Chris Webber has an Offer from Greece

by | Sep 28, 2007 | 27 comments

According to ESPN’s Chris Sheridan:

“Chris Webber has a multi-million dollar contract offer on the table from Olympiacos of Greece, and he plans to decide by this weekend whether to accept it or wait on the sidelines for another chance at playing in the NBA.

Two sources familiar with the offer told that Olympiacos was offering a two-year deal that would net Webber between $10 million and $12 million, which would make him the highest-paid American player in Europe.

Webber has said he is leaning toward returning to the Detroit Pistons, although signing Webber prior to training camp, even for the veterans’ minimum, would have cap ramifications that the Pistons want to avoid. Webber is said to be comfortable with the idea of waiting at least a month or two for the Pistons’ roster issues to work themselves out, which would allow him to join them in midseason as he did in 2005-06.”

At this point how do Pistons fans feel about Webber’s return. Do we still think he’s the missing piece?

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Thanks to Nick(Team N4S) for the Tip.


  1. gee gee

    of course webber is the missing piece of the pistons, it is evident. last year when the pistons were kinda of in there slump webber came and sparked that team back up. yeah they lost a few games when he first started but they ended up sealing the deal at the number one spot taking it away from the wizards for the eastern conference and we saw the hungry pistons again. and how he just gelled the first time he played with them with the behind the back pass… and it worked. not alot of people automatically come to a team and the first time you do the play it works. so of course and i am glad that the pistons are still an option for him because there is no better place for him except detroit. well to me that is. and yeah he didn’t do as well in the playoffs but people do have their bad days, and he now he has time to make it up and go for the championship, which i am totally confident that they will get this year. and webb come back we will accept you with open arms, just because you are getting older doesn’t mean you aren’t getting wiser in your game, keep that in mind, what the newbies are learning to do…you been there and done schoool them

    detroit fa life babay

  2. Will

    i think it’s the smartest place for C-Webb and getting him for the veterans exception is great for the Stones roster

    I just wish they had done the same thing with Jalen last year, I don’t believe his skills have fallen off as far as it seemed when he never got to play in phoenix last year

  3. Natalie

    Good point will, I would have loved to see Jalen in a Pistons uni, he would have gotten some quality time with us.

    I don’t really see CWebb wanting to go to Greece at this point but that’s a lot of money to turn down so who knows.

  4. Anonymous

    “Webber is said to be comfortable with the idea of waiting at least a month or two for the Pistons’ roster issues to work themselves out, which would allow him to join them in midseason as he did in 2005-06.”
    It was 2006-07 buddy.

  5. jess

    I dont mind seeing C-Webb back in red, white, and blue.

    I agree with Gee Gee.. he was the spark of the team when he came here and he kinda lifted their spirits and they finally started playing like the pistons we used to know before the other Wallace left.

    Nazr was good but everyone knew he was no Ben. We all knew that but we were all hoping he would give us some kind of spark, some spirit and it didnt really seem to show. C-Webb came along and finally there was some kind of difference.

    Ill take C-Webb please!

  6. Anonymous

    C-Webb is way too good to play in Europe. That is a lot of money though and he is getting up there in age. To be honest I’d rather see him go to Europe and get paid than play for any other NBA team besides the Pistons. I have a feeling that if we have to rely on Nazr this season we will all be more than ready to see Webber back on the floor by mid-season. I don’t even want to wait that long to see him back unless they really are going to put Sheed or Dyess at center. (I am not a big Nazr fan.)

    GO PISTONS!!!!

  7. Anonymous

    -off topic-
    lebron james is hosting saturday night live this week. that show is so over just like the cavaliers will be this season!! lol

  8. dirge

    I think Webber is valuable, but not the missing piece the Pistons need.

    I’m pretty convinced Dumars is right about needing youthful energy, and his focus on the perimeter coverage.

    Jarvis Hayes was an important signing, and one that is largely being ignored by fans and bloggers alike. Yeah, I would have loved to see Pietrus in Piston colors, but not at the price Golden State wants. And Hayes is a no risk contract who seems like a pretty solid upgrade over Delfino. And Afflalo may very well come along faster than people expect. That’s a lot of “ands” but it makes the Hayes contract seem pretty ideal.

