2007 Detroit Pistons Introductions

by | Nov 6, 2007 | 28 comments

Nothing gets me more pumped than starting off a Pistons game with the Pistons intros, the Final Countdown, Mason and a signature Sheed dance (which changes every game). I love the the 2007 version with a little old school and new mixed in. Favorite part has got to be the MAX Explosion. Enjoy the Video.

Courtesy of The Detroit Pistons and FSN Detroit


  1. Anonymous

    wow that’s just soo great. i luv it!!! 🙂
    could u maybe make it that we can downloadit, nat? that would be great

  2. Natalie

    This is the only form of video I can offer. There is a way to download them, just search “download flash video” in google and you should be fine.

  3. Sue

    here too.. we wanna share the love..

    they should do more of the sheed dance…he is so darn funny…

    GO Pistons!

  4. Anonymous

    I love it! Thanks for posting the video.

  5. Steven M.

    This is the greatest thing that I have ever seen.. I loved last years intros, but seeing these live before game one, I was goin craaaaaazy.. I get chills just watching this over and over again. The real experience of being at the game and having the fire and the explosions is surreal..
    Great post Natalie

    Pistons are Love,
    Steven M.

  6. Miss T

    Thanks Nat! Its 10x better in person but this gets me just as hype!

  7. Anonymous

    Thank you! I moved from Detroit to LA and if it wasn’t for Need4sheed I would be a lost soul.

    You have created a great community for diehard Stones fans.

  8. Julie

    This was awesome! I’m fired up for this season.

  9. Anonymous

    Nice, Wow.
    Thank you for uploading it.
    Only time I ever appreciate Kid Rock.

    As to Big Ben, no matter what he was the one that made me fell in love with the Pistons, even when he’s over in Chicago, I still appreciate him as a person.
    As to his pains, I wonder if it’s those cheap shoes he endorses. Stupid Marbury had problems when he first wore them.

  10. Boney

    I like the emphasis on Maxiell… put him front and center when they flashed the bench players and then again on the thunder dunk… very nice. makes me want to go out and work on my jumper

  11. Anonymous

    best intros ever !!!! everytime i go to the game i ALWAYS look forward to the intros. definitely gets me pumped up!!

    go pistons!

  12. claire

    what happened to the “dramatic music?” Do they not play it anymore? it’s my favorite next to the Final Countdown! But anyways, that was one heck of an introduction. Loving it!! Pistons got on some nice clothes too and Maxiell is our future face of the franchise!

  13. shaita

    Thats just put a smile on my face. LOL! One of my best friends pasted away just a monuth ago in a car accident. And watching theat reminded me so much of him, we had some good times at the palace. The clip just reminded me alot of him and how much fun we use to have 2gother. Seiously the only thing that is helping me cope with this loss is the joy i get whne i see, or or read about the pistons. Im looking forward to thrusday. Go Pistons!!!! (R.I.P Moe)

  14. Anonymous

    can someone, anyone, post this to youtube??

  15. Anonymous

    im so jealous of anybody who got to see that live at the game. Actually, im jealous of anyone whos had the chance to go to any of the games. I wish i could :[

  16. Anonymous

    wow that was great, thats for posting it so fast.

    can’t wait to go to my first game this season, this month is taking to long to get over.

  17. BIG Poppa RYE

    Its the best Introduction in NBA history!

    thanks Natalie for posting..
    and thanks again for creating Need4Sheed!

    Its not just a website! its a way of life!

  18. mannie32

    THANKS! i love u, woooo
    saw it on game night on tv, but now i can see it over and over again, muahahaha

    love that sheed dance, made my laugh

  19. Anonymous

    Yeah post this on youtube please or at least let me be able to save it to my computer! I want to play this before every game!

  20. Anonymous

    Thanks so much for posting this Natalie! 😀

  21. Matt

    Great post…
    On a side note, how sick is this.
    Crediting Lebron with an assist on an assist… Give me a break!
    “And when the Warriors triple-teamed him with the game on the line, James got what coach Mike Brown termed “the big hockey assist,” making the pass that led to the pass that set up the shot that won it for Cleveland.”
    Taken from Yahoo sports

  22. jacqueline

    The introductions are great! The best ever!!! Love J-MAX blowing up the rim, Mason is AWESOME at his job!! I love coming to the Palace for that part of the the game, I can’t til January when I come back down there!!!! I love it!!! IT gets you ready to roll, no wonder Sheed come up with new dances all the time!!!!

  23. Eitan

    I must say, my favorite Mason-ism was when McDyess would score or come off the bench for Webber or Sheed, and Mason would say: Antonio MICADEE MICADEE MAC DIIICCE.

    Even though it’s sad that Webber isn’t playing that we lost the Bubububububen… it’s gonna be sweet.
    It’s my favorite Mason-ism since Ben, actually.
    Anyone have any comments on their favorite Mason-isms?

  24. Anonymous

    In reply to Eitan:

    I do, a have a few..

    “The jersey reads SHEEEED, RaSHEED WALLACE!” (or) “Is the world ready to SEEEEE, Mr. Rasheeeeed Wallace!”

    “Number 22 for you!” (or) “Say hey! to Tay-sahuuuuunnn PRINCE!”

    “RRRRicahrd, RIP (Echos) HAAAMILTON!”


  25. Anonymous

    Ha– I just noticed that there’s a posterization of Darko in there!

  26. pistonsboy

    ddddeeeettttrrrrooooiiiitttt bbbbbbbbaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssskkkkkkkkkkkkkeeeeeeeeettttttttbbbbbbbbbbbaaaaaaaaallllllllllll we going to be champs aint no 1 stopping us we ready


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