Tayshaun Prince Injured in FIBA Game

by | Aug 26, 2007 | 37 comments

I was watching Team USA Play Brazil and Tayshaun Prince just went down. It didn’t look good, he was on the floor for quite some time and then they helped him off the court and to the locker room. Not sure of what happened or the extent of the injury, but as soon as the announcers let us know I will post an update.

UPDATE: Tayshaun his left ankle, A team spokesman said team doctors decided Prince would not return to the game as a precautionary measure and he would be reevaluated Monday.


  1. claire

    didn’t they just say he sprained his ankle? whatever it is, it better heals up by the time training camp starts -__-;; they should let tay rest.

  2. Natalie

    claire, I didn’t here that.

  3. kentucky

    i heard sprained ankle as well.

  4. claire

    i muted my tv after Tay left to do hw, but when i turned the volume up, i heard “Tayshaun said he has a sprained ankle” or something like that. Well, i guess we’ll find out more when the announcers let us know.

  5. kentucky

    i actually thought it looked like his knee was hit pretty hard, but they said “word from the USA locker room is that Tayshaun Prince has a sprained ankle.” No further elaboration.

  6. claire

    yea, i thought so too, but they said he stepped on tiago splitter. man, i hope Tay is okay.

  7. Dominic

    Think Tay will pull an Isiah and make 43 points for team USA? lol that would change some people’s perspective about Detroit Basketball!

  8. vwarren

    Wow……..i hope it is not serious. He ususally never gets hurt.

  9. Natalie

    Well I thought he sprained it when it happened but I did notice he was holding his knee.

    Let’s hope thats all it is…

    Thanks team NEED4SHEED

  10. Anonymous

    DAMMIT!! I had a feeling something like this was going to happen. I am praying that he’s ok and they give him time to heal. Every game has been a blowout anyway so there’s no need to risk making this injury any worse than it is.

  11. Anonymous

    feel better, tay!
    ahhhh i saw it and my heart skipped a beat…lol im serious.

    i <333 tayshaun i hope hes okay@

    Prayyy for him! haha

  12. kentucky

    What is going on with these “Turkey: 2010 Basketball World Championships” ads during this game??? Am i supposed to watch these ads and book airline tickets for 2010?

  13. claire

    i hope nothing happens to Tay’s knees. Anything but the knees!! Tay seriously should conserve his energy in this whole FIBA thing. I think i’ll feel much better if he comes out again tonite, but he’ll just sit and relax.

  14. Anonymous

    omg, bill walton’s arrogance knows no boundaries.

  15. shatia

    Awwwwwwwwww,omg i hope he is okay! That was what i was scared of…..i really didnt want this 2 happen. I hope all works outs and its not 2 serious!

  16. jess

    My mouth literally dropped and my heart skipped a beat when I read the heading. I really hope he is ok and I agree with you Claire, ANYTHING BUT THE KNEES!!!!!!!

  17. jessi

    oh my say it’s not so, tay has been the only piston to not miss a game and I hope that is the same for this upcoming season. I hope he is ok. I hope everything is going to be ok.

  18. Amanda

    You could give a person a heart attack with that headline, Natalie. lol Man, I hope it’s nothing serious. A Piston on the floor is never a good thing. Here’s to a fast and easy healing! CHEERS!

  19. Anonymous

    Bill Walton is an asshole!!

  20. kyle c.

    NOOOO!! This is the EXACT sort of thing I was scared of happenning.
    Good thing the NBA season isn’t for about 2 months so he will probaly be healed by then. Get well Tay and Chauncey stay out of trouble.

  21. Anonymous

    Bill Walton hates the stones. Thats all there is to it. Like some people hate pitbulls, nothing rational about it he’s a pansy!

    Get better tay!

  22. Natalie

    It’s great to start off a busy Monday Bashing Bill Walton!

    Actually I love that title!

    Bashing Bill Walton, I should make it a Blog post and have everyones input. I could start off just from the comments of this post.

  23. Anonymous

    yes please make that post! I tried to watch the USA game vs. Canada, but found it hard to concentrate on the game with Bill Walton’s pointless rants about Canada’s various railroads, and highways.

  24. Anonymous

    I HATE BILL WALTON..he is pathetic. He’s the type of person who speaks only to hear his voice.

    Also, I don’t know much about him, but i think he’s obsessed with the boston celtics. That is all he is talking about.
    Please, what chemestry do they have?? Nothing. Until that team is able to beat someone in the playoffs, they are not a threat.

    I think ESPN should fire him. Then, they would get more people watching the games!

  25. vwarren

    Can’t stand him. Everytime he calls a Pistons game especially with Mike “referees never make bad calls” Breen, I turn the volume off and either listen to espn radion or nothing at all. I truly feel he is a big hypocrit. Also, he takes unnecessary digs at sheed all the time. He is a useless as a commentator.

    Also i hope Tay is alright because he will probably not be on the olympic team due to Wade. Even though Wade does not fit on this team. I feel Tay is a better fit.

  26. Anonymous

    Man I was watching the game, when Tay went down I thought it was Deron Willioms, same complection and hair, and I was all relived that it wasn’t a pistion but when they said Tayshaun i got so mad. Why does it have to be a pistion to get injured, couldn;t it have been Lebron or ESPN’s god Kobe.

  27. claire

    at one point during the game, Bill Walton refers to the Celtics as the Beast of the East and how young players are gonna be wanting to play in the East because of Garnett, Ray Allen and Paul Pierce and etc etc. And I’m like “Beast of the East” is reserved for the Pistons AND the Pistons ALONE! If he was gonna worship the celtics then at least make up his own name for them.

    And i didnt like the way he talked about the Brazillian players. He was like “These Brazillians are gonna get back to their hotel and realize that they’re just not good enough.” I got really mad because he was just so arrogance.ugh.

  28. Anonymous

    Bill Walton is an idiot and he hates the Pistons. I’ve kinda gotten used to it and the only thing to do is laugh about it. Lots of his comments are laughable, but the other funny thing is the way he talks. “He talksh like he hash denturesh or shomething.” Lol. Normally I wouldn’t just make fun of the way someone talks but he brought it upon himself by bashing the Stones and apparently stealing the Pistpns title as beast of the east.

  29. Anonymous

    I hope Tayshaun’s injury isn’t major, I’m glad Joe D picked up Jarvis Hayes now.


  30. Anonymous

    exactly. To be honest i c this injury as a good thing and bad thing. THe bad thing is thta tay is injured, but the good thing is that we got Jarvis Hayes and this is the type of situation that he needs 2 be in. So now he is probably at home getting ready to blow us away. Because i can c Tay getting less time this year, and more time 4 jarvis and amir

    LET”S GO PISTONS AND LET”S GET THAT SHIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2007-2008 IT”S OUR TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111

    ALL BOUT DETROIT BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Anonymous

    Okay lets play word association. Bill Walton is to basketball announcing as a staph infection is to a healthy body.

  32. Anonymous

    Bill walton is mother fucka!!!!!!!!

  33. Anonymous

    i hate bill walton.
    He doesn’t know what he’s saying. And that other person is right:


  34. Anonymous

    Bill walton issssssssss mother fucka

  35. Natalie

    Ok I am defiantly going to work out ANOTHER… Bill Walton Post (for all of our sake).

  36. Anonymous

    bill walton is mother fuckaaaaaaa

  37. Anonymous

    i’ve seen Tayshauns knee bend back like the movie The Arrival and he was fine…….Bill Walton is soooooooooo DUMB and SLOOOOOOW



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