Just A Reminder: White Men Can’t Dance

by | Aug 23, 2007 | 27 comments

I don’t know how many of you are familiar with The Minnesota Timberwolves Mark Madsen. Mark is a little used NBA Forward who has logged just over 5 thousand minutes in his seven years as a pro while averaging 2.3 points per game. Even though he doesn’t see much time, Madsen, a fan favorite, is a energy guy who gives it all he has when he’s on the court. He even has his own Blog that he updates regularly.

Madsen seems like a decent guy that wouldn’t hurt a fly, but I was reminded of one thing a couple of days ago while watching Fox Sports. Most white men can’t dance and Mr. Madsen the proves it in this VIDEO footage. Check out this video of Mark busting a move when his Lakers team won the NBA Championship.

This one is a classic that I just can’t get enough of. If he were any more excited he just might explode.

If you have more evidence of the honest truth that most white men can’t dance, leave the links in the comments and let’s see who can come up with the best one. K-Fed videos don’t count, he’s in his own category.


  1. jessi

    that was so funny I wish there was footage of his teammates reactions however… I am white and have to agree that white men can’t dance.

  2. Anonymous

    omg i love this guy soo much, he seems like someone who can just make me laugh all the time during the game and off the court, plus he seems soo nice. Wat team does he play on now?

    LET”S GO PISTONS AND LET”S GET THAT SHIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111 2007-2008 IT”S OUR TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    p.s i think he was walkin it out ;D

  3. claire

    lol this guy kinda reminds me of the dancing Pistons kid, although I think the kid clearly owns him. Since we’re talking about music and dancing, they should play “The Final Countdown” at the next team USA game, and the game will be over before the opponents even realize it.

  4. Lil Dice

    Thanks for posting this. I always love being reminded of Mad Dog’s lack of coordination.

  5. Amanda

    Oh my. That was a really good impression of the geeky kid dancing in the corner at Homecoming. It makes me wonder if I move that badly…That video proves that white people should dance behind the closed doors of their bedrooms like God intended.

  6. jess

    That was hilarious!

  7. jessica

    wow amanda now there are a few white people who have moves just cause this guys doesn’t adn I might now a few as well but I am sure that whites are not the only race that dance? I know there are so maybe you should dance behind closed doors, I guess the pistons are not the only racist here some of the fans are as well. I really think your comment is what is wrong with the world today. If I am not mistaken god loves all and people should judge. I really do not think god intended for whites to behind closed doors if you believe that then I guess he intended for everything that has happened to all races. you go ask someone who lived as a slave and tell me if god intended that I think not. Remember what you say about another race.

  8. jessi

    ok this got a few people upset but the video was funny which I am sure nat was trying point out.

    Anyway usa wins again and canada won as well, glad to see that. Anyone see the box score? Tay tied redd williams for the most minute 19 but important he lead in reb. 12 no one even came close to that. He only had 2 points but had 2 asst and a steal way to go. Wonder what the superstars think of him now since a few have made comments during the season that he is an avg defender. Anyway just wanted to say congrats to what tay seems to be being to team USA, also go canada

  9. claire

    I think Amanda didn’t mean to insult another race. But here’s my question, what do you mean by “I guess the pistons are not the only racists here…”?

  10. jessica

    well look they are the only team that do not have a white or any other race for that matter on there team, the one player they did have was traded to the raptors I just saying that it looks a little funny that they only have black players and the other race they have had they trade and not even try to invest in. even tay who is half white has never mentioned it which goes to show he doesn not even take pride in where he came from or maybe he is just scared to say anything cause he might get traded as well.

  11. Chris

    funny post into a race issue (which it is not) leave it for what it is and lets get a laugh out of it.

    The Pistons racists….ridiculous.
    It’s the simple fact the Euros don’t do well in our system.

    And FYI Tayshaun is NOT half white, get your facts straight.

  12. Anonymous

    Jessica, Tayshaun is not half-white, and even if he was I don’t think he’d be afraid to address it. Are you saying that if he said, “By the way, I’m half white”, Joe D. would automatically trade him?? What kind of crap is that? And also, The Pistons themselves are not racist, they can’t control who Joe D. signs, and I really don’t think he’s racist either. If you knew anything, you would know that there are international and white people on the Pistons staff, and no, they have not been fired for not being black.

  13. Anonymous

    P.S., Carlos Delfino asked to be traded, he was not traded because of his race. Get your facts together before you start calling people racist

  14. Anonymous

    What a laugh riot. It’s so funny because everyone knows how lame and uncool white people are…

    Why is this acceptable? You KNOW you would NEVER make a post with a title that made a generaliztion about all black people.

    Disappointing 🙁

  15. Greg

    Why is this becoming such a big deal. So you are trying to say the Movie White Men Can’t Jump is a generalization and shouldn’t have been made. It’s simply a funny video and people need to get over themselves.