    Any one of those conditions makes Jarvis Hayes a great free agent signing.

    As far as Webber goes, I’m really concerned about who the Pistons will buy out or waive.

    I’m also worried he’ll adversely affect Amir Johnson’s and Jason Maxiell’s play time. I really believe both are an important part to the Pistons, present and future. Max proved his value last season. Amir is poised to give us all a big reason to smile.

    I know the ‘ship means a lot, but I also like how Dumar’s is keeping the Piston’s future promising. I don’t foresee a Teal period when some of the older core players retire. Even if *some* of the new Pistons don’t pan out, I’m certain some of the will.

    Webber is less valuable this season than he was last. He’s older, but more importantly, so is the rest of the core. The Pistons need youth, and need give their bench a chance to succeed. With Stuckey, Afflalo, Hayes, Maxiell, Johnson, and even Samb and Mejia in the D-League, the Pistons have made a real commitment to their future.

    Webber *might* help the Pistons, and he might just hide some real talent (most likely Amir Johnson’s) and delay his progression. I’m not sure how big of an advantage Webber provides.

    I guess I’ll have to wait and see 🙂

  9. Andrew

    Yep, wait till mid-season, see how McDyess as a starter and Sheed as a Center pan out, see how Maxiell and Johnson are developing (as well as Samb in D-League) and see if Nazr is providing anything valuable. If one of these cases is not right, call in Webb for insurance!

  10. Amanda

    Excellent points, Dirge.

    I kind of thought the whole Webber thing was done with but obviously it’s far from over if Webber is “leaning toward returning” and is willing to wait to see how the Pistons’ roster problems work out.

    I like Webber but I thought the idea this season was to allow more playing time for the young guys and improve the bench. With C-Webb on the team he’d be taking up minutes that would otherwise go to Maxiell and Johnson.

    I don’t know much about the business side of basketball so this may sound like a dumb question but do we know around how much Webber would be making if he were to return to the Detroit City?

    P.S. I love the graphic. I don’t know what they’re talking about in that picture, but I love the hand gesture that ‘Dyess is making.

  11. shatia

    Woooooooow! I did not see that coming…Lol. Who would of thought C Webb in Greece? I kindof think he is going to accept that deal. I dont know why but i think its a hard offer not to. If it was me i would stay and see what the pistons can offer but we’ll have to wait and see what he’ll do. I cant wait to find out!!! Anyways Im still confused…okay Rasheed may be playing center and Dice as forward…what about Nazi? Is he going to be out of raotaion once again? Is garbage time the only time he’s going to get?

  12. Four Apples

    hes not going to accept the offer.. he doesnt need anymore money, money is not the issue, the issue is validation.. having been in the leauge for as long as he has the only thing he is looking for is a NBA championship, and the best place to do that is in detroit, id see how putting dyess in the starting lineup works out and have cwebb play 6th man, if dyess doesnt work out rotate cwebb/max/amir at the C, EVENLY!!

  13. Anonymous

    We need him. I dont trust Nazr and he will be a good mentor to Amir and Maxell. Bring him back Joe D. Bring him Back.

  14. jacqueline

    well, I do think that he can contribute to to the team, his passing ability is crazy!!!! We need him coming off the bench, he’s still got a little left in his tank, I think that we should sign him back, what could it hurt? The young guys like Max and Amir need him to school them about the game a little bit! I actually do think that he did good, he’s not done yet, he needs that ring, and I think that the Pistons could be the team for him, he fit in good with guys, so why not give him another shot? Chris Webber in Greece? no way, no how!

  15. brendan

    Webber coming back mid-season is the perfect situation. First of all, he is probabily still getting paid by Philly and an nba championship is one thing every vet wants… a ring is priceless. karl malone knows that.

    what do you call an offensive option who doesnt play defense? i call him a bench player. webber coming off the bench to support max and amir would be perfect. he is old… kind of like shaq, he does not need to play a full season. he just needs to stay in the paint for high percentage shots or set up rip (who always seems to disappear down the stretch) or tay.

    besides. where the hell else is he going to go? webber is detroit thru and thru, we love him, he loves us. he does not want to end his career anywhere else.

