Pistons – Heat: Let the Season Begin

by | Nov 1, 2007 | 50 comments

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We know now that Rip will not be playing (due to a family emergency) tonight with A.A. taking his place in the starting lineup. I don’t think we need to worry about Rip, a person in the know says he’s missing tonights game due to the birth of his child. A Sherrod agrees.

For those of you wondering why Afflalo is getting the starting spot tonight against the Heat, maybe it’s because The Pistons would rather have him out there with the starters help rather than be the leader on the floor when the 2nd team is in. Either way, our boys need Flip Murray and A.A. to shine tonight.

As for the game, I’m going to leave you with a Sheed quote regarding tonights matchup and the fact that the Pistons have a S%^$ load of road games to start of their 50th season.

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“It’s always more fun to go in someone else’s house and kick their (butt), then beating them here at home,” Wallace said. “I’ve always been like that, and the majority of the players on this team are like that. We’d rather go into someone else’s house and get that ‘W.’ “

It’s on Pistons fans, we are back in business. As always, leave ’em in the comments.


  1. Anonymous

    Right on! Here’s to a great Piston’s season, and to under 16 techs for ‘Sheed.

  2. ktl

    Hey, I 100% agree with Sheed. I LOVED seeing the Cavs get their butts whooped last night. They are a joke, even the “KING” is second guessing his team. By the way…..GO BLUE!!!

  3. claire

    the birth of Rip’s child? that is such great news!! Congratulations to Rip!! He should win the championship this year for his newborn now!! Good luck, Pistons!!!

  4. Anonymous

    no i think 18 techs should do him this season


  5. Anonymous

    hahah..i love u guys..u guys r too funny. I DIDN”T KNOW RIP WAS MARRIED WITH A KID…WOW!!!!! HE SURE DID BREAK A LOT OF HEARTS….lol…anyway congrats to Rip and we should win the ship this year 😀

    LET”S GO PISTONS AND LET”S GET THAT SHIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2007-2008 IT”S OUR TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ALL BOUT DETROIT BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Scott T

    I love this game!
    I love this team!
    I love Need4Sheed!


  7. Anonymous

    I don’t know what’s more exciting the first game of the Pistons seasons or Rip is expecting a baby! OH MY GOD!!! That’s great news. I thought that Rip was single!!!! Does he have a wife or girlfriend?? Let’s GO Pistons!!!!!

  8. Anonymous

    I don’t know what’s more exciting the first game of the Pistons seasons or Rip is expecting a baby! OH MY GOD!!! That’s great news. I thought that Rip was single!!!! Does he have a wife or girlfriend?? Let’s GO Pistons!!!!!

  9. jacqueline

    Rip is expecting a baby! OH MY GOD! Where the hell did that come from? I thought that he was a single guy too!!!! I am really excited about the start of the season, I feel good so far!!! Let’s DO It PISTONS!!!!!!

  10. Anonymous

    im just like everyone above me and thought that rip was single…
    is he married, or is this just his girlfriend?
    random. i never saw this coming.

  11. James

    Afflalo gonna blow up tonight. Wait for it.

  12. mackenzie

    yea, Rip’s totally breaking hearts tonight all right (mine included). But it’s kinda cool how he keeps his personal life away from the media and everything though. There are many opener games, but the birth of his child is a once in a lifetime thing. I’m glad he made the decision to be there for the kid. Very responsible, very Piston-like. Way to go, Rip!! I think his news is even more exciting than the game lol. New life, new season, new trophy!!!

  13. Anonymous

    I heard it was just Rip’s girlfriend, not his wife, but I don’t know. Either way it’s exciting news!!

  14. jessi

    wow rip a kid that must have been where he was all summer, keep everyone wondering… wow i have never even read about him having a girlfriend or anything… well good for him he will make a good dad… anyway glad the season has started and sheed has not changed

  15. Anonymous

    I just want this game to start and I love the new warmups

  16. ktl

    Rasheed is probably only going to get 2 technicals…….YEAH RIGHT.

