Talking Pistons on The Podcast

by | Aug 27, 2007 | 34 comments

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It was my pleasure once again to talk Pistons with Ryan McNeill of on one of the best basketball podcasts around. We had a great time talking about Rodney Stuckey, the rookies, C-Billups and Tay on team USA and Carlos Delfino, who is now on his Raptors.

Now before you head over to Hoops Addict to listen to the podcast I just want to say in no way did I mean to jinx Tayshaun, although I probably did.

Not only do I always have a great time talking hoops with Ryan, but it’s also pretty cool that USA Today picked up the interview.


  1. Ahmed


    from now in on, that website will go to my collection of websites i go on everytime i touch the key board,,,,,



  2. claire

    ^^ lol. Same here. I check this site multiple times a day. It has come to a point that reading the comments is just as important as reading the posts.

  3. jess

    “I check this site multiple times a day. It has come to a point that reading the comments is just as important as reading the posts.”

    ~~Same here.

  4. Anonymous

    ^^same here! lol. need4sheed is on my favorites bar. Woah, i’m like obsessed, but i would rather be obsessed with the pistons than any other team in the nba =]

    plus, this is my favorite pistons website!!!


  5. Anonymous

    you guys are stupid this shit is so over-hyped and boring.. who wants to listen to a fat irrelivant girl talk to some dude who knows about as much as a 1st grader… have fun raving about this shitty site that gets updated once a week… seriously there is better ways to spend your time

  6. Amanda

    I didn’t get a chance to get on this site earlier in the day while the Bill Walton ranting was fully heated but I thoroughly enjoyed reading everyone’s comments. I don’t care for the man either. But of course, we get the pleasure of listening to George Blaha and Gregory Kelser so we’re used to perfection. lol We’re spoiled, Pistons fans.

    Great interview, Natalie. Your comments about Delfino made me miss him even more. And I loved the Maxiell talk. You have my vote for coach. haha

    P.S. “Fair enough”?

  7. Anonymous

    why is chauncey starting?

  8. santa

    Dear anonymous 10:25, here’s a better way for you to spend your time: Stop commenting on a site that you don’t care about, because obviously this site wasn’t created for you. So go away!

  9. Anonymous

    Bill Walton: “The Mexicans, I don’t know if they’ve ever seen anything like Lebron James” I sense the Bill-Walton bashing thread restarting.

  10. Amanda

    I missed Chauncey starting?!?! Ugh…

  11. Amanda

    I’ve been watching for like 2 minutes and I’m already sick of Carmello and Howard.

  12. Amanda


  13. Amanda

    Okay, last comment I promise.


    2. Did somebody go all Mike Tyson on Amare? lol


    3. LeBron got called for a goaltend…heehee

  14. Justin

    I stumbled upon NEED4SHEED through another site. But from day one I was hooked. I love just about everything about this blog. Nat I know this is a labor of love for you and I see that you are now getting alittle coin for your work through advertising. It’s about time. I am happy for ya.

  15. Anonymous

    I would just like to add this:

    Bill Walton…. STILL an asshole!

  16. Anonymous

    i cant still bill walton.
    ughhhhhh i wish he was mute =]

  17. Anonymous

    Dear 10:25,
    If you don’t like the site then get the hell off! Different strokes for different folks.
    Nat your great!

  18. Natalie

    Thanks for the love eveyone, this site is a huge labor of love for me. What has started out as a inside joke to friends has become something that is a part of me.

    Thanks for all of you who feel the same way about the site and this team. I feel like most of us have become somewhat of a family. For those who don’t like the site, I am alright with that because I know all my friends here have my back.

    As for Bill Walton…. Keep commenting, I am collection quotes for a post… Probably best to email me with them and your name so I can credit you in the post!

    Thanks Team Need4Sheed

  19. Anonymous

    Very good interview.

    I have a blog that will cover the Detroit sports scene. My first ever entry was today and it was on the Pistons. I hope you guys will check it out. Here is the link:

  20. Anonymous

    I really don’t think Bill Walton should be allowed to speak in public. Anyone who is that biased against any sports team (the Pistons in particular) should not be on the payroll as an announcer. He can’t seem to control his hatred of the Pistons — although I don’t think he really tries to control it… he gets a dig in every chance he gets. The man is a wind bag — and I am sure it’s a foul smelling wind because he is so full of shit! His constant rambling is annoying. He reminds me of a toilet that won’t stop running… you just want to smash it with a sledge hammer. When I first heard him announce a game, he really pissed me off, but now I just laugh at him because he is so friggin’ stupid and he tries to sound like he actually has an ounce of intelligence — a profound failure for him. I think the desert heat has rendered him entirely brain dead… if he wasn’t there already.

  21. Anonymous

    Maybe it’s all those bright flashing neon lights out there in Las Vegas that are making him so stupid. I have heard that bright flashing lights can cause seizures. Then again I am pretty sure he was that stupid way before he got to Vegas.

  22. Anonymous

    There should be one of those 12-step programs for people like him. It would be like this:

    (Bill Walton) “Hi. My name is Bill, and I’m an asshole.
    (all the other assholes in the program) “Hi Bill!!”

  23. Natalie

    There should be one of those 12-step programs for people like him. It would be like this:

    (Bill Walton) “Hi. My name is Bill, and I’m an asshole.
    (all the other assholes in the program) “Hi Bill!!”

    BEST EVER, I have been laughing for at least 10 minutes.. I think we could make a play out of that premise.

  24. Anonymous

    does anyone know what Amare Stoudemire wears on his ear ? and why ?

  25. Natalie

    I believe Amare is covering up a new earing with that tape.

  26. shatia

    Lol. yeahh im pretty sure he wears tape over his ears to cover his earings…cuz my male friends do the same thing becuase we have a uniform policy at school and earings a prohibited. So yeah i think it is to cover the earings. Anywayssss, Nat that interview was great. I loved it…..i lisened to it twice already. Lol. ANyways i was wondering the same thing…whos going to be center. Cant wait to find out what Joe D. is might do.

    P.S. This site rocks…one of my favorites!!!!!

  27. vwarren

    I love Need4Sheed….i can’t believe it started out as a joke.
    Some of the best things in life are unplanned……thanks Nat!!

  28. Anonymous

    AA (Asshole Anonymous) is a fantastic idea — and very funny. I think Bill could be the president of that club.

  29. Anonymous

    AA, i like it. Anyone we don’t like or who bashes the Pistons gets to join the AA club with President Bill Walton.

  30. Anonymous


  31. Natalie

    Good to see Tayshaun out there playing. He looks fine.

    Walton has already thrown out some classics… AA

  32. Dominic

    From now on you are no long known as Nat all of team Need4Sheed will refer to you as Coach Sitto lol seriously tho you would be a great coach

  33. dominic


  34. Aaron

    i really love the art of matt dyck!! thats the bulk of awesome of the blue player etc…. = )


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