  16. Anonymous

    the thing about c-webb is that his personality fits great w/ this team and most of all HE WENT 2 MICHIGAN!!!lol. But if he does come back he will HAVE 2 come of the bench, because our youngs need a chance. So i say the roster looks like this

    Center: Sheed/C-Webb/Nazr, or Sheed/Nazr/C-Webb

    Point: Chauncey/Rodney/ Flip/ hunter

    Shooting Guard: Rip/ Aarron

    Power Foward: Dyess/Maxy/ Amir

    Small Foward: Tay/Hayes/ Amir

    sry to super dupe, man. But i think we might have 2 release him. BUT I DON”T WANT TOO, this guy needs a chance, gosh this is going to be exciting 2 c who goes. is there some reason we can keep his rights?

    LET”S GO PISTONS AND LET”S GET THAT SHIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111 2007-2008 IT”S OUR TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ALL BOUT DETROIT BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  17. Anonymous

    Sorry, Webber is past his prime, develope the young guys. Let someone else offer him their veteran cap.

  18. Thelowblock

    No one needs Webber anymore. It’s evident that Sheed will be moving to center this season, which makes McDyess the starting power forward. We have enough youth and energy on our bench to make Webber nearly useless. Wallace and Antonio can be used as PF/C players interchangably if and when needed. This is how the rotation will look this season.

    Center- Sheed/Nazr/McDyess(if needed)

    Power Forward-McDyess/Maxiell/Johnson

    Small Forward- Prince/Johnson/Hayes

    Shooting Guard- Hamilton/Murray/Afflalo/Stuckey(if needed)

    Point Guard- Billups/Stuckey/Murray

    Go Pistons! Get that ‘ship!!!

  19. Anonymous

    Webber has about 15 good games left. He’s old, tired, hurting, and plays about as much D as Glenn Robinsona and the beforementioned Jalen Rose.

    Hey, I liked the fab five too but these guys have all been ridiculously overpaid. Theres two sides of the game and they only play one.

    However, I’m a little upset about Delfino leaving but do see Jarvis and Afflalo filling the role sufficiently.

    Unfortunately we didn’t grab MoPete when we had the chance

  20. gee gee

    yall have to remember they need veterans as much as possible.

    did you notice last season, as soon as flip took off the vets and added the newbies or “new schoolers”/bench things began to fall apart, and once the core or some of the core were back on the floor we got back in the game?

    it’s not that the vets are taking over it’s the dumb decision flip makes by giving them all the dangone minutes. i believe we have the best team in the league not because, i love them and they play for my hometown, but it is true. they come together and they play together. and sharing is what they are known for. but flip needs to take that into consideration with the minutes. and having them all vets/bench/newbies play together…A LOT that is how they will get better and learn more.

    instead of always having the core start the game switch things up and add some new flavor, have these other teams caught off guard.

    but saying that the time is up for webber, no one has that decision except webber himself. if he can still bounce the ball, pass the ball, block the ball, and shoot the ball,then ol’boy can still pay. like i said ride that until the wheels fall off. so if he decides to come back midseason, he should be like new, no fatigue, gives room for the rookies to grow, and our other future stars. and then add webber in gets us through the play offs and into the finals and have some of the new guys get some experience in that and win the title for 08, go to the parade, celebrate and come back next year and do it all over again.

    detroit fa life babay

  21. Anonymous

    Webbers day is done. Lets move on.

  22. Anonymous

    Webber has gotten too old, is he like 40? He’s got to go and give room to maxy and amir. Let the young guns get a chance

  23. Anonymous

    Hey Nat,

    I just have a question about the Open Practice. Will we be able to get autographs and take pictures with the players?


  24. gMac

    Anything keeps Narzi out of the rotation!!!! Webber is so good, but Flip doesn’t know how to use his strength at all.

  25. gMac

    How great would it be for JMax and Amir to learn all the tricks from Sheed, Webber and Dyce!!!!!. Of course we want him back for that reason alone.

  26. gee gee

    well jordan came back from retirement like 50 million times and i don’t think anyone gave him slack so why don’t we show the same appreciation for webber, I know he is not micheal jordan status but still he is a good player, anyway regardless of what we say he may or may not come back so we will have to live with it. if he does come back hip hip horray


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