  17. Anonymous

    i love how shaq threw billups off of him…and chauncey got the foul.

  18. Anonymous

    when they showed scenes from last years conference finals, and wallace losing it, and the cavs winning…it was like cutting open an old wound. I thought i was done despising the cavs but just seeing that really hit me how much it sucked to see the pistons lose it all last year.

  19. claire

    HOT DAMN!!! Trademark Maxiel DUNK!!!!!!!

  20. Anonymous

    prince is looking sweet tonight – this is his all-star year

  21. Paige

    aww a little rip how cute but i miss him playing

  22. Anonymous

    “when they showed scenes from last years conference finals, and wallace losing it, and the cavs winning…it was like cutting open an old wound.”

    Same here, but I like that they didn’t seem to play any clips from when the Heat got swept in the first round…unless I missed it.

  23. Anonymous

    tayshaun is officially THE steal of the century!

  24. Meg

    yeh I had no idea Rip had a wife or gf or whatever. thats awesome that his kid is being born tonight! exciting… and we seem to be doing pretty good as it is, cant wait til hes back on the court!

  25. Justin

    This is the greatest night in the history of the world!! Well it’s a good night so far. T. Prince is my favorite piston. And tonight he is an animal. I know it’s going to be impossible for him to do every single game but I don’t doubt that he can. And another thing Jarvis Hayes can shoot the lights out. Thank you Bullets. The Pistons are looking VERY good so far.

    If that 3 at the end of the 3rd counted I was going to call the league office myself. Good thing that got the call right. But why did they even need to go to instant replay? I thought it was very obvious from the naked eye.

  26. Meg

    Tay IS bringing up the ball a lot

  27. Anonymous

    Tayshaun is a BEAST!!!

  28. Justin

    Hey is Shaq even playing tonight? It’s official he is a thousand years old. Also white chocolate is not very good. Both the player and the milk chocolate alternative.

  29. Bigdee36

    thank god they’re back. I’ve missed the Pistons sooooo much! I live in Atlanta and I havn’t got to to see a single preseason game.

  30. Justin

    31 and 12?? That’s a great night so far for Mr. Prince. I don’t know if you guys caught it or not but he has a huge wingspan. And Reggie Miller was fouled, not to mention it was goaltending also.

    Amir I can’t wait to see you out there. I didn’t get a chance to see this preseason. I am excited about this team this year. Of course I was excited about the team last year and year before. But this year especially.

  31. Anonymous

    im from maine…and all i see/hear up here is all the boston hype. its pretty annoying really. And i kinda feel bad for shaq. He seems like a really nice guy and i know its great for the pistons, but it stinks that he starts the season with a bad game on his part.

  32. Justin

    WOOT!! 1 – 0 Baby!! Tayshaun finishing with 34 points and 12 rebounds. Good start to the season.

  33. Anonymous

    GREAT start to the season !!

    – Vin

  34. Anonymous

    Hey a-8:29,shaq’s a cock-eyed full- of- himself beefalo. Thinks he’s gods gift to this earth.Why don’t you stick your opinion you know where.

    I’d rather have a person like billups around anytime,he’s quality.

  35. claire

    Tayshaun Prince, how amazing can you get? I bet those 22 teams that passed on you are kicking themselves in the crotch right now for being so stupid! DAMN! that was one spectacular performance by Prince. Dunks, blocks, rebounds, etc etc Damn Damn I can’t get over tonight’s game!!!

  36. Anonymous

    Great Pistons game tonight and looking forward to playing that other team in Florida that we swept last year, but now have Rashard Lewis so they should be pretty good. I can’t wait to have Rip, Stuckey, and Amir all playing because I think this might be a tough team to beat! GO PISTONS!!

  37. jessi

    I really think Reggie needs to get over that block and just except it was a good block… I laugh everything it is brought up around him because he is the only one who can not admit that is was a block…

    about the game Tayshaun really stepped up tonight he owned this game. I was wish for him to get another board so badly would have been great to see him set new highs but 34 points and 12 boards is good for me… I would love to see tay getting good numbers this year, this better be his allstar year.

