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by | Oct 21, 2007 | 12 comments

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“Everyone knows we’re still a perennial powerhouse,” Wallace said. “We’re going back to those Finals, I’m not worried about that.”

“It’s more personal this year. From the way guys are on the team and the veterans that we have, [this season] is a little more personal. We didn’t reach [the finals] last year but I know we’ll reach it this year.”

Via the Cleveland Plain Dealer, I suggest you check the out the whole article. The title is “Wallace’s mouth running Strong.” I guess Cleveland doesn’t appreciate Mr. Wallace like we do. Ya think?


  1. claire

    Good to hear that its personal for Sheed. It seems like he has personal beef to finish off this season 🙂 Anyways, who cares what cleveland or the whole world says about the Pistons? they’re always hating even when their team consists of just Lebron, Lebron, and some more Lebron. Imagine what they would do if Lebron had like an injury or something? I can’t wait til Lebron’s contract is up and he becomes a free agent. It’ll be fun to watch the broke cavs trying to keep their superstar.

  2. dominic

    Why are cleveland fans so arrogant? They win one series then get completely and utterly blown by the spurs and still think they’re the real deal! God Cleveland fans thinking they’re a real team now just makes me love my pistons more and makes me hope they crush cleveland in the playoffs and the regular season

  3. dominic

    and I love how sheed called Ray Allen jesus haha that’s great

  4. Anonymous

    i love rasheed cleveland got swept in the finals and if hte pistons would have gotten to the finals i could guaranSHEED that we would not hvae gotten swempt ya cleveland get over urselves ur not that great n u never will be.

  5. Anonymous

    cleveland needs to get there head straight we r better more prominent they ar not the cleveland cavs they r the cleveland lebrons

  6. jess

    To hear that from SHEED makes me so happy. It makes me even more confident. I love to hear an early GUARANTEED!!

  7. Anonymous


  8. Anonymous

    I really don’t mind the cleveland teams ,it’s the darn trolls that put me off!

    They have to be the poorest sports and have some of the biggest egos ever!

    Why I have no idea,you would think being fellow midwesterners they would stick up for us too?

    Oh well, gotta love our sheed mouth and all!

  9. jacqueline

    You gotta love Sheed. He is very confident to speak that way and the season haven’t officially started yet. It’s cool though, I mean I like the way the new guys are contributing, the start will do what they do best, I just hope that the bench keeps doing good to give the starters the rest they need. I’m excited for the team and I hope that they are believing in what Rasheed says and just do it, this year, I want it so bad for them and for me!!!! Go Pistons!!!!

  10. dom

    theres no I in team for cleavland theres just lebron

    yeah that article was just fucking dumb…..when the pistons lost to cleavland it had nothing to do with cleavland being a better team…it was the pistons mind state. and it looks like rasheed understands…which is why it is personal cuz they let them win last year. i’m pretty damn sure cleavland will get there assess handed to them durring regular season and post

  11. Anonymous


  12. STEVE

    dom how about you start off by spelling CLEVELAND right. Respect your elders, and i guess the pistons better get in the right “mind state” if there going to beat the cavs, you detroit fans have the worst excuses.


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