Pistons – Cavs Preseason game #2

by | Oct 11, 2007 | 32 comments

Game 2 of the preseason is tonight (Thursday) against the Cavaliers in Cleveland. The game kicks off at 7:30 PM and WILL be broadcast locally on TV20 Detroit. For those of you not in the area you can listen to the call directly from NBA.com.

Jason Maxiell Thunder Dunk
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If you think this is a payback game you can forget it, the Pistons will try that during the regular season. We will get a chance to see what Maxiell, Stuckey, Afflalo and company can do again tonight. We could even see a bit of Amir since he is listed as day to say.

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  1. Anonymous

    Well our bench is gonna kick butt!!!

  2. Anonymous


  3. Anonymous

    it probably won’t be a payback game but I wouldn’t be surprised if we obtain a big lead in the beginning and hopefully sustain it. We are still embarrassed for losing to them last year, some of the players will want revenge, even if it’s preseason. Players in that I would say are probably: Chauncey, Rasheed, Dice.


  4. Anonymous

    I predict we will outscore Cleveland in the first quarter. I also predict a W.


  5. Anonymous

    Can’t wait to watch — listening on Monday night was better than nothing, but I finally get to see the boys in action tonight and I am literally counting the minutes. I even cancelled my dinner plans for tonight so I can stay home and watch the game… something my friends will have to get used to once the games begin to be regularly televised! I am not making any predictions about the outcome of the game but I hope we blast the damn Cavs right off the court — our revenge will come during the playoffs… IF the Cavs get lucky and make the playoffs again this season that is!

    GO PISTONS!!!!

  6. Anonymous

    Have you noticed ever since The Big Ticket (K.G.) came from the West to the East; the media is saying, “The East is a strong conference.” *Stares in disbelief* WE’VE ALWAYS BEEN A STRONG CONFERENCE!!! >.< But now that we have a Superstar from the West to the East helped our conference out. *Sigh* On a different note… I just hope that people haven’t totally forgot about Detroit since the “Big Move”. *Thinks* If we have to be underdogs again, like we was in ’04, would everybody agree with me? And another thing… Do you think Detroit should have some kind of physical sign of unity? i.e. The same color headband…same length socks…or something like that? Just a question… *Shrugs* -BabyBen

  7. sammi

    i really feel this season all of our guys can go out there and have huge games and score unbelievably well every time. we have so many effective bench players and our starters will definitely get the rest they need, but we still have amazing subs that can come in and dominate. it feels like a good situation. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Anonymous

    GO gettem Boys!!!

  9. Justin

    I am really pumped to see these guys tonight. Finally able to see them in a game together. Hopefully Amir will be able to get a few minutes. So NBA live has Affalo with a 78 rating while Stuckey only has a 72. I guess those folks think more highly of Mr. Affalo then Mr. Stuckey.

  10. jacqueline

    I don’t know about you guys but I want the Pistons to go out there tonight and give the Cavs a good old fashioned azz-whooping! I am still hurting with way their season ended, and I want them to give the Cavs something to fear when they play them in the regular season. Yeah,yeah, I know they don’t wanna risk injuries and all that good stuff, but it sure would be nice for them to send the Cavs home with their heads hanging low!!!

  11. Anonymous


    All the guys who wear sweatbands always have the same color. I’d love to know who decides which one to wear each game.

    I can’t wait to see the boys!
    Go Pistons!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Anonymous

    does anybody know if there will be a website with a link to watch the game. im from maine and i wont be able to see these games until the regular season. im going insane.

  13. Amanda

    You guys have no idea how excited I am (well, maybe you do!). I was flipping through the channels and guess what’s on channel 6? Pistons basketball! I didn’t get to watch ONE myTV20 game last season. I hope I’ll be able to watch ever game this year! GO PISTONS! Preseason or not, DESTROY THE CAVS!

