Lindsey Hunter: Player / Coach

by | Sep 5, 2007 | 17 comments

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Yesterday on the drive home I caught WDFN’s Stoney and Wojo Show. Lindsey Hunter was on the show and talked about being more of a Player/Coach this season.

It’s nice to see that Lindsey will be taking more of a coaching roll. We have a couple of rookies on the squad that could learn a few things from Coach Hunter. My question is this, will Lindsey be taking a roster spot away from one of the rookies? If that is the case I don’t know how happy I am about the move. Though I love Lindsey and what he brings, especially his D, we still need to develop for the future.

However, I am sure Lindsey would make a great coach, just look at his people skills with his teammates.


  1. claire

    I can see Lindsey Hunter as an assistant coach. I hope he stays around with the Pistons. Is it just me, or does he look a bit like Usher?

  2. Anonymous

    I think if Lindsey does take a roster spot then he’ll coach by example, so they can learn how he plays in game situations. Plus I just love Lindsey’s game and his personality.
    And Natalie you mentioned developing for the future. I honestly think Jarvis Hayes is going to do more damage there. He is going to take time away from Arron Afflalo (who I’m kinda excited to see how he plays) as well as Sammy Meija. And for the love of god can we see more of Ronald Dupree? I mean the dude has serious athleticism and has been around for a long time with the Pistons and is a great teammate. I love that dude, He rules, I think he deserves a shot. And Rodney has already been dubbed the primary backup to Chauncey, so Lindsey probably won’t take all that much time away.
    Hayes on the other hand is coming here strictly to get his numbers so he can get a bigger payday next year. Why hold back our rookie’s progress just for one year and knowing what he’s after. Sorry nothing against Jarvis Hayes and his situation this just annoys me.

  3. Mike

    We need a solid back up for Tay, thats why we got Hayes. He might not be the best fit for the Pistons in the long run, but the time is now!!! With our core aging, we can’t be throwing away seasons to develope rookies. The Pistons want to win a championship THIS season and Jarvis Hayes increases their odds of doing that. Those youger guys will get their time if they’re good enough and they earn it, just gotta be patient…
    Also, if Lindsey did become a coach, he could be one of those really cool coaches who actually competes with the players and can still give them a run for the money in a 1 on 1 game. If he decided not to take a roster spot, I hope he would keep his Nikes (or whatever he wears) and not trade them in for some loafers if ya know what I mean…

  4. Packer487

    That’s nice that Lindsey is going to coach.

    Now if Saunders would attempt to do that as well, we’d be in business.

  5. Natalie

    ^^^^ Good call Packer, not a Saunders fan either.

  6. Anonymous

    lmao packer487!! that was a good one.

  7. Anonymous

    Yeah it was a good one. I’m watching the Shock now and wondering why can’t Bill Lambier coach in the NBA, is he lacking something? Cause I think his hard nosed style is just what the Pistons need in order to stay focused during the season. I think Flip’s an above average coach, just not a championship coach, in my opinion he’s a little soft and he looks timid at times. I’m not gonna dog him too much cause I know he’s doing a way better job then I could ever do and he has gotten us to at least the Eastern Conference finals (even though the games were just painful to watch) But back to the thread Lindsey will make a great player/coach

  8. jess

    I think we would win a ship the first year Bill Lambier coaches for the pistons (if he ever did). If he could get a team that was all the way at the bottom to victory in one year, I’m sure he can get an already developed team to win the ship. Whether its women he was coaching or not. These men already have what it takes, they just need someone to show them the right way to get it, and I’m positive Bill can get the job done.


  9. claire

    I bet the Shock would be pissed if they knew that we’re trying to steal Bill Laimbeer away from them. But I do hope we succeed in stealing him though. The sooner the better.

  10. Amanda

    I don’t know much about coaching but I don’t see why people are always so down on Flip Saunders. I mean, we did get to the EFC the seasons he’s coached and if you think about it, our early exits haven’t been all his fault. Sure, there’s the excuse that the starters were too tired in ’06, and Saunders is responsible for players’ minutes, but he was thrown into a championship franchise and probably was more a fan than a coach his first year around. I can’t really blame him for that. That season was amazing. And this past EFC, our players just kind of played like crap. Tayshaun may have gotten tired, but he was and is the best defender for James. Who was Flip supposed to use? ‘Fino? (I LOVE YOU CARLOS!) Now if and when Detroit wins the championship in ’08, will Saunders get any credit? My bet is anybody who hates Flip now, will love him come cork-popping time. Anyway, that’s my rant.

