Just another reason that Amir Johnson and Nazr Mohammed are awesome.

by | Oct 26, 2007 | 50 comments

I was at the Pistons Crew Party last night and I learned a couple of things when I walked up to Nazr Mohammed, and Amir Johnson.

First let me give you a little background. The crew party is for season ticket holders, the Pistons organization gives you free food, you can shoot hoops on court, take your pictures with the championship trophy’s, take locker room tours and get the players autographs.

So when I walked up to Nazr Mohammed (who now has a special place in my heart) and Amir Johnson. I got a little surprise on video….

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Come to find out Nazr knew about Need4Sheed and Amir visits the site almost daily. I knew that Amir liked the Cartoon Face I made of himself so I asked him if he wanted a copy. Not only did her want it, but he wants to learn how to draw the cartoon faces. SHEEDTastic!

So today when you visit the site Amir you will notice I changed the logo in your honor. Pistons fans love you and we are anxiously awaiting the day when you represent the Pistons in the All Star game.

If any of you want to leave Amir a little message, I suggest you do it in the comments because I know he’s going to see it.

On a side note… My goal was to get Rasheed to give me a “both teams played hard” on video. I asked, stay tuned to see if he did it.


  1. Anonymous

    Hi Amir:

    It was pretty cool to talk to you last night. Glad to hear that ankle re-hab is over. Thanks for signing my basketball. It is in a place of honor this morning! Best of luck this season. -JK Bloomfield Hills

  2. The Critic

    I want an Amir Johnson jersey.

    I looked online the other day and couldn’t find it :(

  3. Boney

    Pretty cool Natalie. That’s good stuff.

    Good luck this season Amir, you know the entire Pistons’ nation is pulling for you to do good man.

    – Boney

  4. Natalie

    I want one too Critic, I just got my Maxiell last night but no Amir. I did make a request that Pistons fans want Amir Jerseys and I was assured by someone at the Palace they are coming.

  5. dirge

    *Waves from the rainy Northwest* Everyone is rooting for your success Amir! Maybe it’s because we’re homers, but you’ve got a great smile to go with a great game! We’re all thrilled to see Dumar’s kept you from the Spurs :)

    And I think Natalie did a great job showing some of Nazr’s character. We all get caught up with expectations, but we loose sight of character. No one was going to be happy with anyone after Ben Wallace left, but Nazr withstood the criticism, as well as the barbs (most notably about his “bad hands”), and contributed whenever he was given the chance. I sincerely hope Flip uses the Piston’s fantastic bench this season.

    Every player, starter or reserve, gives me the impression Joe Dumar’s is committed to upstanding people as well as a championship. We don’t need any Ron Artest or Nate Robinson play–especially off the court (or in the stands). Players are “only” human, but they represent hope to those of us that love basketball… and Detroit, even if we’re thousands of miles away.

  6. Anonymous

    Amir keep going up strong and taking good shots. You are at your best when you do that. Don’t sweat the ankle injury either. Things will work out. I start you at power forward in NBA Live 08 for PS3. I got you dunking on everybody. Good Luck this season.

  7. Steven M.

    Amir is the man. I’ve watched him play ever since the D League. I never was able to make it to the dakotas last year to watch him play, but I was able to ask him how the weather was when he came back. The kid has a really really good attitude toward the league and the fans. I have two or three different autographs from the man too. Always has a smile on his face which is really cool as well. Sweet guy and I hope to see him on opening night after the game. So Amir, if you read this, I want to remember this because after the opening night game, I’m hopin you might say hi. You have such athletic talent and I know this year is gonna be a break out year for you.
    Pistons are Life

    Steven M.

  8. Ahmed

    i costamized my amir jersey on nba.com. I wrote his last name on it and number. I always show it off to my friends.

    Amir, i am your biggest fan. Every single day when i come home, i go to youtube and watch your career dunk. Windmill. Good luck for this season!

  9. Dan

    Good to have guys like Amir and Max to make the future look bright. I’ve been saying for a while that people are not going even know what happened when these guys get hot! Now that we have a young and talented back court as well, I would say this league better not count us out for a while. You’re AWESOME AMIR!

  10. Anonymous

    Amir, you just like the other Pistons, ROCK! It’s so comforting that we have amazing talent in our veterans and younger guys. When it comes time for some of our beloved starters to retire it will make it much easier knowing that they are passing the reigns to unbelievably talented people like you. In case you haven’t noticed, Detroit fans are amazingly emotional. We’re here for you and you know we don’t take crap when people talk badly about our beloved Pistons! We are supportive through it all and truly treasure you and all you do for our city! Believe that. Hey, if you have to represent somewhere other than your hometown, the D is the place to be! Good luck this season! I hope you get tons of playing time and help bring that trophy back to its rightful home. Keep up the good work and keep your cool, down to earth attitude. It makes you that much more lovable! You’re awesome, Amir!
    – Melissa, Sterling Heights

  11. Anonymous

    thats awesome nat ! nice job

    – Vin

  12. The Critic


    I was thinking the same thing the other day. Every Piston is a stand-up guy.

