Tayshaun Prince Team USA Interview

by | Aug 22, 2007 | 14 comments

Interview with Tayshaun Prince on USA Basketball.

The first Team USA game of the FIBA Americas Championship is Tonight at 11:00 PM EST vs. Venezuela on ESPN Classic, with a replay at 1:00 AM on ESPN 2.

Thanks to Team Need4Sheed in the Need4Sheed Forums for bringing this video to my attention.


  1. Anonymous

    woohooo first comment

  2. Anonymous

    i doubt cb and tay will on the floor together very much…tho

  3. Anonymous

    man, i hope tay and chauncey don’t get injuries from this -_-; they need to be in the best shape to be world champions.

  4. Krystal

    I know this has nothing to do with the Pistons but its tragic. Natalie did you hear about what happened to the Former NBA player Eddie Griffin. He ran his car into a train and died. Some reports are saying that he might have committed suicide.

  5. Anonymous

    I have mixed feelings about Chauncey and Tay playing… I want them to save themselves for the regular season and the playoffs, (and the FINALS — yeah, I said it!) yet I am dying to see them play NOW! It seems like forever since I have seen my guys on the court and I need a fix. Another “down side” to having to watch them on this team is that I also have to watch LeBron and Kobe try to put another notch on their belts and (try to) be heroes. The thought of that alone is almost enough to make me vomit. If that doesn’t do it, I am sure the announcers will provide me with enough nauseating babble about how great they both are and how they are going to do it all by themselves. I hope it isn’t too bad, but it usually is. Maybe I’ll watch it with the sound off.


  6. Anonymous

    No offense to the comment person above, but arent you being a little selfish when saying you think Chauncey and Tay should just focus on The Pistons? The Pistons are just an organization that is out to make money, so is every other NBA Team. Team USA is a team that is supposed to represent our country and you should be honored that our 2 Pistons are out their representing our city and state. I understand you dont want them to get injured, but be honored by the fact that these two men are doing their part to bring dominance back to USA Basketball.


  7. Anonymous

    yay i’m the one who found this video =]


  8. Anonymous


    I am the one you weren’t trying to offend (anon 2:20PM) and you didn’t. I respect your opinion, and yes, I am being selfish. That being said, I AM proud that they are doing their part to represent the USA, but it’s basketball. I love basketball just as much as the next person. Maybe more — afterall, I am willing to watch Kobe and LeBron play even though I think they are both arrogant assholes who will get all of the credit, but none of the blame if this team doesn’t do well. It’s still just a game. Let’s say team USA does everything it’s being set up to do and emerges victorious — what will it prove? It is my opinion that the USA is the greatest country in the World whether they win at basketball or they lose miserably. I feel the same way about the Pistons — they are the greatest TEAM in the World no matter who is wearing the ring at the end of the year. I never said they (Chauncey and Tay) should just focus on the Pistons… I said I have mixed feelings about them playing. I am happy to be able to watch them play anytime, but I have concerns — probably selfish concerns — as to how it will affect them later. That’s all. I wasn’t trying upset anyone. Rest assured, I love this country and i love the Pistons. I really wasn’t thinking about it the way you pointed it out so if you (or anyone else) got upset by what I wrote, I apologize.

  9. Anonymous

    It’s all good Nick

  10. sammi

    umm, shouldnt the reply be on espn classic? lol i dont even get that channel

  11. Anonymous

    ahha usa isnt that greatest ccountry in the world, im a huge pistons fan but im canadian and as much as i love chauncey and tay, i gotta poull for canada, even though nash always bitches out

  12. Anonymous

    No worries… I wasnt really offended, I was just trying to find something to bitch at, haha, anyway… Cant wait to see our boys play. Im just irking to wait and see what Amir, Maxi, and Stuckey bring to the table come Nov… Peace out all,


    (Bring back Webber JOE D!)

  13. Anonymous

    Hah, arguing over what the “greatest country in the world” is will not result in anything. Nobody is going to agree to it and unless you’ve lived in every country in the world for at least a year, you really don’t have the credibility to make that statement.
    That having been said, wanting USA basketball to be dominant is the same as wanting the Detroit Pistons to be dominant. You want your home team to be the best as a representitive of your home town/state. The same applies to the USA team, just on a bigger scale. I for one am very excited to watch these guys play, because it’s basically an All-star game where the players are actually trying (including defensively). I detest Kobe and Leberon or any other superstar just as much as the next Pistons fan, but tonight their on my Country’s team and every point they score, shot they block, and rebound they pull deserves my applause.


  14. jessi

    I am very happy that tay name the team, I had a feeling he had a good chance since he turned them down the first time and was asked to try out again.

    But on a different note i am from ontario Canada and transferred to alberta about 8.5 months ago to work for the branch out there. My office has pistons everywhere and I have planned my vacations around pistosn game since I still have season tickets call me nuts. OK what I am getting to is I work for a company that has 13 branch in canada and onces all over the USA just the other day 4 guys came up from mich. to help us out ( I was happy cause finally I could talk pistons) I asked all the guys if they were pistons fan and they all had different things to say but really didn’t like them, I was upset about this. One guy from Detroit who now lives in Lancing (sorry if I spelled that wrong) he was like detroit is going to suck this year yu lost Billups, tay sucks they should trade him and I hate that sheed guy. I almost fell out of my chair. I was like billups signed tay is what holds the pistons together and well sheed might be a little out there sometimes but he is a good player. He then took a stab at his boy don;t and at his kids. anyway I was a little upset at all this and even more that he is going to be here for a month. I really thought I would be talking pistons for a month but not now. The other three seem to be loins fans and do not care too much for the pistons I just don;t understand it.

    well congrats to tay and chauncey


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