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by | Sep 21, 2007 | 23 comments

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  • Marc Stein has some good things to say about The New Look Pistons. He seems to love Amir, Maxiell and Stuckey.
  • Boney hates all things Cleveland.
  • Looks like Amir loved China.
  • I think Baron Davis loved China in a different way.
  • Bill Davidson is on an impressive list .
  • Great interview over at Hoops Addict. about Ron Johnson a playground legend in New York who was poised for greatness until he got caught in the wrong crowd and ended up in jail.
  • Dime Magazine loves them some Stuckey.
  • Keith Langlois talks the PF position.
  • Tony Delk led his Greek team to the Championships this season, now he’s working out for the Suns. Courtesy of Detroit Bad Boys
  • I was talking about The Pistons chance of a ROY next season, but Langlois is talking the Greatest Rookie Class of All Time.
  • I miss this……


  1. Anonymous

    D-town baby

  2. Anonymous

    I miss that too

  3. claire

    lol is that Rip who just walked past their “circle” without joining in?

  4. Ahmed


    there all bench players except sheed because he gets them fired up. lol

  5. Anonymous

    Why have we not heard/scene anything about Super Dupe in the last year? Granted, I know he didn’t get much PT last year (you know, with Flip busy playing Tayshuan during 20 point leads and all) but I think he should have had a chance at backing up Tay this year before we signed someone new. have we offically let him go yet or what?


  6. Amanda

    I was just skimming the Yahoo! homepage–you know, clicking on the little tabs to see what was new–and I noticed that under “Sports” there was the article about Kirilenko leaving the Jazz and under “Featured” there was an article about bullfrogs invading Utah. Connection or coincidence? You make the call.

    lol Yeah, I need sleep.

  7. Anonymous

    GO Amanda

  8. Dominic

    Yes I thought everyone knew about Kirilenko’s dire fear of bullfrogs. lol

  9. jacqueline

    Man, I am so ready for the season to start, I can barely sit still, I have been watching The Pistons channel on digital cable all summer, and I’m ready to see the new and improved team in action, just to think that Rasheed is 25 lbs lighter is crazy, the team had a few changes last year too, Rip cut his braids, and J-Max had lost weight too, what could they have in store for us this year, I can’t wait Chauncey and Tay have been in the news a little bit this summer,Rip was busy with his basketball camps, but everybody else is keeping a low profile, what are they hiding, I can’t wait, of course I will know in a few weeks when they visit here in Grand Rapids next month, I’m so excited!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

  10. Tessa

    What Pistons channel on Digital cable??

  11. Ahmed

    yeah i know, what it is. i need to get it.

  12. Amanda

    There is a channel on digital cable that is devoted to the Pistons? That’s downright freakin’ awesome.

    Knowing Charter, they don’t carry it. Bastards…

  13. Anonymous

    O.O THERE IS?! I DIDN’T KNOW?! I thought I was getting the best of it with FSN Detroit…>.> And I didn’t hear nothing about Pistons this summer besides Tay and Billups hitting the Olympic games…everything else I heard from was of the internet.


  14. jacqueline

    yeah there is a channel on comcast digital cable in the on demand section that is dedicated to the Pistons, it’s pretty awesome, its mostly just rerun stuff on there now, but you get to see all the pregame and post games interviews that they hardly ever show on FSN, I love it, I’m always watching Chauncey ( my favorite)!!!!!

  15. kyle c.

    I was just on and in the fan poll america said the celtics were going to win the East. And the Pistons had the least amount of votes to win. I noticed a simallarity…
    In 2003 Pistons were top seeded in the east and lost in the ECF to a team that eventually lost to a team in the Finals. The next year the Pistons won the Finals. Last season Pistons were #1 seed and lost in the ECF to a team who lost in the finals.
    So Im saying that the Pistons are following the same path as last year. Cause they are overlook again.

  16. Ahmed

    i neeeeeeeeeeed to get that channel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Anonymous


    I finally have a post.

  18. Anonymous

    Satan will be sucking icicles down in hell before the Celtics win the east this year! What kind of morons are voting in that poll over there at — must be all of Bill Walton’s inbred relatives or somthing. It’s ok that the Pistons are being overlooked because we all know the truth… everyone else is just jealous because we have the best team!! We are going to have an awesome season and the haters just can’t deal with it (as usual!) so they are creating and living in their own little fantasy world where apparently everything is coming up shamrocks and bullshit. lol.

    GO PISTONS!!!!

  19. Amanda

    psht…yeah, what he/she said ^

  20. Anonymous

    I’m glad Amir didn’t get caught with a stupid picture like Barron Davis did. This is embarrassing, the hot chik in the picture is a professional Whore, high price maybe but still a whore working the karaokes in Asia.

  21. claire

    Dear Jacqueline, you have to tell us how to get that Pistons channel!!!! My dad works for Comcast and we have the premium service or whatever, but I thought on demand only has movies! Or do you live in Detroit and that channel only comes on in that area??? I’m so jealous now!!!!

    Please tell!!

  22. Anonymous

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  23. jacqueline

    Hi Claire, no I don’t live in Detroit, I live in Grand Rapids, Mi, if you have comcast on demand, it comes with it, you have to sroll to “sports and fitness” with your remote control, and its on the last page of the sports channels that you can get its just says “The Pistons” you can see interviews and special little stories the guys are goofing around and stuff, Lindsey Hunter did a pretty cool piece last season that has 4 segments it’s so funny, anyway if you have on demand with comcast you already have that channel, any more questions let me know!!!!


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