    I’m sure people will go “but but Sheed”. Yeah, he gets techs…from yelling. Off court he has the Rasheed A. Wallace Foundation, and you never hear about him beating his wife (Hello Jason Kidd) or anything like that.

    That’s why JR Smith can stay where he is.

  13. Anonymous

    Nice work, Nat! Who knew that Amir that is a frequent visitor on Need4Seed.com? *Chuckles* Oh, by the way.. *Waves to Amir* HEY! XD


  14. Anonymous

    Good luck this year and get Sheed to record that video for Natalie please.

    We who make daily visits this site think the world of you and the Pistons and this is coming from a fan in NYC. You guys are the only reason I still watch professional basketball.

  15. Ken


    Good luck Amir, we are rooting for you!

  16. Anonymous

    The tributary logo change is fantastic, Nat. I think you should leave it up for about a week to make sure he gets a chance to see it.

    Amir, it’ s great to know that you’re still down to Earth enough to care about what your fans think of the team and its memebers. I know there’s a lot of pressure coming your way because of all the hype and our expectations, but if you read this, I want to remind you that when you signed with the Pistons you gained the true devotion of the Pistons fans. We aren’t going to chastize you everytime you make a questionable decisions (like Cavs fans do to Lebron) etc. We know you’re human and that only one team gets the ‘ship each year, but we’ll be standing by & cheering our hearts out as long as your working as hard as you have.


  17. Anonymous

    Hey Amir,

    When contract time comes up agian in a few years think about being a career piston. Ask around… Show Michigan true love and it will come back to you 100x.

    Same to you Max. Joe D is going to be around for a long time. He’ll take care of you. Why take chances. We all still love Big Ben but you don’t see his career getting any better in Chicago do ya? It’s all downhill if ya leave.

    Much love to all the youngsters!

    Nazr… show us some fire! Show us desire! Nobody is down on ya… we’re itchig to get behind you man.

    To the future!

  18. Zee

    Oh my gosh, Natalie that is sooo cool. Never mind its beyond cool. How soon will you update the rasheed thing?

    Amir Johnson- if your reading I’ve been my favorite player since day one. When you were a rookie the pistons had a decorate a hand into a Turkey thing, I picked your hand, and now i actually have the tracing and the autograph that you made. (your hands are huge) so i just wanted to say i knew you would be a star before all the hype.

  19. Anonymous

    Amir, can’t wait to see you on the court! You are going to be great!!!!!
    Go Amir!!!!!

  20. Cara

    Natalie you are livin the dream! Keep up the great work ~ hope to see ya at a game soon!
    Amir – can’t wait to see ya on the court this season. One thing you’re gonna learn, if you haven’t already, are Detroit fans are savagely loyal (ask Ben Wallace lol) and LOVE their Deee-troit Basketbaalll! Do your thang baby!!

  21. Jason Dean

    Amir have a healthy and eventful season, we are all behind you. This is your year, we will be watching you shine!

    As for you Natalie, you make Pistons fans proud. Keep up the fantastic work we thank you.

  22. Matt Gibson

    Amir I wish you the best this season and I can’t wait to watch you get consistent minutes. This is your year.

  23. Anonymous

    AMIR YOU DA MAN. Welcome to the family. DETROIT BALL FOR LIFE.

  24. Anonymous

    Amir! I’m so excited to see you get some minutes this season. I’ve been waiting!!

    Good luck.

  25. Anonymous


    So glad to see you are back to playing!!! Can’t wait to see you and J Max killin the other teams!! The two of you bring so much energy (as if us Pistons fans didn’t have any at all)! Can’t wait to see you two on the All-Star team! I knew you’d be great since the first time I saw you out there on that court. You almost made me drop my laptop when you had that KILLER dunk! What a great first impression!

    But have a GREAT season..and be safe out there!!!

    Battle Creek Fan

  26. Tom(my)

    Hey Amir,

    I am glad to see that you are back in the flow after the ankle….I look forward to seeing you in a lot more action on the way to another long playoff run for the Pistons…

  27. jacqueline

    Hi Amir!!! I can’t wait to see you on the floor more often this season! You are learning from the best!!! So glad that you are feeling better! No more injuries ok!!! You guys are awesome!!!! I want to see you with a ring on your finger this season, go to work hard every night , and you will get it!! I am one of your myspace friends too!!! Be Good!

