Detroit takes thier frustrations out on The Clippers

by | Nov 10, 2007 | 24 comments

The Pistons got off to a fast start Friday night against the Clippers and never looked back. Great play from the starters along with a solid outing from the bench put the game just about out of reach for formally undefeated The Clippers at halftime (59-42). The Pistons went on to blow the game out in the third quarter with a final score of 103-79.

Key Points:

  • Mr. Big shot was in the house last night leading the team with 23 points, 5 assists and 6 three pointers. I was wondering when Chauncey was going to have a Big Shot type game, no need to worry about that anymore.
  • Double-double for Richard Hamilton with 10 points and 10 assists in 30 minutes on the floor.
  • Many of you don’t get to see the little things when watching on TV. One of my favorite things is watching Rasheed line up the little kids on court before the introductions to make sure they are in place to do their part.
  • The bench played so well, they beefed up the lead in the second quarter.
  • How about Nazr Mohammed who played just about his best game as a Piston with 15 points, 7 rebounds, and 2 blocked shots. Nice to see!
  • I was wondering if McDyess was ok with his shoulder problem. He was just fine, he played his best game of the season knocking down his patented jump shot with ease. Dyess finished the game with 14 points on 7-for-8 shooting, 4 rebounds, 2 assists and takeaway. He’s Baaaack!
Antonio McDyess
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Photo/Getty Images
  • Nice night for The Pistons in the assist column, 27 to the Clippers 12.
  • War of the boards Won big time 53 – 33.
  • Kaman led the Clips with 25 and played very well. When he got hot, the Pistons put the double team on him. My only question is: Why was he still out on the floor when the game was out of reach. He actually played 40 minutes.
  • Flip (Murray) I’m on your bandwagon but please pass the ball when your surrounded by opposing jerseys, EVEYONE is wide open for the easy bucket. That said Flip scored 9 with 4 assists and 3 rebounds.
  • Afflalo is not afraid to take the open J.
  • Nice to see Dyess get hot quick.
  • One of the best plays of the night was a reverse layup from Billups… So pretty.
Chauncey Billups
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Photo/Getty Images

  • Tayshaun, who disappeared in Chicago was 3-for-7 for 8 points with 5 boards. I hope he starts being more consistent because we all know what he can do.
  • Maxiell played hard in his 17 minutes on the floor with 6 points a blocked shot and 8 rebounds. He’s still needs to work on the turnovers, he has 3 last night, one was a easy pass inbounds after a Clippers make that he threw away.
  • Chauncey could miss his open shots, especially from downtown. “I had some good looks,” Billups said. “Those guys were just finding me. They were playing a little junk defense where they kept switching. I don’t even know what that was, but it gave me an opportunity to get some open looks, and I had some big guys running out on me so I could take my time and shoot it.”
  • highlights of the game.
  • Pistons shot 48.3% from the floor.
  • I was hoping for a 20 point lead in the third so Amir could see some time. I got my wish. Amir played the entire 4th and I kept screaming for them to give him the ball. He scored just one point but this block was awesome.
Amir Johnson
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Photo/Getty Images
  • Amir was ready to check into the game before the fourth quarter and while he was at the scorers table Rasheed talked to him the whole time giving him tips on what to do. Tell me he’s not loved by all.
  • Flip Saunders wants the Pistons to move the ball more. Agreed
  • For all you Sneaker Heads out there, Sheed was sporting some New Sheed Air Force 1’s with a huge Sheed logo on the side.
  • Pistons off to Seattle for a 5 game Western trip.
  • Make sure you listen to WTKG’s Bennie and Jeff show for my Pistons update. We talk about the Clips game, SHEED’s big night along with “the other Wallace” and CWebb.


  1. Anonymous

    haha.. I was wondering about Sheed’s shoes…I was trying to figure out what was on the side but then figured it was his signature logo just huge…I like them…I hope they release them to the public cause I would so buy some…

  2. Anonymous

    Do you have any pics of these new kicks? I must see them! If they are as cool as i think they are I want some.

  3. jess

    “Flip (Murray) I’m on your bandwagon but please pass the ball when your surrounded by opposing jerseys, EVEYONE is wide open for the easy bucket. That said Flip scored 9 with 4 assists and 3 rebounds.”