  14. Anonymous

    wow if you pathetic piston fans really are trying to beat us and “pay us back” for the ass kicking we gave you last year you are desprate

  15. Andrew

    Hey, the refs are on a shorter lease, so all you guys got is LeBron and David Stern on your side this year, but not the refs! Mr. anonymous above me^

  16. Amanda

    Chauncey and Rip in only towels and shoes? Let’s take a minute and picture that…

    …me likey. lol

  17. Mike


  18. Amanda

    Overtime in a preseason game? Redonkulous…

  19. Anonymous

    i realize this is preseason. but i want to see rip and chauncey in over time, to get the job done.

  20. Amanda

    I know it’s preseason and we had our youngins in but that overtime was a little hard to watch. I loved the last like 30 seconds though. Those boys went and went hard. Hate the loss but love the spirit.

    OH! Poor Afflalo… I could see it in my head and it was beautiful.

  21. Anonymous

    first i would like to say that …I LOVE OUR BENCH MAN!! even though this was a lost i thought our bench played really +jarvis really hard, and i’m soo proud of them. They showed poise and heart and that’s exactly what we need from our second unit. But even though this was a lost i appreciate the credit that our bench gave us. I hope no one was counting this game as pay back because i would rather it wait til the playoffs and season. This game means nothing but who is on the team and who isn’t. This Detroit Pistons team is unbelievable good, wait my bad GREAT!, we just had some rookie mistakes ๐Ÿ˜€ and that’s something that they can look at. I love the way they played in a tied closing game, and they showed soo much heart and i appreciate it. I love this team and have confidence. Thank goodness we play tmw because i would be thinking about them all day tmw. I LOVE DETROIT!!!!!!!!!!!ESPECIALLY THE PISTONS!!!!!!!!! CAN”T WAIT TIL NOV. 4th

    LET”S GO PISTONS AND LET”S GET THAT SHIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2007-2008 IT”S OUR TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    ALL BOUT DETROIT BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Anonymous

    o to that guy who said we are pathetic (Anonymous said..8:40 p.m)…wait i think i know who you are, u r probably that guy named “Cavs in 4” on the pistons. com forum. Okay..Okay..Okay..were pathetic…i sworn i just saw something on the yahoo front page saying Cleveland fans were booing LeBron….hmmmmmmmm cause he was wearing a Yankees hat? I know Chauncey is from Denver (starts w/ a D yo ,lol) and he loves his broncos, but we aren’t going 2 boo him when we c him w/ a broncos hat on…man Tatum Bell came from that team and plays for the lions so we can’t boo Chauncey. You guys freakin buy Lebron jersey’s and you boo him…we are bad fans???? I have mad respect for Lebron and he is funny too (i watched SNL), but i’m a Pistons fan at heart and will always be (man he go my emotional speeches again, lol)Anyway i appreciate wat our youngs brought us tonight, man i am starting to fall in love w/ afflalo and stuckey…*faints*

    LET”S GO PISTONS AND LET”S GET THAT SHIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2007-2008 IT”S OUR TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    ALL BOUT DETROIT BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Anonymous

    so anybody see Rasheed and Gooden go at it. They were bitching at eachother that whole free throw sequence. I only wish they had the game in HD cuz then you woulda been able to hear EVERYTHING! I just love sheed and Gooden needed LeBrons help on the following possession. STUCKEY rookie of the year!!

  24. Anonymous

    What is up with Amir?? Is he really hurt badly or are they just being careful with an ankle sprain? I am dying to see this guy play again so what’s the deal?

    GO PISTONS!!!!

  25. sammi

    when they lose its painful for me.
    even in the preseason.
    it reminds me of the games last season where we were dominating the whole time but let the W get away from us somehow.
    not cool!

    i love pistons <3

  26. Anonymous

    I was at the game and they had the Kiss Cam going, and at the end they put Sheed up on the monitor and he tried to lay a big fat wet one on someone (Flip Murray, I think). Gotta love Sheed.

