The Pistons take down The Wizards and Rodney Stuckey goes with them

by | Oct 25, 2007 | 11 comments

The Pistons whipped the Wizards 104-85 in their LAST game of the preseaon. The bad news is that The Pistons lost Rodney Stuckey with a broken hand.

Key Points:

  • Rodney Stuckey’s injury, that as key as it gets. Let me say that I was shocked when I found out it was broken. From my point of view at that game I didn’t think it was a big deal. When Blaha announced it in the post game notes I got sick.
  • Amir Johnson made his debut of the preseason after sitting out with an ankle injury. He looked good in his 15 minutes. He went 3-for-3 with 7 points and 2 rebounds.
  • Nazr Mohammed also played for the first time since his preseason injury. In his 11 minutes he had 4 rebounds a blocked shot a steal and 4 points.
  • I am jumping on the Flip Murray bandwagon right now. He’s going to play the bulk of the minutes now that Stuckey is out.
  • Sheed was HOT last night,7-for-12 shooting 3-for-5 from downtown for 17 points and 7 rebounds in just 20 minutes. Do I even have to say it? SHEEDTastic
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  • I really like Cheikh Samb, he should be solid after a season in the D League. Maybe we should have him get in touch with Jared to see what he used to do Pre-Subway days.
  • Rip Hamilton says he will be ready come Nov 1.
  • Super Dupe and Sammy Mejia are still fighting it out for the last roster spot.
  • Maxiell ripped down 10 boards in his 16 minutes. What’s a person got to do to get a Maxiell Jersey?
  • GM’s think The Pistons are the team to beat, well almost.
  • Sheed the Runner-up for Defensive player of the Year? I’ll take it. Maxi also named as a player to watch. Sports Illustrated knows what they are talking about.
  • I know it’s early, but I would like to see McDyess get hot.
  • Jarvis Hayes sent a message to his former team last night with his 21 points in 23 minutes. I am sure he’s smiling today, sorry Wizards Fans. This guy is going to shine in Detroit, just like all the rest of the former Wizards/Bullets that have put on a Pistons uni.

Jarvis Hayes
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  • I will try keep you as up to date as I can on Stuckey’s condition but it’s going to be a while until we get to see him again.
  • Anyone else going to the Pistons Crew Party tonight? It should be fun.


  1. Anonymous

    Let’s all say a little prayer for Rodney and hope he makes a full recovery from this. He has a lot of talent and you just hate to see something like this happen to a young guy who is just starting out. Being an athlete, I am sure he has had other injuries he has had to overcome and knows how to fight through it like a champion. The Pistons will be fine — they have lots of talent on that bench. I just hope Rodney can bounce back from this and have a fabulous career at the Palace.

    As far as McDyess… it is a little early in the season for him and he usually doesn’t start to shine until around Christmas time. I had heard that he started working out earlier this time around in order to prepare for his new starting role. I have been a huge Dyess fan since I first saw him in the red white and blue (I have his jersey and it is my favorite) and I think he will be great as a starter. I would love to see him get hot… I know he is more than capable. He isn’t doing a bad job right now by any means but I love to see that guy play when his shot is on the money and he has confidence in himself. If he misses just one shot (especially if it’s his first shot) he gets shot-shy… too hesitant and seems to get down on himself. Wish he wouldn’t take it to heart the way he does if he misses that first shot, but it shows how willing he is to take himself out of the spotlight if it might help the team. I love Dyess!

    Let’s go kick Miami’s ass next week!!!!

  2. Anonymous

    Yes, finally someone is recognizing Rasheed’s amazing D rasheed for defensive player of the year! and as for dyess i have faith and i no hell come through, he always does

  3. Anonymous

    6 weeks aint that bad, just means he won’t hit that rookie wall as soon, or have to deal with the rough road trip which many rookies have trouble with.

  4. Pradamaster


    *clap clap clap clap clap*

    Just wait until he shoots, and misses, those same shots down the stretch in the fourth quarter of a playoff game while Rip, Chauncey, and Sheed stand wide open in the corners.

    I hope the dude does well for your sake, but don’t get your hopes up just yet.

  5. Andrew Isaac

    Id be suprised if Samb ever sees the NBA

  6. Dominic

    Man i don’t think Arnie Kander has ever had this many injuries to deal with in his entire career lol Stuckey, Rip, Amir, and Nazr

  7. Warthog

    i’ll be at the palace tonight!

  8. Anonymous

    What do you mean when you say what can i do for a maxielle jersey? theres on the second page for fortythree bucks!

  9. Anonymous

    Dear Pradamaster, truthfully go be full of gloom and doom somewhere else.If your so down on the stones then don’t watch them.

    Save yourself from further dissappointment,O.K.?

    Leave us slappies alone,we want to live in hope. True fans love their teams regardless,we get dissappointed and sad when we lose of course but it’s only a game !

    Love my stones,love my town,forever Detroit BASKETBALL!

  10. Anonymous

    Nice posting by SI.

    “5 Coaches on the Hot Seat Not Named Flip Saunders”

    That’s good for a chuckle.


  11. Pradamaster

    Folks, I didn’t mean to sound so antagonistic. My apologies.

    But judging from watching the dude for the last few years (ya might want to click the link before assuming), Hayes ALWAYS looks better than he really is. For your own sake, perhaps you should wait before proclaiming he will “shine in Detroit, just like all the rest of the former Wizards/Bullets that have put on a Pistons uni.”


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