No Luck in the Lonestar State

by | Oct 21, 2007 | 12 comments

Unfortunately The Pistons lost both of their Texas weekend exhibition games. Friday nights contest against Dallas was simply hard to watch and the notables didn’t take the court for either The Suprs or the Pistons on Saturday.

Dallas 122 Detroit 94
San Antonio 104 Detroit 80

Key Points:

  • The Pistons were 0-11 to start the game in Dallas.
  • Nowitzki dominated with 25 points on 10-for-14 shooting.
  • I’m concerned with shooting percentages, Detroit has been simply too low and we may have a problem on defense this season. Dallas shot 54% from the floor and The Spurs shot 56% against The Pistons this weekend.
  • Devin Harris is lightning fast.
  • Best part of the game was getting to see Darvin Ham, who played 6 minutes for Dallas.
  • Flip Murray impressed in Dallas, he led the Pistons with 22 points on 8-for-10 shooting.
Ronald "Flip" Murray
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Photo/Getty Images
  • Dallas out rebounded Detroit 33-49.
  • I changed my mind about the whole JR Smith trade idea. “J.R. Smith was suspended for the first three games of the regular season “for conduct detrimental to the team.” Smith apologized to the team for the incident, which wasn’t made public. “I promise to learn from this situation and look forward to returning shortly and being the best teammate I possibly can,” Via The Detroit Free Press
  • Share the ball boys, Dallas 26 assists to the Pistons 13.
  • Great Pistons Preview, you might even recognize the picture.
  • Stuckey impressed, he’s getting valuable minutes and experience this preseason. 15 points, 2 steals and 2 blocked shots in Dallas and 14 points, 6 assists, 6 rebounds and 3 steals in San Antonio.
Rodney Stuckey
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  • Don’t forget what Sheed Says.
  • Jason Maxiell racked up another double-double in San Antonio with 14 points and 10 rebounds. As scary as he is on court, he seems like a extremely nice guy off it. Just don’t tell his opponents.
  • No Sheed, Billups in San Antonio along with Rip, Nazr, Amir or Hunter. Tay played just 17 minutes and McDyess clocked 16.
  • PistonsNationBlog caught up with Sam Smith to talk about The Bulls (and that other Wallace) and The Pistons.
  • Out rebounded against the Spurs 45-41.
  • Stuckey is money from the line.
  • Arron Afflalo was impressive off the bench against The Spurs. He led the Pistons with 20 points
Arron Afflalo
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  • Some pretty sweet giveaways by the Pistons in their Ultimate Crew Givaways. Has anyone of you (season ticket holders) ever won one? Someone was lucky enough to win a 50th Anniversary Pistons Monopoly game, where can I get one?
  • Up Close and Personal with Chauncey Billups.
  • Next game is Wednesday at The Palace against Washington.


  1. Anonymous

    hi natalie!

    just wanted to tell you that your ad on Pistons Weekly should be ‘YOUR’ not ‘YOU’RE’. you probably missed that….

  2. Natalie

    can’t believe i did that…thatnks

  3. Anonymous

    It was hard to watch on Friday, I missed the Spurs game though, was it on TV?

  4. dominic

    I was following Afflalo while he was in college and I was ecstatic when he fell in the Pistons lap, and now I know he’s going to be a reliable bench player he did great against the spurs

  5. Anonymous

    Time to cut Dupree.

    I love energy guys, but its time to cut Dupree.
    He cant hit a jump shot, cant handle the ball
    and hasnt improved in years.

    Keep samb we need bigs!

  6. Amanda

    I’m kind of glad I didn’t get to watch the Spurs game. Bench or not, preseason or not, 2 consecutive blowout losses would have been too much. I’m really glad to hear that Afflalo, Stuckey and Maxiell played well though. I’m really starting to like our rookies.

    It kind of sucks that we haven’t been able to see Amir play serious minutes with the rookies and Maxiell. That would of been fun to watch.

    I love the Rasheed quote. The regular season hasn’t even started and he’s already guaransheeding. When his “mouth (is) running,” it’s a beautiful thing.

  7. Anonymous

    anyone else hear the rumor that an offer may be on the table to trade rip and tay for kobe? I love rip but kobe may be the piece we need to win a championship this year especially with hayes playing pretty well.

  8. Amanda

    Oh dear God please tell me that shit isn’t getting started again. lol

    No Kobe. No way.

    I read on that Amir and Nazr practiced today for the first time since their injuries. That’s great news. Plus, Rip did “extensive work on the sides with Kander.” Hopefully everybody is up and running when the season starts. 10 more days, guys! 10 MORE DAYS!

  9. Anonymous

    Glad you and I are on the same page about JR Smith, guy just gives me very BAD vibes.
    I love the Pistons and how they jell with each other and support each other.

    I would hate for them to be poisoned like the Knicks since Zeke and Marbury came on board.

  10. Anonymous

    I heard about the Kobe news. I have mixed feelings about that one. Rip is such a huge part of this team, and also Tay. But knowing how good of a player Kobe really is, I wouldn’t mind having him. If anything, that would increase the chances of us getting back to the Finals. But, I wouldn’t want to see Rip & Tayshaun leave.

  11. Amanda

    In all honesty, I’d rather us not get back to the Finals this year than have Kobe here and Rip and Tayshaun gone. There are too many issues with the situation:

    1. Kobe would bring a whole lot of unnecessary baggage/drama.
    2.He’d mess with the chemistry of the team, not to mention the hard work Dumars put into creating a club like the Pistons.
    3. He’d take away from what the other players bring to the game. 4.He’d get the stuperstar treatment (something I and I’m sure many others are not fond of).
    5. He can’t defend the way Tayshaun (or Rip) does without throwing elbows.
    6. He’s a ballhog 90% of the time.
    7. Chauncey would lose the moniker “Mr. Bigshot” ’cause there’s no way he’d have the ball in his hands in the final moments of the game.
    The list goes on and on…

    The guy is obviously a very talented player but I would probably no longer be a Pistons fan by the end of the season. Let him go screw up some other team. Detroit has plenty enough skill and will to get the ‘ship. We don’t need Kobe.

  12. Anonymous

    I would also like to know where you can get the Pistons Monoply game. If you find out anything about it, would you post it? Thanks. Great site.


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