  27. Anonymous

    I think they’re just being cautious with Amir, this is his first sprain. Flip was quoted as saying he thinks Amir will be back when we play the Mavs and Spurs next week, and he wants him to get in some practice before putting him back on the floor.

  28. Anonymous

    I dont know… Stuckey had some pretty big missed plays. He HAS to bring his A game this year for us to get past cleveland and Boston

  29. Justin

    Is it just me or does anyone else see alittle Lindsey Hunter in the way Rodney Stuckey brings the ball up court? He dribbles the ball high. I wouldn’t be surprised if that leads to a few turnovers this year. Maybe it was just on a few possesions and he doesn’t normally do that. But we shall see.

  30. dirge

    Wow! Wubba-U O Wubba-U!

    Is anyone else excited that we, as fans, are worried about playing time for our bench? *Grins*

    Stuckey showed flashes of greatness. He’s got the size, speed, and strength every NBA point guard dreams of, and I suspect his ballhandling will improve will all the practices against Billup’s Larry Brown pedigree.

    Flip Murray looks *so* much more explosive after trimming back down. I hadn’t realized he bulked up, but I didn’t see much of the hunger he played with in Seattle last year. He was probably disappointed to fall out of the rotation, which is understandable. I think he’s in a great position to contribute this year.

    Afflalo will definitely be able to fill in for Delfino. His defense is NBA-ready now, as his play against Miami and the Cavs already proved. His offensive game is coming along, and I suspect he’ll be a more versatile scorer than Delfino was (though Delfino always thrilled me when he went to the rack). I think Flip Murray will get more of the shooting guard minutes, and Hayes will eat up most of the small forward minutes, but I wouldn’t relegate Afflalo to benchwarming, even in his rookie year. He just looks too competetive for that.

    Jarvis Hayes looked great! I was really nervous about his defense, but he seems to be working really well with the second unit, and I think he’ll be a quality backup for Prince. He’s bigger than I thought, too! Dumar’s definitely made a good decision, and has a no-risk contract to go with Afflalo and Mejia’s rookie contracts to backup Prince.

    Mad Max was forced to play a really-undersized center, but I think he’s already proved what amazing energy he brings. Like Varejao, Max is hustle player, but I think his rebounding will continue to improve, and he’s learning to pass rather than force the shot. He was a black hole in the first half of last season, though given how much Saunders focuses on offensive production, I can see why he tried to force it.

    We didn’t get to see Amir, which was really disappointing. I can only say the suspense is *killing* me! I really hope he’ll continue to put on the muscle. I’m a little concerned about his weight, but I think he’ll contribute well.

    Nazr looked better, though he’s been relegated to the second unit. I don’t think that’s really a bad deal for him, especially as the only true center on the team. We’re going to need him for more than Shaq with Dice in the starting lineup.

    We have a few key veterans in Flip Murray, Nazr, Hayes, and Lindsey. We have some great young players in Max, Amir, Stuckey, and Afflalo. We have some projects in the form of Samb and Mejia. I think Dupree will get cut, unless Lindsey takes a front office job early, because I don’t see Dumar’s making a trade or cutting the newly signed Mejia from the roster at this point.

    We’ll see! I’m just *really* excited about such a great bench! I’m just worried about how Saunders will use it ๐Ÿ™‚

  31. Anonymous

    Stuckey is not a pg. He is not even a combo G like marbury, francis, ai, etc…

    Theres nothing in his game, from the college level to this date, that looks like he could handle pg duty in the nba.

    Another thumbs up to the pistons P.R.

  32. Justin

    I love it when anonymous hater comes to visit us. He/she brings so much joy and energy. Thank you for your insight. You must have seen each every game Stuckey has played to be able to comment with the detail that you have. Again thank you for gracing us with your presence. We are all now smarter for having read your comment. (this last comment was dripping with sarcasm)


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