    That’s exactly how I feel about him. He has definitely improved his game but I hate it when he hogs the ball like he doesnt want to give it up. He just wants to take it all the way even though he knows its not going to work out that way. Either it’ll be a foul or a turnover.

  4. Anonymous

    natalie or anyone for that matter, do you know what kicks rasheed was wearing? i noticed he didn’t have his usual high top air force ones on, does anyone know what did he have on?

  5. Anonymous

    nevermind, I just saw your mention in this post? natalie or again anyone have pics of his shoes or know if there gonna be realeased to the public?

  6. Anonymous

    I liked seeing Dyess dominate those shots were sweeet, reminded me of Dyess at the end of the season last year.

    Rasheed talking to Corey Magette “I did not mean to foul you with my face” was so funny and reminded me of when he said it to Elton Brand, I think it might be in the videos section.

    I loved Amir in this game, and while the block was sweet, I actually loved those inside passes that resulted in like two layups or something even more.

    I still don’t like Jarvis Hayes as much as he says he loves being here, the more I see how much about himself his game is, and I actually think he is not going to give Tayshaun as much rest as we all thought, I really never liked him though. And it seems Carlos is doing pretty well in Toronto he’s averaging 29.8 minutes a game, guess that’s what he meant by not getting minutes in Detroit. Good luck Carlos you’re a better all around player than Jarvis and you are missed. Hope you have a real chance to shine.

    I also want a pair of those Sheed shoes if anyone knows where i could get those if they’re released to the public

  7. Anonymous

    I absolutely agree with the ball movement article. No one seems to be playing together the way they used to, even Tayshaun is becoming a little bit of a “what about me” player which is surprising to see because he’s usually so selfless. I liked what one analyst said about he needs to find a balance from when Rip was out to also knowing when to defer, because he has too much talent to waste just because Rip is back I haven’t seem A LOT of GREAT team plays everyone seems so eager to throw up a bad jump shot or turnaround jumpshot or whatever jumpshot rather than take it inside. My concern is that while I love it every time Flip says that they need to move the ball, nothing ever really comes from him saying it.

  8. Anonymous

    I’m so glad that Dyess was able to have a big night. He’s such a nice guy and a classy player; you can feel how much he cares about contributing to a team. He’s definately not just trying to ride his way to a ring coughRobertHorrycough…

  9. Anonymous

    Sorry Flip Murray, I was at the game and everytime you touch the ball a collective groan came about the crowd. He clearly isn’t a point guard, and even though he’s being asked to do so doesn’t really want to do anything but hog the ball & look for his shot. C’mon Rodney!

    As for Jarvis, he’s been a bit cold these last few but I can’t say Carlos was better. I was all about Delfino, but he whined and he didn’t show up every night. Jarvis is going to be just fine.

    How about the big man from MSU for the Clippers. He got garbage minutes but he shot well! At that point in the game we cheered him on!

  10. claire

    after reading all these articles, I sense that people are subtly blaming Rip for the Pistons’ performance. No one’s blatantly saying that it’s Rip’s fault, but they’re all implying it. He has done so much for this team already, now people are thinking about taking him out? This core has worked so well together in the past, and they’re gonna be in sync again before you know it. If people are trying to say that Rip’s negatively affecting the team, then that’s the same thing as shattering the team’s harmony. Maybe I’m too sensitive on this subject but I just feel that we cannot doubt our players ability to work together because they can do so very well. They just need some time to get their engine started. And more importantly, I hope Rip and Tayshaun don’t feel pressured or unsure about their abilities.

  11. Sean

    As a Canadian and a hater of the Bulls I am compelled to mention that the Raptors BLEW OUT Chicago tonight by 30 points. Watching Noah shoot like my mom in the last few moments of the game made the watch completely worth while.

  12. Chris M

    That block Maxiell had when he instantaneously knocked the ensuing rebound out of a Clippers’ hands was an awesome block too. Kaman probably stayed in the game as he was not only having a career night, but is a Michigan native. Regarding Murray, while he doesn’t distribute too well, he provides a good change of pace; penetrating and finishing. Nazr did look solid, that bench is truly shaping up well. Paul Davis!

