Chauncey Billups way back when…..

by | Sep 6, 2007 | 33 comments

…….when he had a high top fade that is. Check out this great Chauncey Billups highlight video of Mr. Big Shot before he got his nickname. Though we don’t see it at all anymore, this is proof that Chauncey can dunk.

Thanks goes out to Need4Sheed team member Rebecca Knox for finding this one.


  1. Anonymous

    Dang it’s weird to see Chauncey with hair… he looks way better without it imo. Nice vid!!

  2. ashley1

    he is amazing …….
    & my favorite piston by far !

  3. claire

    we should thank whoever that told Chauncey to get a hair cut. You know whats weirder than seeing chauncey with hair? seeing him in a celtic uniform, along with timberwolves, etc. Pistons 4ever.

  4. Anonymous

    What is the song called in the video?

  5. Amanda

    lol I loved the zigzag shape in his hair. That was hot.

    Kind of weird seeing him with hair and dunking and all little and stuff.

    Great Video. Nice find, Rebecca.

  6. jess


  7. detroit 2hot 2handle

    This video I watched it over and over again like a couple of months ago, it is one of my favorites, Chauncey and “My life be like” just goes great together

  8. Runway aka Max

    Whats going on Pistons fans,

    I made this video over a year ago and didnt really have any mixing skills back then, still, i managed to mix this together and im really happy that a lot of people get so see my video now. im a pistons fan myself and chauncey is one of my fav players.

    peace, glad u enjoyed the video

  9. dirge

    Nice video, runway!

    I knew Chauncey could dunk, but it was still surprising to see him actually do it 🙂

    I love getting a closer look at the Pistons, whether it’s where they come from or a glimpse into their personal lives. It makes me feel more like I’m part of the team, even if that part is just the role of a fan. That’s enough armchair psychoanalysis! It’s 6 AM here and I’m running on an hour sleep, so any more discussion is bound to reveal just how scrambled I really am right now.

    Detroiter transplanted to Seattle

  10. Natalie

    Thanks for the great work Runway….

    Let me know if you decide to do any other Pistons videos.

  11. Anonymous

    I saw this video like a year ago and yes it’s one of my favorite. He was even SMOOTH back then LOL!!

  12. Anonymous

    awww this is the first video i had ever seen of chauncey !! this is also by far my most favorite video of his.. i dont know it just shows him when he was sort of an unknown and kind of what we discovered [pistons]

    anonymous 8:58,

    its called “my life be like ooh ahh” by grits.. haha i fell in love with the song the first time i watched the video too

  13. Dominic

    Happy Birthday Antonio Mcdyess!!! Don’t forget Nat Sheed’s is on Sep 17 and Chauncey’s is on Sep 25th

  14. darksideryda

    Ya beat me to it Dominic!!! lol.

    Happy birthday Dyess!!!!

    3 great players with b’days this month!!!!

    NY Pistons Fan

  15. Anonymous

    A little birdie told me it’s Natalie’s Birthday Today!

    HAPPY BDAY NAT and thank you for this wonderful site.

  16. Anonymous

    WHat is the song called in this video i really love it, fits perfect!

  17. Ahmed

    its nat’s birthday?

    IS IT??????????

  18. Dominic

    One Month till Pistons Preseason I CAN”T WAITT!!!!!!! And don’t tell me preseason don’t count it counts to the real pistons fans!!

  19. Anonymous

    HELL YEAH!! You know there are some folks out there who call themselves fans that only get into the Pistons after March Madness is over… what a joke. I am sure there are no such people on this website, but I bet you all know someone like that. I’m watching every single game I can get my eyes on and I get excited over all of them from start to finish — some say I get a little TOO excited but I really don’t give a fat turd. I LOVE MY PISTONS! (I have a t-shirt that even says that lol) I can’t wait. I can’t wait! I can’t wait!!!!!!

  20. Anonymous

    the song is

    grits – my life be like (ooh ahh)

  21. Amanda

    I get really pumped up for preseason. I’ve got a countdown going on my Pistons calendar. Whether the games count or not, Dee-troit basketball is ALWAYS exciting!

  22. Amanda

    P.S. I’m sure many of you (if not all) have already read Thursday’s Mailbag over at but if you haven’t, you should. There are quite a few humorous proposals. Somebody suggested starting Stuckey in place of Rip and someone else thought it’d be a good idea to trade Tayshaun for Igoudala. People should have to take an intelligence test before they’re allowed to write in. Mr. Langlois has enough shit to do without having to answer back to the crazies. haha

  23. kyle c.

    How do you spell Lindsey Hunters name?

    Is it with an “e” or an “a”.

  24. Ahmed

    I dont know smartie dork. Not only the fact that it is spelled in the post bellow.

    dumb people are so funny!!!!!

  25. santa

    Amanda, I saw those stupid suggestions in the Pistons mailbox too. I think the people who wrote them are anti-Pistons fans. They’re scheming to sabotage our team..what a futile attempt though.

  26. jacqueline

    I love it , love it, love it! You guys know by now tha;t my baby, I just feel like screaming, no matter what he is doing, (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!) we should find a way to get Chauncey’s attention, to get him to dunk at a couple times this coming up season, I would love to see him do that just for the fans, I know that’s not his game, but just to see that a couple times this year would be awesome@@@2

  27. kyle c.

    Well Ahmed,

    If you look around the web you will see that Lindsey is spellt with an “a” and an “e”.

    If you want to see a place that spellt it with and “a” just watch the game show with Rip and Chauncey on it and at the end they spell Lindseys name with an “a”

  28. Amanda

    I’ve seen his name misspelled a couple of times but the proper spelling is with an “e”.

    Hey, Ahmed, “smartie dork”? Honestly? lol I’m not NEED4SHEED’s creator, but I don’t think there’s any room for that kind of language on this site. haha

    lol Santa. Futile indeed considering Keith Langlois has no say in the way the roster is made up. But I understand what you mean. Those people can’t be one of us. Probably a Cleveland fan who knows his team caught a break last spring. Damn cowards…grrr.

  29. Anonymous

    I wish it wasn’t so hard to find players old jerseys, i’d pay a good price to have a billups 98-99 raptors throw back let me tell you…

  30. Ahmed

    sorry kyle.

  31. Anonymous

    omg he was at the vmas?!?!?!? ughhhh !!! that makes me soo mad !!

    i chagned it right after the first 2 minutes of britney spears singing.. haha that was not a good opening!

  32. kyle c.

    its okay ahmed.
    My brother made the same mistake.


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