  28. Anonymous

    What up Amir good luck this season hope u average 15 points a game and win a championship.

    P.S. Keep sheed away form the techs

  29. Anonymous

    What up Amir good luck this season hope u average 15 points a game and win a championship.

    P.S. Keep sheed away form the techs


  30. Katul


    Keep Ya head Up…Listen You got more Raw Talent then Tyrus Thomas, who people keep comparing your to. Just be, who you be, But as a Old school Pistons Fan…Bring that aka Rodman/Sally Energy when you come in…WE need you big time

  31. Anonymous


    dude i think you are the next big thing in the nba. i know if you get those minuets your gunna become one of the biggest stars in the nba….just hope you stay in the D

  32. aj25fan

    It’s pretty awesome to know that guys like Amir keep their finger on the pulse of the fans. You never know if a pro athalete is reading what you are writing about him.

    If Amir does read this page and really wants to know how to do that drawing of him I’ll gladly show him. All he’d need is 3 crayons and 2 minutes.

    This is the year of Amir!

  33. Chad

    Amir…how about you follow the nba blogging trend (Melo, Oden, Warrick, Rondo, etc) and get writing…but instead of YardBarking it – bring your work to Need4Sheed!

    …or my site ;)

  34. Anonymous

    Impressive Natalie, but we all love need4sheed so that’s nothing new.

    Amir, your a beast we are all looking forward to your DOMINATION

  35. Anonymous

    Very cool video Nat. I suspect that more Pistons than Amir check out this site, it is the #1 fan site for the team :)

    Amir – can’t wait to see you get some good playing time this season to show everyone what you are capable of.

  36. kyle c.

    Sup Amir!
    You are the coolest guy ever!

    Natalie, it is soooo cool how you get to meet the Pistons. I live in Hawaii so I don’t get to meet anyone.


  37. Anonymous

    Amir please tear shit up this whole year. Just embarass people. oh wait when we play the Cavs please make sure you dunk a little harder

  38. alex


  39. Mike D.

    NEED4AMIR.com…I Fucking Love It.

    Nat…You’re kind of a big deal.

  40. Julius

    So if Amir actually reads this. The dunk he got when Darko stole the ball, I believe it was his first official points scored my wife got on tape (just that part of that game) and has saved it ever since. It’s a real special place in our hearts. We can’t wait to see Amir shine like we know he can.

  41. joejoejoe

    Congrats Natalie! This post is #1 at BallHype for all posts at the moment. I hand out more at DBB but it’s nice to see you getting respect too!

    Amir – I’m a short dude who shot about 15% for my playground career while playing shoddy D. I’ve got nothing to say to you about basketball but I do wish you well in life.

  42. Anonymous

    Okay Nat. I love amir and nazr, too, but change it back. LOL

  43. Eric

    Way to go and show Amir + Nazr some more love. Johnson got great game and i think will be great one day. Nazr, he’s a good guy and veteran player. IReally like the need4amir thing, how long is it gonna be like this?


  44. Anonymous

    Good Luck this season to you, Amir! You are AWESOME! Hope you and the Pistons have a simply fantastic season. Win the Championship! GO PISTONS!

  45. Mustafa

    For some reason I never saw this post. I am surprised to see that Amir and Nazr both know of need4sheed.com and they visit the site.

    I guess my saying for the two of you is the following. You guys have great skills for offense and defense and it can be put to work with this team. I feel that Nazr’s height and shooting can really give the pistons what they need inside the paint. I guess all I can say on Nazr’s part is that be MORE AGGRESSIVE and tough like dyce in his younger days.

    Amir I like what you do on the court and I hope you do it everyday whether you start or come off the bench. I hope you put that kind of effort into every game. Always be aggressive.

    Mad love and respects to the two of you!

    killah mustafa – SD, CA

  46. Rani (pronounced as "Rainy")

    What up doe Amir Johnson, I see you be killin’ out there on the court you are my favorite player in your position. your #1 fan Rainy (spelled Rani) Email: ms_bigshot@yahoo.com
    I am a good drawer I could help you draw those pictures. I also made a drawing and it was in the thanksgiving parade. I have a detroit pistons web page to http://www.freewebs.com/rainy101

  47. Anonymous


  48. Anonymous

    That’s too cool Natalie. So your a season ticket holder and get to see the players and stuff? That’s cool. Did you see any of the other players? I bet a lot of the team knows of you or at least your site “need4sheed”. I hope you asked Sheed about the Cavs. I would love to hear his response. LOL. Cavs are a fluke!


  49. Anonymous

    Sheed and Barkley are similiar in their personalities, they are both funny.



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