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by | Aug 30, 2007 | 39 comments

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  • The Usa take down Uruguay 118 – 79. Lebron James was 11-for-11 from the field, making all four of his 3-point attempts, and scored 26 points in the first half.
  • Tayshaun Prince played 21 minutes and put up 13 points with 6 boards.
  • USA vs Uruguay highlights.
  • No link…. Walton still makes me sick. I almost can’t stand watching the FIBA Games.
  • Team USA plays unbeaten Argentina, who are led by Carlos Delfino, tonight (technically tomorrow morning) at 12:00 AM on ESPN2.
  • Sports Illustrated has a Poll on the bottom of their NBA page asking who will win the Central division in 2008. When I looked last The Pistons 26% were edging out the Cavs 25%, while the Bulls were leading at 45%. Maybe you can do something about those results. VOTE HERE (bottom).
  • The Pistons announced their local TV Schedule. Boy do I miss George Blaha.
  • Someone nominated Need4Sheed for the Bloggers Choice Awards. Thanks to the person responsible. I am sure it’s a long shot but I am happy to be nominated.
  • Mark Cuban will try Dancing with Stars. I don’t watch the show, but I will tune in for this one.
  • Rafer Alston likes to slash, and I don’t mean on the court.
  • Remembering champions courtesy of YouTube.


  1. Anonymous

    i’ve seen that video over 100 times, but im never tired of it!!
    I love it!

    And i voted pistons of course for the central division! Obviously, the voters don’t know much about basketball….we’ve had the better record the last few years why would they think that’s going to change????

  2. claire

    lol obviously when they can’t beat us on the court, they wanna take revenge on the poll.

  3. Anonymous

    i never thought i would say this – but boy do i miss having big Ben around! 🙁

    bring larry brown back, PLEASE.
    & bring the championship back too!!!!!

  4. Anonymous

    That video almost made me CRY!! I miss those days with LB and Big Ben SOO much. Oh well, you’re looking at the 07-08 champions!!

  5. Steve

    Re: TV Schedule

    I am very much looking forward to my new Slingbox getting hooked up at my dad’s house since I just graduated and moved to Ohio… this whole not being able to watch Detroit sports thing blows.

  6. Anonymous

    That video gives me chills. We better win this year, and I think we will.
    I voted on the poll, Pistons are up to 28%, Bulls down to 42% and Cavs 24%. Were making a little bit of a come back. Why anyone would pick Chicago is beyond me, maybe a lot of people from Chicago go on O well, we just gotta prove ouselves on the court and let the haters keep on thinking other teams actually got a shot in the central…

  7. jess

    The video almost made me cry 🙁
    I loved it. I MISS BEN. I will take him back anyday, even though I have gotten over his departure.

  8. Anonymous

    I miss Big Ben also. I would love to have him back. I lost some respect for him when he left for the $$ but Lord knows we sure could use him. Not that we can’t do this without him because we WILL!!

  9. Anonymous

    Hi fans, its me Jacqueline, watching that video, makes me wanna break down and cry, I love this team with or withut Ben, he is definately missed in the center, but I do think that this team we have now does have enough one more championship left in them somewhere, I hope and pray that the guys can pull it together this coming up season and just give it to us once more, I wanna celebrate with them once again, it;s crazy that the world is doubting the guys again, but we still got out core group in tact and not many teams can say that, its not even close for the season to start and already I’m nervous and got that little bit of heartache in my heart if they come up short again, I don’t know what the guys need to put that fire back under their asses but maybe with the new additions to the team, something will get them going like they did in 2004. I want them to win so bad in 2008, they got to do it, I can’t take another season, where they don’t make to the end, please Pistons, pull it together and GO TO WORK every play in every game!!!

  10. Anonymous

    I want the Pistons win for themselves, not for anybody else. Before they prove all the AA’s wrong, the Pistons have to prove to themselves that they still got it. Ugh, I just want my beloved Pistons to win.

  11. Dominic

    Wow listen to Keith Langlois of talk about USA’s match against Venezuala

    Langlois: “I thought Bill Walton made the best point of the night.” Dominic: Never Thought I’d here that said of Bill Walton “In talking about Team USA’s international failures since winning gold at the 2000 Olympics in Sydney, he acknowledged some of the obvious shortcomings – lack of 3-point shooting, lack of great team chemistry, etc. But he said the biggest failing has been their inability to respect their opponents”

    Turns out Pigs are flying and hell has frozen over… Bill Walton made a good point

  12. Anonymous

    ^^ lol it’s once in a blue moon. I don’t expect to hear something like that from Walton in another 20 years.

