaper-wearing Sonics team get their first win. I mean, I can handle losses on the road without too much hair pulling (which I don’t have much of), but I really dislike this Sonic’s rebuilding.

    For the Sonics, they got some great play out of Jeff Green. I felt sorry for Ridnour being relegated to bench play after being a decent pass-first point guard in the pass; he had some flashes of decent play tonight, though. Why isn’t Kurt Thomas getting more time? I mean, the youth movement is fine, but are the Sonics just writing off the season and specifically working on another high draft pick?

    Rip, Dice and Sheed looked amazing. Tayshaun looked good playing point-forward for a bit, but seemed pretty passive at times outside of running the offense. Chauncey had an off-game, but they had so many early open shots, I don’t think they had too work hard until after the half.

    Jarvis had a great performance! I knew he was a good pickup in the off season, and he’s really showing how a sweet stroke and willingness to shoot it was much-needed for the Piston’s bench. Max played with a lot of energy. Flip had some nice moments, but I still hate to see him trying to fill in for Billups. Nazr actually played very well for his minutes on the floor, though I did see him out of position once or twice on defense. I was finally able to show my wife Amir! He had a great play against Swift (who is looking a bit better, though still has that tendinitis to deal with).

    Overall, the Pistons struggled against the zone defense, but it was all veteran vs. young guys, and it showed when it counted (and early, obviously).

    Anyway, it was a fun game to watch when you balance out the dominant first half and the nail-biting second half. It was my first chance to watch the Pistons on my new 50″ 1080p LCD, so that was cool :)

    Go Pistons!

  17. Amanda

    ^ Damn those Cavs…

    No Afflalo? What was up with that?

    I think I may have jinxed Tayshaun. I don’t think he made a basket after that allyoop pass from Rip. Oops.

    Rip and McDyess were amazing. Thank God for Rip and ‘Sheed’s late late baskets. And I loved that whole line of people with shirts that spelled out “MAXIELL 54”

    It was pretty basketball when it was Detroit Basketball. It got a little ugly when the Pistons tried to run with the Sonics and get shots off early on the shotclock. But as Claire said, a win is a win. Good way to start off a 5 game trip.

    Here’s to taking it to the Blazers! CHEERS!

  18. Amanda

    Anony 10:26,

    I don’t know if Natalie will get the chance to post it, but the “spot” I was referring to was this short piece that aired during halftime where Stuckey and Afflalo shared their thoughts on the 5 starters. Basically what I got from it is that they’re all great guys and Stuckey sees Brian McKnight when he looks at ‘Dyess.

  19. Anonymous

    Did anyone watch Rip’s post-game interview and hear him call his baby “Deuce”? George Blaha congratulated him on being a new dad, and Rip said “I want to say whassup to Deuce. I’ll be home soon.” It was so cute!


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