Pistons sneak past The Nuggets 109-106

by | Oct 14, 2007 | 15 comments

Pistons led most of the way in this one, but The Nuggets made the game close early in the fourth quarter and kept it tight until the final seconds. The Pistons pulled it out, but what most Pistons fans should be concerned about is Rip Hamilton, who rolled his left ankle in the third quarter and left for the locker room. Looks like he has a sprain, but thankfully the x-rays were negative. No time line yet for his return.

UPDATE: Rip will not play in Grand Rapids Monday, Flip Murray will start in his place. No further detail on his condition or return just yet. Mlive

Richard Rip Hamilton
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Key Points:

  • Jarvis Hayes was HOT, he led the Pistons with 24.
  • No Iverson, Martin, Nene or Anthony in this one.
  • Denver plays exactly the same they did last season, they like to push the ball.
  • Lindsey Hunter made an appearance, scoring 7 points in seven minutes.
  • I was actually nauseous when Rip went down, the last thing any of us want is a meaningless preseason injury to one of our most important players.
  • No minutes for Cheikh.
  • The rooks are having a hard time holding on to big leads.
  • Good to see Chuckey Atkins, always liked him.
  • Double-Double for Jason Maxiell, who scored 16 with 11 boards along with a blocked shot. Boy he’s fun to watch, reminds me of the energy Dennis Rodman used to bring when he was in the zone.
  • Jarvis again led the team in minutes (33) and points, we also learned that he can knock down the three. He was 4-for-6 from downtown and let me tell you this guy is not afraid to take the shot.
Jarvis Hayes
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  • Pistons didn’t have great shooting numbers, 39 % from the floor and 38 % from long range.
  • The Pistons out rebounded Denver 46-43.
  • Anthony Roberson, from Saginaw, who’s trying to secure a spot on the Nuggets team looks like he deserves one after putting up 22.
  • Stacey Augmon is still getting a paycheck.
  • Flip Murray shot a nice ally-oop pas to Afflalo.
  • Sheed was 1-for-9 with 4 rebounds, a block and a steal. At least he didn’t get another tech.
  • Let’s not forget about Tayshaun Prince, who was all over the place scoring 19 with 6 rebounds and an assist in just 18 minutes.
  • Speaking of TP, he blocked 4 shots. Maybe he getting strength from his hair, Tay loooks like he hasn’t had a haircut since last season.
Tayshaun Prince
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  • Maxiell knocked down both of his free throws in the closing seconds of the game. It’s the preseason, but we need him to do that in pressure situations. Stuckey also knocked down his free trows to clinch the game.
  • I could watch Maxiell dunk all day long. Even if it’s an easy put up.
  • Maxiell looked like he was really trying to rip down boards.
  • The guards are trying to help out on the boards, even Flip Murray pulled down 6.
  • I am excited to head over to Grand Rapids to meet up with Bennie and Jeff for the Pistons -Nuggets game II Wednesday night.


  1. Anonymous

    first comment :]

    i didn’t get a chance to see the game but it sounds like it was a good one. all i can say is thank god for Jarvis Hayes! hes a great addition but i miss c-webb…ALOT. what exactly happened to rip? how did he sprain his ankle? thats a scary thing to happen right before the season starts. lets hope he recovers quickly.

  2. mannie32

    I really like Antonio McDyess, I like his game but I also like his attitude. Seems like a nice guy to be around, I liked the Maxiell video since I’m a big fan of Mad Max but also liked the cameo from Dyess in the vid.

  3. claire

    what the hell, Rip sprained his ankle? why oh why??? why is everybody spraining his ankle so close before the season starts? =( If I was the coach, I would baby my starters and not let them sweat in the preseason. If Shaq, Wade, Iverson, Anthony, etc. are not playing in the preseason, why should our starters play? They should just play a few minutes for fun then sit down and enjoy the game. I know our motto is “work hard everynight” and all, but some nights, they don’t have to literally work! I hope he gets well soon!

  4. Ashley

    I’m so excited! I can finally watch a pre-season game Wednesday because it’s on NBATV. I’m freaking bummed about Rip, though. You should be playing hard for pre-season, but not hard enough to have you sit out when the season begins offically on the 1st.

  5. Amanda

    I was hoping that FSN Plus was just a fancy name for FSN with bonus coverage but apparently I was wrong. Do you only get FSN Plus in certain areas or something?

    It’s pretty crazy that the Pistons have been so fortunate as to not have too many injuries over the past couple of seasons and now, in the exibition games and camp, everybody’s hurting their ankles. Thank God no injuries have been serious, ESPECIALLY Rip’s. Hope he’s doing well.

    Speaking of Rip, does anybody know where I can buy a replica Rip mask or a clear face mask that looks something like it? THANKS MUCH!

  6. jessi

    I am really like what I see with tay and hayes… I hope rip is ok… Tay was sporting the same look last year at this time as well… I have just been transferred back to ontario from albert what that means is I will be able to go to the home games this season, my friends will be a little up set cause they will not be getting my tickets but well they can come with me since I have two seats, can’t wait… Well thanks nat for everything the year has started again and there you are keeping us up date… thanks for everything this summer…

  7. Anonymous

    I dunno. They only outrebounded Denver by 3. thats pathetic. And with all of sheeds fouls, I think moving him to center was a BAD IDEA. Webber cant get here soon enough

  8. Anonymous

    Natalie, Just wondering if you’re gonna make the small trip west to GR on Wednesday.


  9. Natalie

    Chris, I am making the trip to GR on Wednesday.

  10. Anonymous

    i was at the game last night, and the ending was exciting!

    I love the new floor.

    Boy, Hayes really was impressive. Chauncey seemed really aggressive and tayshaun was awesome!

  11. jacqueline

    that was a fun game to watch, I’m loving what Jarvis Hayes is bringing, Tay had a good game too, and I really like watching the rookies sweat it out, I’m so gald they pulled it off. I’m so excited for Wednesday to get here, the Pistons will be right around the corner from my house, and I can’t wait. I hope Rip still makes the trip, because my son is obsessed with Rip. I’m glad that he is okay! I’m shaking in my pants, all my girlfriends at work are telling me to shut the hell up about Chauncey! I can’t…..he’s coming. he’s coming, he’s coming,AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, oh my god, he’s coming to Grand Rapids!!!!

  12. Jason

    hey natalie…you don’t by chance have a full color pic of the blue 50th anniversary floor yet do you?

    i welcome all of you coming wednesday to GR to Van Andel…my name is Jason, life-long, die hard pistons fan, and marketing department intern at van andel arena. i will be at the game along with everyone. sect. 104, row N, seat 29-30.

    lets go pistons

  13. Natalie

    Jason, I don’t have the picture YET, but I am planning getting one soon when I go to the Palace for the Crew Member Party.

    I will try to look you up at the game tomorrow.


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