    If it’s so wrong why did ESPN do a whole piece about it… It makes for a laugh, you don’t have to read into it like it’s the end of the world.

    ESPN Video Link

  16. Anonymous

    It’s not a big deal. It just shows the hypocracy of this society which you are a part of.

    It is funny to see Mark Madsen dancing like a fool, but what does it have to do with him being white??? If Shaq does something funny is it because he’s black?

  17. Anonymous

    The video is just supposed to be funny, I guess I can see why some people might be offended but its really not that big of a deal, I’m white, but I wasn’t offended. Point is that guy can’t dance and its funny, doesn’t mean all white people are bad dancers, just a funny title for the clip, people need to relax.
    As far as the Pistons go, I think thats just coincidence, the best avaliable players who fit the Pistons system happen to be black. No big deal. Besides lots of people who work for the Pistons are white like coach Flip Saunders, VP John Hammond, and the owner Bill Davidson. everyone should just chill out and stop trying to make something out of nothing.

  18. Amanda

    Wow, Jessica, I really did not mean for it to be a racist comment I swear. That was a joke meant to make people laugh. I mean, how can I be racist against white people when I am one? lol Well, I guess that is possible but I am not racist. You can ask anybody who knows me.

    P.S. Tayshaun isn’t half white, is he?

  19. Anonymous

    delete the comments all you want, you’re still a racist. and you still suck.

  20. Anonymous

    hahaa wow jessica you took that way too far.. the phrase amanda used “god intended white people to dance behind doors” thats not even offensive.. and uhh tell me why inthe world would tayshaun would go announcing to the world hes half white (which hes not).. i mean would you then expect him to go announcing to the world hes half black.. anduhh please tell me how the pistons are “racist” when one of their greatest palyers in the history of the team was white?? aka bill lambier

    how did i know wheni read this title that all the immature people would come on here yelling racist racist!

    ohh geez grow up and take a joke.. its not even an offensive comment.. now saying something that pinpoints someones job, personality, way of living..thast offensive.. dancing.. not so much.. its just funny HA.HA.

  21. jessica

    I have no problem with the title or the video what I had a problem with was the comment that was made. I did take that offensive in the wau it was wrote. Maybe if she had of said us white people instead of white people I would have taken it a different way. Anyway one she explained her self which I know she did not have to, I am very sorry for what I wrote. Amanda I am sorry I was wrong about what I wrote.

    About tay being white please then tell me why when he was on the floor he is mistaken for carlos cause tay is so light. Ever see pics of his mom she is very dark and tay not so. I have watched games with kids and grown up and they all mistake him for carlos so you tell me why that is? I can see him being a little lighter than his mom but even the palace sells christmas tree decorations and they have tay as white not black please someone explain?

    Again I am sorry to Amanada and NAt.

  22. Amanda

    No problem, Jessica. I didn’t think to include the color of my skin in the comment. I can see how it would be offensive if you didn’t know I was white. I should have added a “j/k” or “lol” or something to show I was joking.

    I think Tayshaun is just light skinned. Eh, white, black, blue with green polka dots–Tayshaun would look good no matter what color he is! lol

  23. Anonymous

    If this site posted something entitled Just A Reminder: Black Men Are Loud with a video of Rasheed yelling and carrying on like he does, would that be racist? Most people would say so even though it’s virtually the same thing as what’s already posted, but that’s ok because it’s poking fun at white people men.

  24. jessica

    again I only was upset at the GOD INTENDED comment. I had no problem with video or with the title I just did not like the comment white people should dance behind closed doors like god intended. sorry for making his get out of hand…

  25. Anonymous

    Maybe I should write a movie called “Black Men Can’t Think.”

    Of course, there are always exceptions. Like Michael Vick.

  26. Anonymous

    Who could even think that this was a racist post? Are you really that foolish? It’s one hundred percent ok for white people to get picked on a little, because in the scheme of things, they run the show. They’ve enslaved millions, killed even more, and forced people to convert to their religions and dedicate their lives to convincing people that white is right. White people own the NBA and the Pistons, so the joke, in reality, is not on them. Black people, or any other minority, as they have been labeled, are not capable of being racist because that entails that their racism would cause someone else pain, injustice or hardship. Minorities can do none of these things to the white race because the power lies there. ONLY whites can be racist, seriously think about it before you get mad at a post called “white men can’t dance”

  27. Anonymous

    anon 7:23 is what’s wrong with this country. Take you liberal terrorism and minority sense of entitlement and shove it.

    Only whites can be rasists? Feel free to help yourself to a book or two. That’s by far the most backwards thing I’ve read on this site. You’re lucky you live in the U.S. where you’re allowed to be such a raging idiot.


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