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Rodney Stuckey
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More thoughts on the Pistons 103 – 86 win over Miami coming. I do have to say that the 50th Anniversary Logo at Half Court looks great.

If you were at the game or listening to the broadcast leave your thoughts on the game in the comments.


  1. Anonymous

    W00T! First post! Anyway, I was listening to the broadcast up until halftime, then my connection started acting up and I couldn’t finish it, but from what I heard was Stucky had an outstanding game, and the box scores only strengthens my point. *Thinks* But the only thing is that Amir didn’t get in…*shrugs* I guess we’ll have to wait next game. And a little FYI: Did you know in NBA Live 08, they have Afflalo rated as a 78 rookie? That’s unreal! And what makes it bad, (or good…depending how you look at it…), They have Rip rated as a 79…come on…his better than that! And Stucky, he’s rated as a 72, just putting that out there.


  2. Junior

    As good as Stuckey was, the guy who impressed me the most was Affalo. This guy seems to have a great Basketball IQ. He is going to be a solid NBA player.

    If the pre-season is any indication of which guards are going to get more minutes…right now i’d have to say Stuckey and Affalo win over Flip Murray.

    Flip will do some good things then as soon as his game looks good, he does 4 or 5 things that make him the crappy player he has always been. I am not a Murray fan…NEVER will be. He never has done anything to make me believe he deserves heavy bench minutes.

    We looked good against a sorry looking Miami team. The only players I knew were J. Williams and Micheal Doleac. A D-league team coulda ran with Miami tonight.

    LAST THING–Rodney Stuckey has wide shoulders and looked tough as nails. This dude is bigger than I thought. No doubt he is going to be a stud!!

  3. Anonymous

    from that game, I’d say our future looks damn bright and we didn’t even get to see Amir yet.

    I realllly hope he plays on thursday so I can see him on TV20.

    haven’t been this excited for the NBA since we got Sheed

  4. Sable

    It was nice to see the Pistons roll tonight, but my enthusiasm for the win is tempered by the fact that Miami didn’t seem to have even rotation playres playing today. Can the rookies score against solid NBA vets? Can they play individual defense and team defense against solid NBA vets? I don’t think this game really answered those questions. I’m not saying they can’t, but I’ve got to see them play against some more established playeres before I can judge how they all look.

  5. Anonymous

    I’m curious about Amir Johnson not playing, but he did sprain an ankel the other day and was listed as day-day, so maybe next game!


  6. Natalie

    Richie, I am sure the best thing for Amir is to make sure he’s totally healed before playing. I am excited to see him too but we must wait.

  7. dave

    I didn’t get to see the game, but it looks like Jarvis Hayes logged a lot of minutes and took a lot of shots. How did he look? Is he going to be backing up Tayshaun at the 3? When is the first regular season game? Any word on Webber?

    Natalie, thanks for doing this site- it’s awesome.
    Man I love Pistons season.

  8. darksideryda

    I wish I could have seen the game. Does anyone record these games? If so does anyone have a download link to put up?


  9. Anonymous

    I heard Webber wants to play for the Pistons only so I guess it’s only a matter of time before we sign him. Looking at our roster we have such a strong bench and I have no idea who they will keep on the active roster and those that will be on the IR.

    I love the Pistons and can’t wait for this season to start. We need to get it done this season and do it in impressive fashion!!

  10. Anonymous

    that game was pretty cool..i was at the palace…i couldnt believe what good rookies we got…im pretty sure we can get to playoffs if flip saunders plays the rookies more than last season…any coments hit me up at

  11. onlyPistonFanInWV

    heck of a game, even tho the heat didn’t play their big name players. im really impressed with our rooks. this season looks like its gonna be a great one! Oh yeah, i was just real disappointed that Bill Walton didn’t do the commentating, I’m sure Natalie feels the same haha.

  12. Anonymous

    To my knowledge, the first preseason game which was last night v.s. the heat wasn’t broadcast on any television station. Anyhow, I did manage to listen to it for free via off of, go to scoreboard, click listen, make sure you have an acct and login and listen, I tried listening from but nothing would come on. Anyhow, it’s good to hear George Blaha doing what he does best: broadcasting the game play by play. I must say I was impressed with Arron Afflalo and also of course Rodney Stuckey. What struck out to me is our plan to really attack the the rim, we shot like 42 ft’s compared to MIA’s 23 I think. That’s quite a few more. Anyhow, those guys played really well and so did Nazr. He had 3 steals and 2 blocks. Flip Murray had a few steals too. The only thing about Flip Murray is he never was consistent last year. He is a heck of a stealer though, picking pockets left and right. I can assure everyone that all the Pistons players are really looking forward to the game on Thurs v.s. the Cavs. After what they did to us this past year, we our out for revenge. Be it a preseason game, we still feel ticked.

    Let’s beat CLE this Thursday!


  13. Anonymous

    that pisses me off bout rip bein a 79! hes my fav player and hes only a 79!!! that bull!

  14. Boney

    a buddy of mine emailed me a picture of Tayshaun from last night’s game..

    email subject said: “Nappy but happy”

    and it showed him with his longer than usual head of hair… what’s up with that Nat?

  15. jacqueline

    I am so glad they won, I only heard a little bit of the game, but winning was the goal, and they did that. This is totally off the subject but Chauncey is one of the players featured on new feature “Amazing Journey”! There are two baby pictures of him in the article, he is soooooooo cute, you guys have got to check it out! The interview he did is pretty cool too! There is a link to it on too!! I am hooked on Chauncey, so that was a real treat for me!!!

  16. Amanda

    lol I think I have that Crush shirt that Chauncey has on in one of those pics. haha

    Anyway, I wish all the games were on FSN so I could watch every single one of them. I enjoyed listening to Mr. Blaha’s enthusiastic play-by-play but it’s just not the same when you can’t see the action for yourself. From what I got, our rookies, Maxiell and Hayes played pretty well. Whether that was because they really are impressive or because Miami had shit players on the floor remains to be seen but either way, one good game deserves another. CRUSH THE CAVS!

  17. Anonymous

    haha the only thing that will stick out in my mind about flip murray junior was that sick dunk he did over henrich and the bulls last year lol otherwise solid game for the boys


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