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by | Aug 23, 2007 | 30 comments

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  1. Anonymous

    Marbury just lost his damn mind.

  2. vwarren

    Marbury is mentally ill. He should just keep his mouth shut; anybody who mistreats animals is fully capable of mistreating humans. Let vick plea and serve is jailtime and think about how he wants to conduct his life from now on. I think he deserves a second chance but he must serve his punishment, but under no circumstance is dog cruelity acceptable.

    Also, commentators need to leave sheed alone during the summer. stop using his name to prove a point.

  3. Natalie

    Also, commentators need to leave sheed alone during the summer. stop using his name to prove a point.


  4. Anonymous

    Yeah seriously^^, I was watching Team Usa last night and Bill Walton was once again hating on Sheed. He was talking about how at first it might seem like Detroit should be concerned about their guards, but now what they really should worry about is their big men. He said something like he doesn’t think C-Webb will be back (ubderstandle) but then he said something like “and with Rasheed Wallace you never know what you’ll get from him, he’s always getting fouls and technical fouls and Detroit should really be concerned about their front court.” I was like what are you talking about, just stop hating on Sheed and let Joe D worry about our back court.

  5. Anonymous

    ^^Joe D worry about our **front court** my bad

  6. BMan

    I listen to espn radio all day just about everyday. Whenever a player is in trouble (NBA,NFL etc…) Colin Cowherd ALWAYS brings up Sheed’s name as a “bad guy”. Granted he’s had his off the court problems in Portland but he’s been clean since being in DTown. I think it’s time for broadcasters to lay off and find someone else to bash…

  7. Natalie

    Colin Cowherd is an Idiot! As for Bill Walton, I must have missed that but I will pay attention when I watch the game again. Walton is just a Bandwagon Jumper anyway.

    I forgot to mention how irritated I was just listening to the POS during the game. Sometimes I get amused by how idiotic he sounds but then it just bothers me to no end.

  8. claire

    i usually just turn off the caption and ignore the commentators when I watch the games, because they’re ALWAYS hating on the Pistons, one way or another. Man, they should give commentators technical fouls for saying stupid things.

  9. vwarren

    Walton is biased and mentally ill, he smoked more weed than sheed ever has. What a hyprocrite!!! I can’t stand walton and cowherd is a blowhard; sheed’s off the court problems in portland were so overblown. i think jordan, kobe, kidd, billups,etc. have all had far worse off the court problems than sheed ever did. sheed is not popular because of his big mouth and too many technicals. sheed does get carried away with his emotions that hurt himself and his team, but don’t get me started. those so called problems pale in comparison to other athletes. also wouldn’t the nba be in a better position right now if sheed had knocked some sense into doneghy. think about it.

  10. Anonymous

    I also don’t like Hubie Brown, I know he is knowledgeable in the game, but I think he seems to have something against the Pistons, like most announcers. One guy I do like is Mike Tirico, he seems pretty good and he lives in Ann Arbor. But no one can beat the golden voice of George Blaha and his trusty sidekick Special K ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Anonymous

    As far as Sheed knocking sense into Doneghy, I would have loved to see that, but remember too that Doneghy reportedly had ties to the mob… just another group of people that would be hatin on Sheed.

  12. Natalie

    Your Killing me VWarren.. I am over her LMAO, but I do have to say I agree with you wholeheartedly.

    As for Hubie, I have come to like him although I will say he can be hot and cold when it comes to the Pistons.

    BLAHA is a LEGEND as far as I am concerned.

  13. Anonymous

    Starbury is on crack.
    First those commments about his sister snd now this.
    These guys give Black athletes bad reputation

  14. shatia

    Great effort by team USA!!! I thought both chauncey and tay looked real good.Anyways, this makes me remember bout the pistons… i am super hyped about this season. And i do predict great things.Lol.

  15. Anonymous

    Anyone else notice how Tayshaun had the most minutes out of every player? Jeez.. Anyway, depressing story….. I dont get ESPN Classic up here where I live in Mt. Pleasant, so I was waiting for the replay at 1:00 AM… There was a horrible storm and we lost power ๐Ÿ™ I waited all day to watch our boys play, and I cant, because we have no power :(.. I know, so sad.

    haha, anyway… PEACE


  16. Anonymous

    I was just gonna mention Tay’s minutes. No matter where he goes he always play the most. That guy has got to be tired. He didn’t even start and he gets the most minutes. Atleast we got Hayes now to back him up

  17. Travis

    I watched the game, and it was awesome. Good to see Team America working together again with a like mind. I’m glad Iverson and other thug-lifers aren’t representing our country this time.

