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by | Sep 26, 2007 | 26 comments

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  1. Anonymous


    Why doesn’t need4sheed make another racist headline along those lines in the interest of fairness. Sure Mark Madsen cant dance. And sure it appears Amir Johnson is spending his money like a fool. It doesnt mean there arent a multitude of black men who invest wisely and a multitude of white men who can break it down.

  2. Anonymous

    ^^ what the hell are you talking about? i saw nothing about anyone spending their money like a fool on need4sheed… until i read your comment that is! what is your problem?

  3. Dola Might

    Buying a car is a poor investment. Depreciation and what not. Using your first big paycheck to splurge for a ridiculously ostentatious display of wealth is incredibly foolish. Read the rest of the article about Amir and you will notice the contrast and why its particularly noticeable. No surprise that NEED4SHEED wouldn’t take note of the irony and would describe Amir as “doing quite good”. How about young man invests that money into future business ventures… make money for your family and your children. Set up a legacy, not piss it away on frivolity.

  4. dolez

    No need to knock NEED4SHEED though. Does good work in general. Amir could make a smarter decision, but its his money.

  5. Mike

    Wait, so the guy buys a nice car and suddenly he doesn’t know how to manage his money. I don’t know how much the car cost and I don’t know how much Amir makes in a year, but regardless I’m sure the percentage of his car compared to his salary is pretty small. Why not enjoy his pay and treat himself. Its not like he’s gambling away all his money. I don’t get why an article that mentions Amir’s new car and how he was trying to help public schools turns into a race discussion or a how to spend money discussion?!?

  6. Natalie

    I usually don’t make comments about other people’s character and I am not doing by no means was I try to imply anything about Amir or his spending. The fact the put the headline up there was so people would read it and go to the article and READ it’s contents. How many people would have went to the link and read about Amir doing charity if I had just put that in the headline.

    I do take offense to whomever it is that repeatedly keeps coming back and commenting that I am racist. You don’t know me….
    Do you?
    If you can take a post that was meant to be humorous and turn it around and keep calling me a racist then you don’t understand this site or what I do here. Madeson himself make the exact comment when talking about the incident years after it happened. If you would like to bash my character go right ahead but have the decency to tell us all who you are and instead of commentating here anonymously over and over again. You don’t like Need4Sheed or me then stop coming.
    You are entitled to your own opinion, but at this point to be calling me a Racist over and over again is getting out of hand.

    It seems even a harmless statement turns into somethings out of hand. You can’t please everyone… that’s an understatement.

  7. claire

    WOW…whoever accused this site is racist has got to be the biggest idiot EVER! even more idiotic than Bill Walton. What’s next? Are you gonna say that the Mark Cuban article is a racist article too? or the pictures of Baron Davis in China in the previous post? Or the “Amir loved China” link? I mean come on, is the Need4Sheed logo racist as well? Grow up and get a life. Accusing this site of being racist is like someone accusing Joe Dumars of being racist a while back. Ridiculous.

  8. Ahmed

    You tell him nat.

    That was amazing.

    Anon 3:58, your a totall retard

  9. Anonymous

    Thou shalt not have opposing view points. Comments must consist of “you’re soo right Nat, Deeetroit Basketballll!!!!”

    Remember, it’s ok to make broad statements about white poeple because it’s funny.

  10. jacqueline

    Thanks Natalie showing Chauncey the love on today’s blog, you are awesome!!!!

  11. Reese

    There is alway room for opposing view points but to assassinate someone’s character anonymously is another thing.

  12. Tessa

    “Thou shalt not have opposing view points. Comments must consist of “you’re soo right Nat, Deeetroit Basketballll!!!!” “

    Opposing views are fine, calling someone a racist is not.

  13. Anonymous

    Need4Sheed may not be racist, but writing something that disparages an entire race (or rather, half of one) is in and of itself, a racist act. The “its just a joke” defense can be used, but people use the b-word to disparage women in an attempt at humor, and people use the n-word to disparage blacks in attempts at humor and so on and so forth. These things are offensive and hurtful to some people even if they’re funny to others. There is little to be gained from rehashing negative stereotypes. If Madsen used the line then it should have been put in quotes to make that clear. Natalie is right though, coming on here repeatedly calling out someone as racist doesn’t serve any purpose.

  14. Anonymous

    Anonymity is part of the internet. Would it really have been better if that poster had provided a name (signed, Bob) or even a just-created email address? Its just how things go on the internet.

