I’m a Homer

by | Oct 16, 2007 | 19 comments

About a month ago Eric Angevine approached me because he was doing a piece in Chicago Sports Weekly about female sports bloggers. With a little information from Erin Gruney, he picked five distinctive blogs with a ton of personalities and did his thing.

It opened my eyes to some great blogs, and made me come to the realization about something I have always known, but deep down inside never really wanted to admit……I really am a Homer.

Need4Sheed Chicago Sports Weekly
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I was a little surprised when I first read the title of my section of the article, but the more and more I thought about I couldn’t deny it, I am a big homer, just look at this website. It’s all right here as clear as day. I love my team and after getting to know a lot of you who read the site, you’re homers too. But what better team is there to love than The Pistons? Right?

I suggest you read the whole article (page 28) so you can get to know the great writers of leave the man alone, Ladies…, Babes Love Baseball, and Strike Zones and End Zones.

UPDATE: For those of you who don’t really know what a Homer is Urban Dictionary.com defines one as “Someone who shows blind loyalty to a team or organization, typically ignoring any shortcomings or faults they have.”


  1. Stephen

    I must admit it too Natalie, your’re not alone. I’m a homer.

  2. Anonymous

    Nat, I’ve always loved the fact that you don’t bring attention to your gender. The fact that you make your site about the Pistons and not about yourself. You’re a Pistons fan, not a Sitto fan, and in so being you’ve given us all a need4natalie. You don’t bother naming you site something like “basketball babe” or “the Pistons Lady” because you’re above that on the level, transcending gender differences into the nature of a true fan.

  3. Natalie

    All I have to say is thanks Richie, and give you a 🙂

  4. BIG Poppa RYE

    Keep it up Natalie!
    I love the Pistons and I love your site too!

    i always visit this site to get an inside scoop on whats new with the pistons!

    thank you!

  5. The Critic

    I feel dumb. What’s a “homer”?

  6. Sooze

    Thanks for the shoutout Natalie! Eric’s article was awesome, and I gaurantee a ton of people were surprised that Need4Sheed is written by a female. Pleasantly surprised, of course!

    Keep up the great work.

  7. Natalie

    “Someone who shows blind loyalty to a team or organization, typically ignoring any shortcomings or faults they have.”

  8. Anonymous

    I guess I’m one to, I live in the deep south!

  9. A Rip Hamilton Fan

    That is so Cool. Your pretty much the talk of the town. I hear your site mentioned allot.

  10. Anonymous

    *Raies hand* I’m a Homer and proud of it! *Stands in the spotlight on a pile of Homer Simpson Dolls* XD!


  11. Anonymous

    Im in too


  12. SportsGirl365

    Thanks Natalie!

    I’m proud to be in great company.

  13. vwarren

    I am a woman and a homer! Until I read this, I never thought about a nat being a female blogger just an avid pistons and sheed fan just like me.

  14. jess

    Natalie, I hope you know that you have brought so much joy into all of our lives. Just think about it. I’m sure at least 90% of us who visit this site visit it more than once a day.

    I visit it at least 5-6 times a day. This site brings excitement to our lives. Sometimes reading your posts made our hearts skip a beat, but it was all worth it.

    I just want to THANK YOU DEARLY on behalf of all of TEAM NEED4SHEED for everything.

  15. brendan

    i have been a reader of your blog for a few years now(has it been that long? ) and i must say you totally deserve all the credit you get, if not more. only a pistons fan would do this thing as well as you do. with a few exceptions, you put most blogs to shame. i am sure you make sheed smile everytime he reads it.
    speaking of homers, i just moved to austin texas and i dont go anywhere with out my old english “d” cap…. i can rock my pistons jerseys almost all year round now, too. the worst thing is tho, when im out and about and i meet someone with the d hat and i say where you from and they reply “dallas”…. this has happened more than once and it really grinds my gears…. i usually tell them they do not deserve to wear the hat….
    ….anyways, great work, keep it up, hopefully the palace will offer you a job sooner or later….

  16. Mike

    thank god for your blog. i never enjoyed reading any other sports blog other than need4sheed, as a matter of fact, i hate all of them but this one. and when i found out that a woman was doing it, i thought it was 10x better. i was reading need4sheed for months before i found out, its almost like a secret to newer readers.

  17. dirge

    My wife is every bit as big a fan as I am, and we’re both proud to be away-from-homers for the Pistons. Need4Sheed is a little touch of D Town that just happens to be focusing on the aspect I love best.

    As always, thanks for all the hard work Natalie!

  18. Natalie

    I just would like to thank all of you for the kind words, it is sincerely the best part of need4sheed. Thanks

  19. Anonymous

    The article was right on, Natalie. Most think women can’t talk shop when it comes to sports. When it comes to the Pistons, I could talk about them all day! Keep up the good work and you are an inspiration….to all women. And being I don’t get any pre-season games on tv, thanks for the updates on games. It’s nice to know how everything’s moving along.


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