JR Smith Trade Rumors

by | Oct 19, 2007 | 16 comments

Team Need4Sheed has been on this since it first made MLIVE and shortly after with the The Free Press peice.
First from MLIVE.

Trade talk: The Denver Nuggets have discussed trading J.R. Smith to Detroit for Flip Murray. However, there are a couple of issues that make it unlikely the deal will be completed.

Detroit wants to include Ronald Dupree, which isn’t necessarily something the Nuggets want. In addition, there are some concerns on Detroit’s part about whether
Smith, who has had his share of problems on and off the court, would be
a good fit with their current roster.

The Free Press Reports:

The Pistons are not on the verge of making any trades, including one packaging their two Ronalds — Ronald (Flip) Murray and Ronald Dupree — for Denver shooting guard J.R. Smith.

From what I understand, the only talk the Pistons had with the Nuggets was one quick conversation that never turned serious and the two sides are no longer discussing anything. Furthermore, they’re not close to striking any deal with any other team, either.

This has been quite an issue for Pistons fans as I can tell from all the e-mails and comments I have gotten in the last few hours. I wouldn’t mind this deal if it did happen even considering JR’s problems. I have always thought JR Smith had upside, but you have to remember he’s pretty much been in the dog house with every NBA team he’s been on. Detroit Bad Boys delves a little deeper into his issues.

I look at it this way, though I love Dupe, he’s never going to get playing time in the “D”. As for Flip, he’s still got to prove himself in my eyes, but I must say he’s impressed thus far.

Thanks again to team Need4Sheed for keeping everyone in the loop. Leave your thoughts in the comments.


  1. Anonymous

    If we ended up getting J.R. smith, i wouldn’t complain. Did you see how well he played against us????

  2. Anonymous

    i read this on pistons.com

    # One more NBA gunner who won’t be wearing a Pistons uniform anytime soon: Denver’s J.R. Smith. There was a report Friday that the Pistons and Nuggets were discussing a trade involving Flip Murray and, possibly, Ronald Dupree for Smith, a fourth-year guard, but I’m hearing that was not ever in play and won’t be happening.

  3. Ahmed

    This is not a bad deal. I look at this as a good deal. jr a gaurd of the bench for rip. not bad!!!!!!!!!

  4. Dominic

    I love J.R. Smith he’s a great player and the only reason i wouldn’t want this deal to go down is he can’t play the point like Flip can jus in case Chauncey or Stuckey go down with injury (Please Don’t!!!) but still he played great against the best defense in the world (us) so I would still have him

  5. Anonymous

    i woudlnt call him a great player thats way off, hes a talented young player, with upside but a horrible attitude, and some sharing issues, and thats not the type of player that works out on the pistons, it wuld be a bad move

  6. Anonymous

    wonder how sheed and J.R. will be together if this trade actually happens..

  7. Anonymous

    i like the trade.. the D is a home for misfits, and JR seems like someone that wont hit his stride until he finds his home.

  8. Anonymous

    if J.R. has an attitude and sharing issues, i dont think he would fit well on the pistons. sure hes a great player, but detroits all about the power of five. I dont know if he would like the little playing time he got here.

  9. Anonymous

    its not gonna happen…. even though JR would fit in wonderfully here. People have to remember hes still a YOUNG kid. he came outta high school and playing with these Pistons would be best for him. Its just too bad we cant get rid of Dupe.

    i heard dumars is trying to get rid of Flip and Dupe for a player and also to free up some of the roster for Mr. Webber

    I really hope they can get JR tho… he plays with a lot of energy and him and Stuck running up the court together with Max would be SICKKKK

  10. Anonymous

    plus you know he would be giving it to MAxiell for dunking all over him in the preseason game at the palace.. along with sheed

  11. Anonymous

    trade for him.. he would be great for our system u dont know happy i was when i read he was in trade talks with us… omg hed be great!!!

  12. Mike

    imagine the freakin bench…
    pg-rodney stuckey
    sg-jr smith
    sf-jarvis hayes
    pf-jason maxiell
    c-amir johnson

    jaw dropping considering your starting lineups contains 4 guys that have been to the allstar game, and 3 guys who played in the olympics.

  13. Anonymous

    JR Smith = worse than Darko, at least Darko didn’t get in trouble with the police for altercations.
    If you bounced around as much as Smith did and you still can’t reign your temper in, you have no business playing for any professional basketball team.

    Preason didn’t even start and Zach Randolph already has a complaint logged with the NYPD. Can’t even begin to think about how many times, fat and out of shape is going to be on the front page with the heading “Former Jailblazer busted for _______”

  14. Anonymous

    go pistons

  15. Anonymous

    anony 10:22

    stop hatin!

    the bench would be awesome considering when amir comes back he can play the 3, 4, or 5. But the pistons will not be able to get rid of DUPE so i dont see this happening

  16. Anonymous

    Anoy 1:03PM – not hatin’ just stating the FACTS so why don’t you stop snorting that idiot’s koolaid.

    Speaking of the devil, Nuggets just suspended Smith for 3 games for behavior detrimental to the team.


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