  15. Anonymous

    I agree that the site itself most likely is not a racist entity but if you affend a group of people you have a responsibility to own up to it. If it’s as easy as saying “it’s meant to be a joke” then all media personalities would be able to make insensitive statements with out being taken to task. Because it disparages whites doesn’t make it ok either. It’s actully refreshing that people take pride in being white and don’t want generalizations being made about their race. Honestly need4sheed, would you publish a generalization about black men as an attempt at humor and not expect to ruffle some feathers? And the fact that it’s dismissed as people being over sensitive is probably why their are those who are so insensed and won’t drop it. It’s not a taboo thing to be proud to be white without having a racist bone in your body, just like it’s encouraged for black people to be proud of themselves or any race for that matter.

  16. Anonymous

    The packaging is awesome – it shows all the stars and the championship teams all together – i already contacted the Palace to have that art avalible to the public

  17. Anonymous

    I am really confused about how the statement “he is doing well for himself, so he bought a Bentley” can be viewed as racist or how it is offensive to anyone. The site is meant to let pistons fans know what is going on with the team. If someone got arrested would that be racist too if she wrote about it. It was a simple comment letting us know that he bought a new car and that he was doing charity work. Please inform me on how that is racist or offensive to Black people.

  18. Marcus

    It’s apparently one rouge commenter that seems to be trying to start trouble on the site, its being mentioned in just about every post.
    I can understand peoples sensitivity but at this point it looks like some is out to make nasty comments.

  19. dirge

    There’s nothing wrong with being “sensative.” We–the people who post comments–are jumping to defend Natalie, because we love what she does.

    We all come to this site because we love the Pistons, and love basketball. I don’t care if you’re white, black, hispanic, asian, or purple with pink spots… how can you really love basketball and be a racist?

  20. jacqueline

    Whomever is talking about Natalie being a racist, must not be watching the Pistons!!! Because if you did, you would know that there is no way in the world that Natalie could be racist because the whole freaking team is black!!!!! Now would a racist person do that? I don’t think so!!!!! I am a african-american woman and if I thought that this was a racist site I would not be visiting. So thank you, Natalie, your site is very entertaining, so keep it up!!!!!

  21. Davey P

    Welcome to the conversation. I think you’re off base though and about this racism thing. I think people are upset about a post where Natalie said “WHITE men can’t dance”. People then were flipping that and saying that it be a whole different ball game if the post said BLACK men cant (insert rascial stereotype here) So your rant kinda wiffes there hun.

  22. dirge

    So the argument is that Natalie is a racist because she posted “white men can’t dance” and a video of Mark Madsen?

    It was a joke. Was it the most politically correct joke? I suppose it wasn’t, but I don’t think any one is suggesting Mark Madsen was doing anything but looking like he was going into a seizure ;p Did she write a rant about not being able to find a white man that could dance? No. It was a joke, and anyone that defines themselves based on the color of the skin… and their ability to dance, has some serious issues to deal with.

    Was my comment insensative for anyone who suffers epilepsy? Hmmm. I mean, what’s funny about a seizure, really? Do you think I wrote that and thought “I hate all those epileptics out there!” ?

    How should I take these comments?

    I take gabapentin, an epilepsy medication, though I use it for nerve damage pain, not to prevent seizures.

    I’m Sicilian, so I’m defnitely part black, at the least. Sicily was invaded by the Moors. I have a cousin from Palermo (Sicily) that used to say “We’re sand-blasted Africans.”

    On the other hand, my skin is more white than black (tan with a weird olive hue, technically). Should I be upset when someone says blah-blah “looks a little green”? I mean, I’m a bit green skinned, after all.

    I’ll tell you when I should get offended: when someone says something in a hateful manner. Maybe that’s subjective, too, but I’m pretty sure a link to a video with Mark Madsen “dancing” isn’t meant to hurt anyone.

    Now, Mark Madsen might have injured his dignity, but I’m pretty sure he’s still a hard-working, hustle player making over $2m a year. I’m pretty sure he can sleep at night with the knowledge he has a NBA championship ring, a few million in the bank, and a funny video of his celebration dance floating around.

    Yup, I’m pretty sure he’ll survive. And I’m pretty sure we’ll all still be coming back to Need4Sheed and support Natalie’s efforts, whether someone wants to blow a humorous comment out of proportion or not.

  23. Anonymous

    Did you get that info about the Moors invasion from the Movie True Romance? Tha’s a great f’n movie.

  24. Anonymous

    Im a black dude and my boys call me an uncle tom cuz i dont like the movie Scarface, but its all good.

  25. David D.

    Fuck Nat till se dies for being racist.

  26. jacqueline

    Sorry if I was off base, I must have missed something somewhere! Anyway, the “white men can’t dance” is very untrue because I know I lot of white men that can dance!


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