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by | Sep 10, 2007 | 19 comments

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  1. Anonymous

    Joe D needs 2 see that video of Webber… I say keep um! He only had a short time 2 plat with us.

  2. MC Welk

    Translated French: is without a doubt the best Detroit Pistons site: it offers “very handsome” wallpapers, unedited videos and is always updated regularly (daily). It is THE site to know for Pistons fans! …

  3. darksideryda

    damn..I really dont want C-webb to go, I wanted him to retire a Piston. I think he still can bring good stuff to the team, and he really likes where he is at, and gets along with this team. He will be missed if he goes. C’mon joe let him retire here!!!!

  4. Natalie

    Thanks MC Welk, much appreciated.

  5. dirge

    I think Webber is out of the Pistons plans, too. I just don’t see them adding a guy with that little left in the tank; it’s not Webbers fault, of course, but the years and injuries take their toll.

    I was amazed and delighted when they signed Samb, clearly a project, and Mejia after their two first round picks. Yes, it’s possible *none* of these players affects the lineup, but I’d be amazed if at least one of them became a quality Piston player.

    Joe is making moves to avoid the cylic rebuilding process teams go through. I don’t think any one needs to see more of the Teal years. It’s a very difficult task without dipping into luxury tax range.

    And Natalie, I’m sure you’ve inspired a lot of people with this site (and your effort). I started writing articles for local papers in the last two years. Why? The metro-Seattle area, especially the burbs, have very little interest in basketball and there aren’t many articles out there. I can’t say I love the Sonics (or even like them). Stick me, and I bleed Piston’s red, white and blue!

    But… Rodney Stuckey is from Kent, which is perhaps ten miles south of Seattle, and about twenty-five miles south-west of my little cave up in the Cascades (Sammamish, WA). There is definitely some talent out there… and they just are dying to play a 5’8″ 35 year old guy with nerve damage in both feet 🙂 Really. Okay, not buying it? *Grins*

    Whatever the case, this site is one of the only places I check daily. I go to for general news, if I want more details, for Langois blog and the mail bag, and for the important stuff 🙂 Of the sites out there, if I could only pick one it would definitely be this one!

  6. Little Panda - Basket Passion

    Your site is super, all simply
    Good luck for the continuation


  7. Anonymous

    Oh Please Joe D let C-Webb stay! That would be a dream if he retires as a Piston!

  8. claire

    lol the Rip article is the best I’ve read in a while. maybe but he should try out for that ninja warriors show in japan. But second thought, I thought Rip said that he likes Spider man.

  9. Anonymous

    It mean that is the best site for pistons fan and its real cuz im from Quebec montreal and i like DEtroit! Even at my school in a basketball tournement they were like five team name detroit pistons!Lol it was detroit pistons 1,detroit… LOL
    PISTONS RULES! n happy bithday SHEED have a great day

  10. Anonymous

    yeah anyone but Nazr

  11. Eitan

    Probably THE sickest dunk of his Pistons career:
    2:19 left in that video, against the Suns with the shot clock down to 1!!!
    love him, want him back…

  12. Amanda

    I haven’t even thought about C-Webb returning next season. I didn’t even think it was still an issue. Anyway…

    Want to know something really weird? Quite a while ago I had a dream that Rip turned into a ninja! lol No bullshit. It was a strange dream…all I remember is Rip, Gene Wilder, and a very large pool.

    Chauncey was at the VMAs? Why would he go to such a…skanky event? lol I guess they needed him there to up the classy quotient.

    I loved the Darko article. That makes me smile. If he woulda done that while he was here with the Pistons, I think I would have liked him more. 🙂 That’s a joke, by the way. One ‘Sheed is enough for any team. haha

  13. Paige aka da truth is undoubtedly the best site on Detroit Pistons and due: the site proposes very beautiful wallpapers, new vidéos and is especially updated very regularly. It is the site to be known for the fans of the Pistons! New images also available in the photo album are envisaged for this purpose (on the blog)!

    This is what it said and i don’t want c-webb to go 🙁

  14. Anonymous

    Maybe there’s still hope for Webber although it sure doesn’t look good. I will miss his smile, his sweet feeds, his dunks… it’s too bad and I am quite sad. I hate the thought that we have to rely on Nazr. I hope he has improved his game over the summer because he has some big shoes to fill and he sure wasn’t worth his salary last season. I know some people like him and they’re entitled to their opinion but I think the guy needs some improvement if he is going to help this team. He doesn’t seem to have the heart to play in Detroit at least it doesn’t seem like it to me.

    GO PISTONS!!!!

  15. Ronnie


    Natalie, if you need me to translate french send me the article. I can have it done tomorrow.

  16. darksideryda

    I watched the C-Webb highlights again , and recalled the last song that was played. It was C-Webbs own song off his album that he released back in 1999. I was digging today and actually found it in my collection. I am gonna pop it in and give a listen again.

    I hope by some miracle they do come to some agreement and re-sign him and let him retire a Piston.

  17. simon


    I am french so here is the translation. est sans doute le meilleur site sur les Detroit Pistons et pour cause : le site propose de très beaux wallpapers, des vidéos inédites et est surtout mis à jour très régulièrement. C’est LE site à connaitre pour les fans des Pistons !

    Need4Sheed is without a doubt the best website for Pistons fans : there is very beautiful wallpapers, videos and, the most important, update very regulately.
    It is THE website to know for Psitons fans!

    De nouvelles images sont également disponible dans l’album photo prévue à cette effet ( sur le blog ) !
    New images are also available in the photo album (in the blog) !

    Natalie, I love your website as much as the Sheed. And i am not the only french one in this case.

    Take care.

  18. pascal

    The french post is more about congratulating your blog than loving the Sheed, but it goes together anyway : you can’t be a pistons fan without loving the Sheed!
    About C.Webb, it seems like it’s sadly over, and big teams like Dallas showed interest on him. He will be in a contender team for sure or he’ll retire, and that will suck both ways!


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