    Well over all a great game with many more to come. With rip and stuckey out the pistons played very hard I liked what I seen tonight. It was also good to see nazr get some playing time early on.

  38. Anonymous

    Go Pistons!!!!!!!! Way to start this season off with a bang!!!!!!! cant wait for rip amir and stuckey all to be back.. Go Pistons bring home the ship

  39. khitz01

    YEAH baby.. just watched the game.. Tay looked extremely great.. 34 points and 12 boards? what more can you ask for.. Andcant help but notice J-Max.. he was instant energy…

    i was laughing when reggie talked about the BLOCK… DAMn! up to now he is still not so over bout taht one..

    cant wait for amir and stuckey to play.. i did not see them play because pre season games of the pistons are not usually aired here in the Philippines. i wish they could. i could watch the pistons play the whole day.

    i love need4sheed.. i even promoted it in my friendster.. damn this site is nice.. i always visit it everyday.. Thanks Natalie…

    PISTONS ForeveR!!!!

  40. jess



  41. Anonymous

    I thought the starters were supposed to get less minutes…? Tay played 43 minutes! WTF? He had one hell of a game & all but this shit can’t go on all season or the guy will have no legs at all when it’s playoff time. He was tired — you could see he was tired & we play Orlando tomorrow night. You know I love the core & when the game is on the line that’s who I want to see on the floor but I hope this was just a case of us being short-handed on account of Rip’s family business and Amir & Stuckey being hurt. Other than that… good start guys. Tay, you were awesome!! Over-worked, but awesome.

    Congratulations Rip — hope everything went well.

    GO PISTONS!!!!

  42. Anonymous

    tayshaun is amazing…..

    anyway, doesn’t shaq look awful with more hair on his face?? He played awful tonight.

    Rip had a baby? since when did he ever have a girlfriend?

  43. Anonymous

    Rip’s a dad, where did that come from??

    I think everyone was a little bit nervous and edgy tonight, but great win. Am I the only one who want to smack that smug look off Mourning’s face?

  44. Anonymous

    man ever since the start of my season my coach says that i play like sheed. Quotes like that make me smile

  45. Natalie

    Great win, they looked a bit off at times though, Tay was a beast.

    Recap in the AM.


  46. Amanda

    When I read that Rip is expecting a baby I about shit my pants. I swear, my jaw dropped straight to the floor and stayed there for like 5 minutes. That is just…I…I am at a loss for words. Crazy, crazy, crazy. I mean…whoa. Congratulations Rip! That baby is going to be one of the best looking babies ever born. YESSIR!

    No, Anony 11:30. You are not the only one. I’ve never liked Mourning. Ever.

    Sensational job by Tayshaun tonight. When he hit that final three pointer I was up out of my seat in an instant. Beautiful. Nice way for the team to start off the season. Not so nice for Miami. [cue malicious laughter]

    Well I’ll be damned if Rip isn’t having a kid… lol I can’t get over that. Wow…

  47. santa

    i hope the pistons report about Rip’s baby! it’s such a nice suprise =D I bet that baby’s gonna be the most loved baby in Detroit this year!

  48. Sable

    Good solid win, great mixing of the defenses to keep Miami off-balance. The newcomers, Afflalo and Hayes were solid tonight. If you can play defense, you can play in this league! Hayes is a better defender than I expected and pretty good on the boards as well. Tayshaun! Perhaps all the praise he got while playing for Team USA will translate into a more aggressive Tayshaun all season long!

  49. Anonymous

    For whoever said Rip had a baby girl, according to Prince, Rip and “T.J.” had a baby boy.

    He made mention of that during his post game interview with TNT which was shown here


    Just go to where it says watch highlights and click play.

    Great victory and Go Stones baby! Woohoo! Hopefully this is a sign of things to come for Prince.

  50. ktl



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