  18. Anonymous

    Does anyone no the lastest on who we should expect to be staring center? How bout the situation with chris webber?

  19. Anonymous

    “i think jordan, kobe, kidd, billups,etc. have all had far worse off the court problems than sheed ever did.”

    Billups? What has Chauncey done??

  20. Ahmed

    yeah warren, what has chauncey done.

  21. Anonymous

    Hi fans , this is me Jacqueline, once again, I was dog tired at work today because the USA game aired here in Grand Rapids at 1am this morning and you guys know that I had to stay up to see Chauncey, and man oh man, I was so glad that I did, he is looking fine in the USA white, they kicked butt, I think that this will be the only time that I can say that I was happy to have Lebron and Kobe on the same team that I’m cheering for, everyone that came out on the floor did a really good job, and they played together, Team USA dominated, and kicked butt that whole night! Man I got to get some sleep tonight somewhat,I don’t know how but there is no way in the heck that I’m gonna miss especially Chauncey and Tayshaun!!!

  22. Anonymous

    Are the pistons done with their lame offseason.

    GO CAVS.

  23. vwarren

    I love chauncey; but fair is fair; he had a problem in boston with a antoine walker, ron mercer, etc., but i do not want to delve into that, but I was trying to make a point about the announcers always bringing up sheed name when talking about off-the field problems. if you want to know more about chauncey, antoine walker and ron mercer, just google it. it was a big story; the commentators have compared sheed to ron artest, terrell owens, etc. Two weeks ago, on ESPN’s first take, jamelle hill even mentioned sheed name when talkng about vick. i almost jumped out of my bed. enough of the sheed bashing;

  24. Anonymous

    this site is really boring now… i used to visit all the time and now its become a waste of time

  25. Anonymous

    ^^^ Then hit the road you bandwagoner! True Pistons fans don’t want you here.

  26. Brady

    The Cavs can SUCK IT, count the RINGS bitches!

  27. Anonymous

    I just watched the highlights. I am so proud of both Chauncey and Tay. Tay playing the most minutes was cool. Chancey’s pass to Tay’s dunk was nice too.

    On a side note, is anybody keeping up with the Shock? Had the opportunity to go to a game here in Minnesota recently. My little girl (8) met at got autographs from Katie Smith, Cheryl Ford, Bill Laimbeer and Rick Mahorn (he was her favorite cause he joked with her). She also got to go on the court during the opening, get a ball from one of the Lynx players, and go to a Lynx autograph session after the game. Shock lost (boo) but was still a very fun night. Now I will have to watch those playoffs too…

  28. Anonymous

    Honestly, it makes me mad when people bash Sheed just because he’s loud. I mean for God’s sake, Kidd, Kobe, Iverson, etc. have done way more horrible things than Sheed and the entire Pistons team have. How often is it that you see the Pistons on the news for beating up their wives, raping people, beating up other people. etc etc?

    And although I like how Tay is representing and everything, but I’d like him to play less so he can save all that precious energy for the playoffs! I’d rather have the Pistons win than team USA win this FIBA thing. Yea, bad, i know.

  29. Amanda

    Michael Vick and Stephon Marbury are fucking jackasses. I think one of the greatest jobs in the world would be an animal cop so I can bust people like Vick for being cruel to animals. Perhaps I’ll join the squad in the Detroit City and you all can see me on Animal Planet.

    I was in the car in Mt. Pleasant when that storm hit, Nick. That was some scary shit. I had to go rescue baby bunnies in that crazy mess when I got home. I was outside for 2 seconds and was completely drenched. That sucked. Big time.

    Unlike many of you, I kinda enjoy when people hate on ‘Sheed ’cause they always sound like jackasses and it makes me smile. ๐Ÿ™‚ I like to yell back at the TV or an article in his defense as if ‘Sheed and I were good friends. haha

    I hope ‘Fino is doing good and poor little baby Carlos Arroyo. I miss that Puerto Rican cheerleader. haha

    I was so excited when Tayshaun and Chauncey took the floor. I was like “There ain’t no party like a Tayshaun PRINCE! and Chauncey B-B-Billups! party! You Venezuelans might as well just walk off the court. It’s ALL over!” lol Oh how I miss Pistons Basketball.

  30. Ronnie


    I wonder is Stephon and Ron Ron hang out. They both seem to be equally crazy.


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