  13. Anonymous

    haha its trueee i loove amir johnson anddd that he got some playing time yesterday.. finally!

    i hope it increases as well as the improvement of his gameee !

    alsoo i kinda like jarvis hayes.. hes a really good addition to the pistons i think

    but im gonna go watch love&basketball my favorite movie haha


  14. Anonymous

    Nazr what a great game but he still sucks!

  15. Anonymous

    that aint cool man at least show some class

  16. Anonymous

    I think at 4-1 the engine is already started… we can’t win ’em all! The guys aren’t quite the fine-tuned machine that we have come to know and love at this point but I’m not sure what there is to really complain about right now. Other than Flip Murray and his rediculous forced shots that either amaze you by going in or piss you off by not going in, I think things are going fantastic. The thing I love about the Pistons is that you never know who it’s going to be that wows you. They all have the potential to have a big game on any given day. During the Clippers game this guy looks at me and says, “why do they keep leaving McDyess open like that when he’s shooting so well?” So I say, “well it’s either leave him open or leave someone else open… who would you pick?” So this guy just kinda shrugs and doesn’t say anything… that’s the point… that’s the Pistons… they all have game. You can’t really leave anyone alone because they all have the ability to score at will… I LOVE MY PISTONS!!!

  17. Anonymous

    last season at this time we were 3-4 so let’s not lose sight of the big picture here piston fans… we be alright!! i just hope the usual mind set the pistons had when playing teams with lousey records doesn’t hamper us as it did last season. we seem to bring a lot of drive to the games when we play teams with winning records vs. when we play teams with losing records… there are no easy wins and we need to remember that.

    GO PISTONS!!!!

  18. Anonymous

    did anybody catch that Nets/Boston game? I do not want to play the celtics.

  19. Anonymous

    I do think we’re complaining a bit needlessly here. A lot of Fans would kill for their teams to be 4-1 right now, and we’re complaining about ball movement after the Pistons blow out a 4-0 team? Let’s just enjoy what’s happening now and wait for something worth complaining about before we go there!

  20. Amanda

    Thank you for quoting ‘Sheed, Anony 8:41. I remember when he said that but couldn’t understand exactly what was said. I heard “foul” and “face.” I was laughing out loud at that point just ’cause he was talking so much shit during that game.

    Terry Foster has some strong feelings for the Pistons and against the Celtics and Mr. Stern over at

  21. Anonymous

    Well, it’s true that Boston is undefeated so far, but they haven’t played NBA powerhouses like Detroit, San Antonio, Phoenix, etc.

    I’d like to see Lebron vs. the Celtics, let’s see which one Mr. Stern is rooting for.

  22. Amanda

    ^ Mm hmm

    They’ve played Washington, Toronto, Denver, Atlanta and New Jersey. Not horrible competition but definitely not elite either.

    Plus the Big Three are averaging a shit-ton of minutes.

    I can’t wait for that “dream” to come crashing back down to reality but at the same time, it’s good that everyone’s attention is on somebody else. A lot of the players have been quoted at some point as saying they thrive in the underdog role. Well since they’re not the clear-cut favorites to win the East, maybe this year they’ll get to prove it.

    6 1/2 hours til game time… GO PISTONS!

  23. Anonymous

    It’s true Boston has a monster team. I can’t argue with that but these guys are most likely going to take themselves out of the running in the end unless they find some quality bench players to give the big 3 some rest before the playoffs. I’m not worried about them as long as OUR starters get the rest this season that has been promised. So far I think they are all playing a few too many minutes but we do have some injuries to get worked out… once that gets resolved I think the master plan should go forward a little more smoothly. I know if Boston can stay healthy they are going to be a pain in the ass all season but none of those guys are exactly young and I don’t think they can ride the wave all the way to the end on the backs of just 3 guys. It doesn’t matter how many games you win in the regular season — that has been proven. The Pistons proved it 2 years ago when we lost to Miami, and the Mavs proved it this year by getting taken out in the first round by Golden State. It’s all about who wants it the most in the end and who has the legs to do it. Just let Boston do their thing and then we will swoop in and snatch away the prize when it really counts… just watch and see.

    GO PISTONS!!!!

  24. Natalie

    No picture of the new Sheed AF1’s. When I get more information on them I will be sure to let you know.

    Don’t get too excited though, not all Sheed’s are released to the public.


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