Don’t do it Chris!

by | Nov 9, 2007 | 27 comments

Chris Webber
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This could be worse than the time out:

“It has been reported by several media outlets that free-agent forward Chris Webber would only consider signing with the Detroit Pistons.

However, according to a source close to Webber, he would also consider signing with the Cleveland Cavilers if the role was right.” Via The Akron Journal

If Webber actually signs with Cleveland, he’s dead to me, along with I am sure many, many, many, Pistons fans.


  1. Anonymous


  2. claire

    The way I see it is this: Webber can do 2 things: 1) Retire and be remembered as a good guy who used his last effort to help his hometown win a championship or 2) Play in Cleveland, lose, and be remembered as the guy who only cares about money.

    This also makes him the 2nd traitor in this Bad Boys II era.

    I hope he doesn’t do it though, just because it’s the freaking cavs.

  3. Jay

    we need Nazr in the starting line-up, get rid of dupree, sign webber and have the second unit consist of Webber, Murray, Maxiell, and McDyess, Afflalo/Stuckey….dont let C-Webb out of our hands, we saw last night from the Chicago game we need an inside presence for some rebounding, Sheed cant do it all, and last night Dyess didnt help him.

  4. Anonymous

    theres no damn way nazr should be starting, dude can hardly hold the ball

  5. TWR

    Yeah, C Webb in Cleveland would be a slap in the face. Plus, the Cavs just aren’t very good. They wont make the Finals again this year (even if they don’t run into the Pistons, Boston will certainly tear them apart) and will probably be a 4 or 5 seed in the East at best.

    On the other hand, perhaps Detroit needs to step up and sign Webber if they are at all serious about it. You can’t seriously expect him to wait around for half a season on the off chance that the Pistons might possibly sign him mid-season…

  6. Anonymous

    aw come on guys… he WAS willing to resign with ONLY detroit.. but detroit doesnt even want him! i mean come on what do you expect him to do ?? if anything its like a slap in the face to HIM that he was ONLY willing detroit and they dont even want him .. i felt kinda bad for him..

    hes got to make a living and if he doesnt want to retire and the pistons dont want him back [which im sure if they were willing hed pick detroit in a heartbeat over the cavs] then its ok with me that he goes to cleveland.. itll hurt seeing him there.. but is that really his fault?? joe d didnt want him back.. im sure hed rather be seen in red white and blue than nasty cavs colors anyday.. but like tupacs song.. “hey, i gotta get paid.. well thats just the way it is”

  7. gee gee

    Oh my goodness I couldn’t even finish the sentence when I saw the words Clevland Cavaliers. My mouth dropped. I truly hope this is a rumor, and he should know that there is a feud between us and clevland. Yeah they would be getting our seconds but its more dreadful because Chris is from the D and that would be a double slap in the face. Say it ain’t so, just say it ain’t so. Chris you are better off in Detroit, Clevland has nothing good to offer and you would be in the backgrounds of Lebron anyway, part of his entourage, passing him the ball, and helping him get the glory of all the wins. Also Detroit loves you and wishes you would come back and play with us and get that championship ring that you so desire. Keep hope alive and keep it in Detroit. Remember Detroit is in my blood and it is also in yours. Were rooting for you.

    Detroit fa life babay!!

  8. LC

    It doesn’t bother me that he may not re-sign with the Pistons, but it DOES bother me that he’s considering the Cavs. Piston fans will see him as a traitor – he should ask Ben Wallace if he thinks it was worth it. They don’t give a shit about Ben in Chicago – here he was a star.

  9. Detroit 2hot 2handle


    I agree.

    If he signs with the Cavaliers, we can say that he never felt himself as a Piston.

    Never, a former piston would sign with the Cavaliers.

  10. shatia

    Thats not cool at all! He should leave on a good note and retaire rather that have his hometown fans being upset at his decision to be a Cav…..ewwwww the cavs. who likes them anyways?…lol

  11. sammi

    cleveland is pure evil.

    thats all i need to say.

  12. Jamuel1

    i dont think he really wants to go to cleveland. i think he said that to try to increase his chances of having detroit sign him, but if we don’t sign him then the cavs might actually try signing him.

  13. Amanda

    I guess I didn’t get too attached to him during his half-year stint here ’cause I really couldn’t care less where he signs. lol Him signing with Cleveland will only make that rivalry stronger.

    And man, do I love a good rivalry.

  14. sheedfan

    come on, u guys are being harsh, he basically begged the Pistons to sign him, for any amount it seems and they were not interested.

    He is not going to be knows for the money, he would have gone to that nice contract in greece if that was the case, he should be known as the guy that wants to play and wants to win.

    He wants detroit, they said no, what is he supposed to do, quit even though he still has the desire and skill (he is still better then a lot of centers out there) to play and win???!!!

    Thats unfair, I love Webber, my Michigan and hometown guy, and if signing with the cavs is his best chance (since we don’t want him) then I want him to take it and be happy.