  13. Anonymous

    It was a good point, but lets not forget that this was a very obvious point that has been made before. Its not some radical-insiteful thought and it’s not like Bill came up with this on the spot by himself. I give Walton mini-props, but I’m not about to revoke his membership from AA. I wouldn’t go so far as to say hell has frozen over, but I would say it has gotten a little chillier…

  14. Amanda

    Is Walton and Langlois saying Team USA doesn’t respect its opponents this year either or just in previous years?

    I’m not gonna lie. I squeezed out a tear by the end of that video. I’d take Big Ben back in a heartbeat. No questions asked.

    A note to all NBA players: Stay away from nightclubs and stripclubs. Those places have proven nothing but trouble for athletes. Oh, when will they learn? Whoa, wait. I didn’t realize the severity of the situation until right now. Some dude had his throat slashed? That’s like…not good, man. What the fuck is wrong with people?

    “mini-props”–I love it!

  15. Amanda

    P.S. I almost forgot. I wanted to give…the opposite of “mini-props” to Natalie for the nomination. That’s shhhweet!

  16. Anonymous

    I am the person responsible for the AA suggestion in the first place — Angie is the name… in case anyone would like to address me personally. It was my comment that started AA in the first place — which I am really proud of.
    Let me just say, Bill Walton might actually say something intelligent on occasion but will NEVER BE AN INTELLIGENT PERSON (has taken one too many blows to the head) and anything intelligent he might have to say is plagerism to the exreme! The man has not come up with an independant intelligent thought on his own EVER in his life!! Anything he ever said that might be classified as intelligent is somthing he has read off a cue card!! Do you really think this guy knows anything about anything? He’s an asshole — will always be an asshole — and just talks to hear himself talk… thus the inspiration for the AA comment in the first place. Let’s not be giving him credit for anything! Originality is NOT this guys strong suit so let’s not encourage the idiot. M’KAY

  17. Anonymous

    Damn!! Don’cha love to see vererans like Linsey Hunter hugging that trophay? I do!! That’s why I want to see him AND Antonio hugging it in ’08!!!!! What was… WILL BE — with or without big ben!!

  18. Anonymous

    Quote from Bill Walton during game against Argentina, “Argentina is the 8th largest country in the world, but is very scarcely populated. Only six tenths of 1% of the Earth’s population lives there…” Meanwhile Tayshaun was getting an offensive rebound off a missed free throw that Bill never mentioned.
    Here’s another after Chauncey had a shweet pass to Lebron. Bill said in a whining childish voice trying to imitate Chauncey, “Coach K, let meee play with Lebron. Let me play with Mello and Kobe and then we’ll see who leads the team in assist… ahahhuckhuh [odd laughing noise].” His attempt at a Chauncey imitation was so ridiculous I felt like throwing my remote at the television. All I have to say is AA!!!

  19. Anonymous

    Anyone keeping track of how many times the asshole has said, “no offense to Chauncey Billups…”? Even if Chauncey isn’t offended, I AM! He needs to just shut the hell up already!

  20. Natalie

    Angie….You are awesome. I believe that’s our new thing when it comes to Need4Sheed an Bill Walton. Good work.

    As for the game, Walton must have really done a job last night, seems like he was a AA all the way around.

    I didn’t get to watch it last night but I am going to take a look at it to see what you guys are talking about. Maybe we need to put all the clips together to prove a point.

  21. Anonymous

    Thanks Natalie! You’re pretty awesome yourself. I love this website… I usually check it even before I check my email… and then I check it again AFTER I check my email… and then I check it again about 2 hours later… it just goes on like that pretty much all day long. One might say I am a little pre-occupied. I’m ok with that because I do have a Need4Sheed and all the Pistons. Can’t wait for the season to start!!

  22. Dominic

    Natalie, I think a Wallpaper/Cartoon/ANYTHING insulting of Bill Walton is in order. He’s made a name for himself in Need4Sheed and deserves to be immortalized as the biggest prick ever to grace the microphone how he managed to make it onto T.V is beyond me. I think he drugged the people who were hiring for Basketball announcers. Blaha owns Bill Walton!!!