    Great point, Mike. I was thinking the same thing. We need a backup for Tayshaun so we can win in 2008, not 2010. How often are 27th and 57th picks the difference between ultimate success and complete failure?

    Vindication is 1 season away.

  11. Anonymous

    I will never love Flip. Cork popping or no cork popping. He is a pretty damn good regular season coach but he can’t hack the playoffs for shit. He seems like an ok guy, don’t get me wrong. It’s not really personal. I just feel he let us down when push came to shove at the end of the playoffs 2 YEARS IN A ROW. Sorry, but if he goes into it this time with his head up his ass I hope they send him packing. I really kind of wanted him gone after the last disappointment, but obviously I have no say in the matter. Yeah he isn’t the only one responsible and I don’t give him all the credit for losing anymore than I would give him all the credit for winning. I do love Big Bill though. I was a fan when he was a bad boy. I was a fan when he was calling games. I am a fan now that he has done such a great job with the Shock. I think he has a good head for the game (for sure for Piston-style ball) and he can get his players to listen to him and learn from him. I think Lindsey will do the same but I wonder if he isn’t just a little too ‘nice’ to be a coach. He certainly has a lot to teach the young ones about making the most of the minutes. I think he’ll do a pretty good job as a coach.

  12. Anonymous

    Hunter would make an ok coach. Not in the NBA tho, i’m sorry. And Bill, as the Pistons coach? The most hated player coaching the most hated team? We would NEVER get a call, lol. I been on WNBA blogs, and every on but Detroit fans hate the Shock. I think its just Detroit that people hate. They talk so down on the city, but its clear that people are evyous of it. But Flip is cool, but yall are right, he cant do playoffs. He has made some BAD coaching moves in the post season. But i am so excited 2 see how this season turns out, more i have ever been.

  13. Anonymous

    players win games not coaches. and if you would rather have Ronald Dupree then Jarvis Hayes then you are ridiculous. ROnald Dupree is on the bench for one reason and that is cuz hes a good team guy. He can’t compete in this league night in and night out. Jarvis Hayes is a great pick up for the Pistons. Hopefully now Tay doesnt have to play so many damn minutes in the regular season to where he tires out in the playoffs when he is guarding everybodys best player. Stuckley will be the only rookie that gets consistent minutes. Rightfully so. The other two aren’t even close to being ready. Affalo might just be a defensive guy

  14. Anonymous

    Players do win games. But its coaches who decide wich players will have a shot at winning the game. So if a player isn’t out there who coulda made the right decisions at the right time, then thats all on the coach. Players don’t decide who’s out there.

  15. mike

    Obviously players win games, but if they weren’t talented, they wouldn’t be in the league. Its the coaches job to get the most out of every player. The coach is the one who is respionsible for motivating his team and getting them mentally ready to play. I think ATTITUDE is one of the most important things in sports. A coach can really influence a team’s attitude. I like Flip, but I don’t think he sticks up for his team enough. How many times can you recall him getting a T for arguing a call, less than Larry Brown IMO, who is pretty low key. Flip is also quick to blame his players (post game interviews), which is ok, but if you don’t stick up for them in the game, what kind of image are u sending to ur guys. Also his stratedgy was very questionable in the ECF, he didn’t seem to make the right adjustments. I think if Bill Lambier was coaching, no way would he ever have allowed his guys to let Lebron drive like that, Lebron would be face down on the floor…
    I know I typed alot soryy, but also, the Pistons (and Detroit) are used to bein hated on, so why not bring in a coach who nows how to embrace it. Bill could use it to motivate his team.
    Also, I didn’t mean for Lindsey to be a head coach, but rather an assistant coach- defensive/PG specialist.

  16. Anonymous

    Well said mike! A lot of people don’t think Billl has what it takes to coach in the NBA but I think he does. He has the right attitude for the Pistons for sure. I think the guys would at least respect him and I don’t really think many of the players (or the fans) have much respect for Flip. I think that is a pretty important part of being a coach. I say give Bill his shot right here in Detroit. I don’t think he can really do much damage, our guys are loaded with talent… in the words of Ricky Bobby: if you ain’t first you’re last shake ‘n bake! lol


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