Bill Laimbeer the Piano Man?

by | Sep 26, 2007 | 17 comments

Every now and then someone sends me a video gem. Todays find is a doozy, the original Bad Boy Bill Laimbeer singing Piano Man. Karaoke at it’s finest.

I have always enjoyed Bill’s antics on and off the court, but this one has to be one of the tops. It might even be better than Bill Laimbeer’s Combat Basketball.

Thanks to Stephen C. for sending this one my way. Team Need4Sheed is awesome.
UPDATE: The original video was uploaded on YouTube by JGloWMU. Great work.


  1. Anonymous

    I would say more right now but WOW is all that comes out. Bill is the best.

  2. Anonymous

    I’m sorry there need4sheed but this is not an “unearthed gem”. It’s made it’s way around the Piston fan site circuit.

  3. Anonymous

    He should be the coach of the PISTONS!

  4. Kyle

    This is great, I thought it was great when they put a mic on Bill when he was coaching. This is way better!!!

  5. Anonymous

    You’ve really gotta start providing an embed option for these videos so fans can share them. they’re great!

  6. Anonymous

    Go to YouTube for the embedded option. That vid didn’t originate on this site (despite the url pasted on the pic)

  7. Anonymous

    Thanks for this one, now we just need to see Dennis Rodman in a dress… Oh I forgot that’s been done.

    As for the comment above me, It was clearly stated in this post that someone sent the video into Need4Sheed and was even given credit for doing so, what’s with all the negative comments here. Sounds like someone is just out to bash.

  8. Pistons > NBA

    just when you thought you’ve seen it all from bill laimbeer lol

    by the way, why does this site take credit for OTHER peoples work by adding the cartton sheed and website address? not only this video but others recorded off of tv. shouldn’t you only attach your web address to stuff you creat?

  9. Anonymous

    I can only imagine what Larry Bird has to say about Bill’s skills. If only he would have broken out in song during one of the heated Celtics-Pistons battles.

    What’s next The Microwave on Survivor?

  10. Anonymous

    I just want to say thanks to everyone who contributes to this website in any way. I find that I don’t always have the time or the desire to go jumping from website to website looking for news about the Pistons (and former Pistons) so it’s nice that I can just come here and get my fix on any given day. The comments are usually fun to read also and I usually enjoy seeing what other people think even if it differs from my own opinion. I think it’s great that Natalie takes the time to give us all easy access to things we may not otherwise have the time or energy to find on our own. So, thank you Natalie and thank you everyone else for all you do to help me keep up with my favorite team!

    GO PISTONS!!!!

  11. Anonymous

    But can he dance? Some people are sure all white men can’t!

  12. dirge

    People out here, in Seattle, always look at me like I’m crazy when I tell them Bill Laimbeer is my favorite player. Oh, I like guys that play with poise, like Joe Dumars, David Robinson, and Derek Fisher, but there is something about people like Laimbeer and Sheed that keep me excited about the NBA.

    Thanks for digging this up, Natalie!

  13. JGloWMU

    I uploaded this video on you tube 4 months. Thanks for bastardizing it.

    Bill Laimbeer is the man!

  14. Natalie

    JGloWMU, the video was sent to me by a reader of the site, I in no way am trying to take credit for anything you did. Thank you and I will be sure to put a link up if you provide me with one.

  15. Tessa

    “But can he dance? Some people are sure all white men can’t!”

    Gosh, can’t you just let that go already??

  16. Anonymous

    Ummm people are taking this “credit where credit is due” thing way too seriously. Natalie does plenty for us that doesn’t get recognized, and she goes to great lengths to thank us for contributing in whatever ways we can. She even dedicated a post to thanking us as “Team Need4sheed” this summer. She never claims credit for anything provided by others, and always mentions/thanks her sources (as she did here). So if people get mad about her putting logos on the videos she puts on her site (epseicially if they consider that “bastardization”) need a vacation and a dictionary.

    Thanks for everything Nat!


  17. Davey P

    I personally don’t have a proble with it but, it’s pretty insincere and misleading to put your signature all over something just because your hosting it. It’s different if you actually created it, like a mix or something. None of these videos taken form tv aired with n4s logos and urls pasted on them.


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