Pistons take on the 4-0 Clippers

by | Nov 9, 2007 | 23 comments

Detroit Pistons vs Clippers
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The Pistons take on the unbeaten Clippers tonight at The Palace. The Pistons would love to come out strong with a win tonight at home to wash the bad taste out of their mouthes for last nights loss in Chicago.

MyDyess, who had a rough night in Chicago, strained his left shoulder, but shouldn’t miss the game tonight. I wouldn’t mind seeing what Maxiell could do in the starting lineup with McDyess coming off the bench, especially now with him hurting.

I’m off to the game so I’m leaving it up to you.


  1. Anonymous


  2. Amanda

    I don’t know about starting Maxiell but I definitely want to see more of him than we did last night. And maybe a little Amir too.


  3. Anonymous

    Hi Natalie
    I hope you are doing well. The next time you’re at a home game ask the new father (#32) to check his myspace e-mail and his website e-mail. I don’t know how close you sit to the players, but there are a lot of folk who want to send his CONGRATS on his new arrival! Thanks and keep up the OUTSTANDING work with “need 4 sheed!” I actually check YOUR website instead of checking Pistons.com!!!

  4. Anonymous

    is that game on my tv 20?

  5. Sue

    Natalie, Have soooo much fun!

    Rip can skip my myspace and just call me…lol..
    GO gettem Boys

  6. Anonymous

    i LOVE their warm up jerseys.

  7. Sean

    Well so far Dyess is 6 for 6. Doesn’t look to banged up to me!

  8. Anonymous

    Dyess is shooting the lights out tonight — not a surprise to me, I know he’s got the talent to do that in every game — he’s on fire tonight!! Hope he’s not hurt too bad but he does keep holding that shoulder… when he’s not busy scoring. Love that Dyess!! So glad I finally got his jersey this summer :]

    GO PISTONS!!!!

  9. Jamie

    Anyone else feel like Sheed really wants a tech tonight? he’s definitely testing the waters, haha, he’s going to burst at one of these games from holding in so much anger so far this season.

  10. Anonymous

    between last night and tonight…its like night and day. Every pistons is doing well and compared to last night they look like a completely different team. its games like this that they look like nobody can stop them. tonight its good to be a pistons fan :]

  11. claire

    dang, the Pistons are winning big time, i wished I could be at the game. This is the game that every Pistons fan want to watch. So, Rip has like 9 assists and 10 points tonight? I have a feeling that because people have been saying how the other players are less productive when Rip is back, so he’s trying to fix that by dishing out so many assists? But then again, he’s also missing shots. Either way, 9 assists, 6 rebounds, 10 points and still counting. Not too shabby. But I miss seeing Rip nails down one jumper right after another T_T

  12. Amanda

    Oh, Amir!

  13. Amanda

    I’m so glad Nazr got extended minutes tonight and has made the most of the opportunity. Even the haters have to admit he’s playing pretty damn well. GO NAZR! GO PISTONS!

  14. LC

    Everyone looked great tonight! Chauncey & those 3’s!! Amazing. Dyess & Rip were great too. Was so glad to see Max get good time in…he always brings good energy out there.

    Nazr as sub of the game was cool – Flip & Jarvis were good. Was nice to see Amir out there. I like our new guy Jarvis.

  15. Anonymous

    I think it’s scarier facing a winnless team with a chip on their shoulder than it is facing an undefeated team with an undserved sense of accomplishment. I’m glad the clippers got served a big piece of humble pie by our boys. 4-1 is a great start.
    I’m also not that worried about Boston at this point. They’re a fantastic team with that 3-headed monster lineup they have, but we’ll see what the grueling season and lack of bench do for them come playoff time.

  16. Anonymous


  17. Anonymous

    Im worried about Boston. And maybe its just because i live in New England and have to hear all about that team 24/7, but they have a 4-0 start. They play the Nets tonight and if they lose then they wont worry me as much, but we all saw/read what they did to washington. I think the pistons can take them, but they will have to be playing like they did last night against the clippers. They wont be able to do what they did against the bulls. I think boston is going to be one of those teams that i hate; hate the team and hate the fans. If i were to turn on the radio on any given day, i guarantee i would hear something about the “boston dynasty” and how the this is the year for the red sox, pats, and celtics to win it all. Its so annoying annoying everybody up here wears celtics hats and jerseys and everybody is now a “fan”. I havent heard pride for the boston celtics since bird played, and you could hardly find a jersey to wear last year when they came in dead last. So if anybody is planning on traveling to go to a game in boston, and/or sees any “fans” at the palace, just be ready for ignorant banwagon fans. people from boston can be crazy.

  18. mannie32

    Okay let’s look at the matchups for Boston vs. Detroit….

    Point Guard: Billups > Rondo
    Shooting Guard: Rip = Allen
    Small Forward: Prince = Pierce
    Power Forward: KG > Sheed (Sorry Sheed… but I prefer you anyways)
    Centre: McDyess > Perkins

    Bench: Flip, Stuckey, Maxy, Hayes, Nazr, Amir > Posey, House, Pollard, Scalabrine, Tony Allen

  19. Anonymous

    Tayshaun is ballerrrr but some nights he just disappears and he’s too talented for that to ever happen!

  20. Amanda

    ^ I agree.

    Tayshaun took 7 shots last night, which was like 4 more than he did in Chicago but he just wasn’t hitting them as much as ‘Dyess. And as well all know, with this team, the hot hand gets the ball. Rip took 10 shots, playing distributor more than scorer, and Tayshaun’s offensive game was still subpar. Maybe Rip doesn’t have much of an effect on Tay’s game as many of us thought? I don’t know. I just want Prince to have a great game soon. When are we playing Philly? lol

    Despite his less than stellar offensive performance, Tayshaun hustled. I think he saved a couple of balls from going out of bounds and he fought like hell against Cassell for a loose ball. So overall, I guess he hasn’t completely disappeared from a game yet, he’s just been kind of translucent since game 2. haha

    This road trip should be fun and interesting. I know the team doesn’t like to look ahead, but I can’t wait for the Lakers game. I love listening to Phil Jackson talk about how “weak” the Pistons zone defense is after it completely detroys his “Triangle Offense” (or whatever the hell it’s called). It makes me laugh every time.


  21. Amanda

    Oh, just thought of something. Didn’t Tayshaun have 2 great games against the Lakers last year? Don’t want to jinx him, but that makes me even more excited for that contest.

  22. Dominic

    Nat, I’m wonderin if you have any room on that Flip Murray bandwagon of yours. Because I DEFINITELY want on!!!


  23. claire

    Detroit sold out its 187th consecutive game, and the Palace holds like 22000 spectators. Now, that’s some great fans right there.


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