  15. Anonymous

    i agree wiith claiire yew guyz seriiously if hes siigns wiith the stupiid cavs then he onllii cares about the moneyyy….remember wat ben wallace diid he left detroiit for the money so the way i see it if he siigns wiith the cavs then he is a loser becuz hes not gonna go anywhere wiith themmm lol….with detroiit he can go i mean wiill go to the fiinals and wiin a champiionshiip!!!!!!!! i thiink he wiill siign wiith detroiit!!!!!!!! detroiit is the bestttttttt babby!!!!!!!!! oh yea and CHIICAGO SUCKKSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Sue

    Anonymous said @ 7:21…
    “i agree wiith claiire yew guyz seriiously if hes siigns wiith the stupiid cavs then he onllii cares about the moneyyy”

    Um its his JOB!.
    He is taking a big risk waiting.

    He might want to keep the life style he likes living..Who would turn that life down? no one.

    I think he might just wants to stay close to home. Cav’s are close.

    Do you see Joe paying him? Would you risk waiting on a payday that might not happen?

  17. Sue

    Detroit 2hot 2handle said…
    “Never, a former piston would sign with the Cavaliers.”

    yes! I think they would. Anyone of them… Better to play the game you love than to not play at all.IMO
    Joe only signed him for a season.. Talk about slapping, that was more like a punch.

  18. Anonymous

    dude just retire

  19. Anonymous

    I love chris webber, and i miss him on our team. I feel horrible that he isnt on our roster right now. He was such a great asset and did a lot for us last year. Dont compare him to Big Ben. Ben didnt leave because we didnt want him, he left for a higher pay, which is understandable since its his job (im starting to miss big ben a lot). But sadly, Dumars doesnt feel we need Webber yet, and if he has the opportunity to have a good playing role on another team, then he should take it. Y should he retire when hes still a great player and he still has the opportunity. he obviously loves the game, it shows hes a good asset to any team. If anything, we should feel bad for him for the fact that he may have to resort to playing with people like lebron james and drew gooden.

  20. Anonymous

    I’m all for the guy making a living and playing the game he loves, but just let him do it ANYWHERE BUT CLEVELAND!! Even Miami or Chicago… just NOT Cleveland pleeeze!! Don’t do it man!

  21. Grant

    I really don’t care what he does. I certainly don’t think that he can hurt the Pistons because he sure as hell won’t be able to guard Sheed, Dyess or Max. I for one will carry no ill will against him if he signs with Cleveland, though I suspect he won’t. As for him re-signing with Detroit, no thanks. We are just fine with Max getting the minutes that he is. He clearly has a far more refined offensive game than he did a year ago and the difference defensively between Max and Webber is enormous. A consistant 3-man rotation with an occasional Nazr sighting appears to be suiting them just fine.

  22. Anonymous

    My oppinion is a mixture of all the afformentioned ones really. I don’t think it’s fair putting C-Webb in the same boat as Ben. Ben left for more money after being offered more than any player in franchise history. Chris has been turned down my Joe so frankly it’s the opposite situation.
    I agree that we should get rid of Dupe and bring Webber onto the roster; why? Nothing against Dupree, but we aren’t using him. He was supposed to back up Tay, but Delfino did, and after he left we signed Hayes to take that task. Bottom line is if we haven’t used Dupree out of the last year+ of injuries I don’t see why we should keep him when we could let him go somewhere (and play) while signing Webber for the Vet’s minimum.
    I don’t blame Chris for going to the Cavs if he choses to, but it certainly doesn’t make me happy because I think he’s a great player and I feel we’re letting a gem slip away by not securing him.

  23. Chad

    its not about money. he doesnt need money. he wants to win a ship before he retires. i dont ill will towards hhave anyim for wanting to play for a team that give him the best shot at that.

    /the pistons need to grab him, if not for his defensive presence then for the development of amir and maxx.

    //I dont want to see him do the same grant hill did…

  24. Anonymous

    if we sign cwebb, he’s going to have to come off the bench behind Nazr. personally i like the rotation right now with nazr banging up the big guys. cwebb’s needed to help add depth but not really a necessity. if cwebb can understand that, then i’d love to get him back with us Stones…

  25. Anonymous

    i agree with jay…he was really helpful against chicago loast year and chris obviously wants to play here. He truned down so much money from Greece! (and get rid of dupree)

  26. bballnmike

    The worst part of Chris signing with the Cavs would just be that its Cleveland. I don’t care where he goes, other than the fact that if he goes to Cleveland I think that Detroit would actually root against him because the fans dislike Cleveland so much. If he went anywhere else (like Grant Hill going to the suns) then its not that big of a deal.
    Also, if Chris wants to play for the Pistons so bad, then he should have done a better job last year when he had the opportunity to show what he can do. Regardless of how cheap he’s willing to play for, the Pistons obviously don’t think they need him if they aren’t signing him.

  27. Anonymous

    I was happy when Webber came to play with us and I wish we could keep him. If he has to retire go for it but DON’T go to Cleveland. That wouldnt be nice. We hate them with a passion and I wouldnt want to have to hate Chris. He still has a year or so in him & I would love to see him back at the Palace but the starting 5 is gos right now and where would he fit in? But please not Cleveland or Chicago or Miami— anywhere else!!!!


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