Rasheed is racking up Techs in the PRESEASON

by | Oct 13, 2007 | 17 comments

It looks like this season is going to start pretty much the same as it did last year for Rasheed Wallace. The refs look like they are watching Sheed with an eagle eye. Not only did Rasheed get called for his jawing with Drew Gooden the other night in Cleveland, but he was called for two more techs last night in the Pistons loss against Utah.

That’s three techs in three PRESEASON games. The first tech game when Sheed drove the lane, scored and ran down back on defense Sheeding (complaining of about a no-call, his AND ONE cry). The second came when he was complaining (I think) of an earlier play that he thought he was fouled on, with the second you know that’s an automatic ejection. I don’t know if this is premature, but we might just have to start again with the FREE SHEED petition.

Here is the video of the Gooden-Sheed tiff from Thursday nights game for those who missed it.


  1. row


    Damn Sheed lol.. I guess in your video clip it was fair.. They got teched together.. If it was only Rasheed, conspiracy theorists would feel vindicated ;)

  2. Anonymous


    Good he’s getting them in right now. We dont need him racking them up at the beginning of the season. You never know if Stern takes action after this year and starts counting pre-season techs against the suspension total.

  3. Amanda

    3 techs in 3 games? I love it! I don’t mind ‘Sheed getting techs in the preseason and regular season so much. I think we have enough fire power on our bench to help cover up some absences if (and when) he goes over the limit.

    When’s the last time Detroit has won a game against Utah? Every time we play them it reminds me of that commercial with Chauncey and Ben:


    haha Beautiful.

    Oh well. Here’s to burying the Nuggets on Sunday! CHEERS!

  4. Anonymous

    1st point:
    gooden is nothing!
    he hasnt proven anything! (besides being Lebron’s lil sister.

    Lebron rules…FROM THAT ANGLE, it looked like a goaltend. But hey..i could be very wrong with this one..but about about gooden? highly improbable.

  5. Anonymous

    fuck i hate gooden

  6. Anonymous

    Gooden is Such a Jerk, I really hope Rasheed can calm his ways. I wonder if a trade is in order if he doesn’t?

  7. Anonymous

    a trade better not be in order. i love when sheed gets techs (well…not in the playoffs). but who cares if he gets techs in the preseason. no matter how tough they get on him, he still does what he wants and speaks his mind. one of the many reasons sheed is so enjoyable to watch.

  8. Anonymous

    hey was anyone listening to mojo in the morning on friday? they were talking about celebrity road rage and someone called in about Sheed i thought it was funny..i think they have the podcast on their website and you can hear it

  9. Anonymous

    That “block” by Lebron looked like a goaltend to me ..

    – Vin

  10. dominic

    i love the fact that sheed gets techs when he feels he gets cheated. When zero tolerance rule came out the PTI guys were talking about how guys like Rasheed Wallace were finally going to be quieted. Well Sheed once again proves everyone wrong he doesn’t care if he gets techs as long as he gets his point acrosss haha gotta love him

  11. Anonymous

    Goaltend… I think YES!! Lebron makes me sick… gets away with everything… bites his fingernails… now for his latest disgusting habit — sticking his mouth guard in the back of his head band and then putting it right back in his mouth!! OMG!! What a gomer! He really does make me sick. I will give him credit for his skills because he is talented but… WHAT A PIG!!!

    GO PISTONS!!!!

  12. Anonymous

    that was obviously goaltending.. but the nba has a different set of rules for michael jordan #2. plus people still bet on preseason games..

    what happened to dale davis? retired?

  13. Mustafa

    The ball was on its way up and gooden couldn’t do anything to stop it… out of no where lebron flew and stops the ball after the ball travelled for more than a second which equals = goaltending


  14. dominic

    if the ball is on it’s downflight it is goaltending it doesn’t matter how long it stays in the air but i thiink it actually was on it’s downflight, it looked like it was just beggining to fall when Lebron “blocked” it god and i agree wit anony 6:07 lebron makes me sick!!!!

  15. jacqueline

    I love Mr. Wallace, I don’t even care that he gets techs to get his point across, he is the player that gives the Pistons their edge, and I love him for that! Lebron James is no Micheal Jordan, in Mike’s prime years with the Bulls, he would have been flying all over the Lebrons! I can’t wait for the regular season to startm so that the Pistons can stomp all over the Cavs!!!!

  16. Anonymous

    the thing that bothers me the most is that a**hole lebron. Sheed and Gooden were going one on one and lebron had to help gooden out before he got stomped. Let Gooden proved himself by himself if he’s good enough. LBJ thinks he like owns the game of basketball.

  17. Anonymous

    does anybody no what rasheed and gooden were actually saying to each other? i hope rasheed kicks goodens a** and lbj needs to kill himself that was a goal tend and rasheedd dont lett anyone try shutting u up


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