  23. Amanda

    lol Bill Walton may not be the greatest commentator the game has to offer but I wouldn’t call him an asshole. Michael Vick, Mel Gibson, that big bully that always picks on the little chubby kid in class—these are the real assholes of the world. haha

  24. Dominic

    Well he does insult the Pistons alot and that makes him an asshole to me. lol sorry Amanda it’s kind of like that whole thing with you hate any team that beats the Pistons in the ECF’s (I’m pointing at you Cleveland and Miami!!!)

  25. Amanda

    Speaking of assholes, did you guys see that Ben Wallace was #9 on a list of most over-paid NBA players on Yahoo! Sports? lol Just playin’ about the asshole part. I love Big Ben.

    If Walton is a true Pistons hater, then an asshole he is. haha

    I’m really upset that I haven’t gotten a chance to watch much of the FIBA tournament. I tried really hard to stay up ’til midnight last night to watch the game but I was up since 6:30 AM ’cause of school. It’s my first week back and I’m already sick of it. The whole college thing is way overrated. lol

  26. Anonymous

    I don’t know if any of you guys post in the forums, but when you click on it there are four main boards: Pistons discussion, sheed discussion, Nba discussion, and off topic discussion. (also a fantasy league discussion) Anyways, I think Nat should make a fifth board: an AA board. We can talk about Bill Walton there, post clips of his stupid comments, and induct new members into the club. If not its own board then maybe one of those permanent threads in the NBA discussion.

  27. Anonymous

    nattttt i miss ya !

    – Vin

  28. Anonymous

    Hi guys its me Jacqueline once again, You guys who cares what the hell Bill thinks of Chauncey and Tay,they are the only two of the whole USA team that has championship rings,( besides Kobe), Chauncey has his MVP trophy sitting in his office at his house you know that neither Chauncey or Tay don’t give a crap about getting recogniton as superstars of a game, that’s not part of their success, I love Chauncey, and I would rather see him than Jason Kidd’s ugly butt on the court anyday, but they are just fine being a part of the “the team”, that’s why we love our guys, they are not selfish, they are just happy being there. Jason Kidd is getting older he may not ever get his ring. I have been watching and listening to
    Bill’s little comments,and he is not giving Tay or Chauncey any positive feedback on anything that they provide in the games. So let Bill Walton talk and say whatever he wants, Tay does not care, Chauncey does not care, he’s got the 2 trophies to let the world know that he’s the MAN!!!

  29. Tessa

    There was a good article about Amir Johnson in ESPN magazine, it said at least 12 teams wanted to trade for Amir, but Joe D. didn’t even listen to them. They also described him as a slightly smaller KG. I can’t wait for him to get more playing time this year!!

  30. Anonymous

    what is AA?

  31. Anonymous

    HEY JACQUELINE, you can put your name on the heading when you click ‘OTHER’ instead of ‘ANONYMOUS’ you can leave the web page tab blank!

  32. Dominic

    AA= Awful Announcing the Hall of Fame for horrible Play by Play announcers

  33. ashley1

    i wish we could somehow get dwight howard on our team.

  34. Anonymous

    haha… anyone else cracking up right now about the little game of telephone that went on with team usa behind the guys making the concluding remarks after the medal ceremony?? it started with kobe and tay tay – would love to know what they were saying!!

    congrats team usa!

  35. Dominic

    For those of you that are still worried about Chauncey Billups getting worn down in the FIBA championships here is a quote from Chauncey himself.


    Those worried that Billups might wear down with the added responsibilities this summer should relax, he said. He was averaging just 17 minutes a game entering Saturday night.

    “I was thinking about it the other day, and I realized that the work I would be putting in on my own if I wasn’t here would actually be more,” he said. “I’m even having to go work out in the morning just to keep my conditioning up.”

  36. Anonymous

    AA means Assholes Anonymous, but I guess Awful Announcers would work too. Why limit such a great club to only announcers tho?

  37. dominic

    oh whoops my fault lol thanks for correcting my definition

  38. Anonymous

    No problem 🙂 I think both defintions work tho.
    Btw, congrats Shock on making it to the finals and now we just gotta win and bring home another Ship to the D!!!


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