Pistons Sign G/F Jarvis Hayes

by | Aug 16, 2007 | 54 comments

The Pistons announced today the signing of guard/forward Jarvis Hayes, a free agent from Washington.

Hayes, a 6-foot-7 swingman, averaged 7.2 points, 2.6 rebounds and 20.1 minutes in 81 games last season for the Wizards. Via The Detroit Free Press

“We are pleased to add Jarvis Hayes to our roster,” Joe Dumars, Pistons president of basketball operations, said in a statement. “Jarvis has proven himself as a solid NBA player over the last four seasons and we like the flexibility and depth he will bring to our team at the small forward position.”

I am not that familiar with Hayes, so I don’t really know exactly what he brings to the team. It’s nice to see that the Pistons added help at the small forward position, but I am going to save my judgments until I see what he can do.

His best season was in 2004-05 where he averaged 10.2 points and 4 rebounds in 28 minutes on the floor. Stat wise he looks like a solid backup for T-Prince.

If you want more Hayes, this is his Official Website, along with this 2 part YouTube interview.
UPDATE: I am told that THIS is Jarvis Hays Official Site.

Thanks to Nick for the timely email about the signing. I love Team Need4Sheed.


  1. kyle c.

    First Comment!

    Finally we get a backup for Tayshaun. I was just waiting for some news on signing new players.

    Looks to be a good move.

  2. Anonymous

    i thnk he has a good personality and he seems like a funny guy. He sort of reminds me of Sheed. Good Job Joe! LET”S GO PISTONS AND LET”S GET THAT SHIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Anonymous

    does this mean someone will be traded?

  4. basketballnmike

    I don’t know know much about him but I trust Joe D. Glad to get a backup for Tay. I didn’t hear any talk about signing this guy until now, so it makes me wonder what else Joe D might have up his sleeve that we haven’t heard about yet…???

  5. Anonymous

    Well its obvious we should be saying good bye to C-Webb and I am just happy we got a good back up even though he didn’t have a good season he is capable of hitting shots

  6. Anonymous

    sooo now we have 16 people on the roster?? that means we have to giveaway somebody now.

  7. Anonymous

    I hope I was the Nick you were referring to ;)(appreciate the little comment under the video if i’m the “real” Nick haha) Anyway, I like Jarvis Hayes, I think he has a big upside. I dunno about his defense but I do know he has a capable jumpshot/3 Point Shot, and seems to be atheletic. I know in college he was the MAN, and thats why the Wizards took him as the 10th pick in the 2003 Draft… I hope that Joe D finds a way to trade Nazr… I want to see C-Webb back in the Red White and Blue… Anyway, good looks Nat :)I hope you find an “insperational” picture of Amir, because I would love to see an Amir Wallpaper. 2008 Most Improved Player of the Year, and 2008 Slam Dunk Contest winner… Im calling it… RIGHT NOW πŸ™‚


  8. Dominic

    YES!!! Now Tay won’t have to kill himself guarding LeBron James and other athletic SFs I’m glad that this guy is young as well. We have enough old guys in the last years of their career. (We still love u Dice!)

  9. Anonymous

    i really hope Amir johnson gets some playing time this year or it will be a total waste of talent. we don’t want the guy to become the next darko millicic.

    p.s : a guy dosen’t come straight outta high school fa nuttin!!!!!!!

  10. Natalie

    Yes someone has got to go. Doesn’t necessarily mean that C-Webb doesn’t get resigned. Lindsey could retire or it could me the end of Super Dupe or they could just as well release Flip Murray…. I guess we have to wait and see.

  11. Dominic

    I hope in order to free up the last roster spot we trade someone for draft picks ala Delfino (preferably 1st rd) or Lindsey retiring. because if we release Murray we still have to pay for his contract until another team picks him up at least I’m pretty sure that’s how it works

  12. Amanda

    I was kind of surprised when I saw the news. I heard something about a possibility of him being a Piston but nothing that made it sound like it was a done deal. I don’t know anything about the man either but it’s always exciting to get new/different players. I just hope Arenas’ ways haven’t rubbed off on him. lol Not a fan of the Hibachi. Can’t wait to see what he’s going to bring to the team!

  13. Anonymous






  14. Anonymous

    ^stuckey and afflalo are still rookies theres no way flips gonna give them more playing time than hunter & murray right off the bat

  15. Natalie

    I am going to have to politely disagree, I think Stuckey is going to get plenty of time, and if I had a choice I would give Afflalo a chance to prove himself over Murray (if he’s still on the roster come Nov 1).

  16. Dominic

    Well if it was Joe D’s choice I’m positive he would give the Rookies a chance to prove themselves but Head Coaches are much shorter in job span than GM’s are so most head coaches like to play their vets over their rookies simply because head coaches play to win not to develop so it could be a tossup of who gets most playing time depends on Flip’s style and views

  17. Nicole

    Hey…the website you have the link to is NOT JH’s official website. It’s http://www.jarvishayes.net. The one you have up there is something questionable someone tried to do years ago.

  18. Travis

    Was this signing part of the exception from trading Delfino? Any idea how long he’s signed for and for how much?

  19. Anonymous

    well ithink Flip is going 2 have 2 play the rookies in the first half of the season to c how they do. I also thnk that Flip M./Dupree are going to get released too. But Amir defenitely needs 2 play because he build soo much hype on these fans and i WANT him to play alot this season so he can , and also become better and better, and also stay as a Pistons foreva. Also Maxiell i think should be playing a center/forward to me. And maybe put Amir as a center too. I love this team soo much and i believe we would be an amazing team w/ Stuckey/Afflalo/Johnson/Maxiell/ Hayes on our team


  20. Anonymous

    LET”S GO PISTONS AND LET”S GET THAT SHIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Anonymous

    anonymous 5:19 PM I bet that you are PistonsGirl4life over on the Pistons messageboard. πŸ™‚

  22. Anonymous

    hahah yup. LET”S GO PISTONS AND LET”S GET THAT SHIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Anonymous

    Jarvis Hays didn’t do squat while he was playing with Agent 0, why Joe D.?? Free Agent class must suck like hell…..

  24. Dominic

    Jarvis Hayes provides a great scoring threat off the bench. Although he had injury problems he played 81 games last season. He’s not exactly known for his defense but he can provide a good effort against larger and quicker players alike. I think he is a good player to back Tayshaun and come off the bench and provide a three point scoring threat. And he did actually do alot while playing on the Wizards. Would you call averaging 8.9 pts and 3.4 rebs a game over 4 seasons not doing squat? Considering he had to compete to play over more talented players I think Jarvis is a good addition for us.

  25. Anonymous

    o ;ole hom, he seems to be good with other people and can be a great addition to the locker room. LET”S GO PISTONS AND LET”S GET THAT SHIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    p.s i think it’s funny how he critics resturants. I want Blaha or someone find him criticing resturants to the team. I think that would be sort of funny seeing i. I really like this guy and we just signed him.

  26. Anonymous

    if this guy is a cars fan as he says he is then this is the perfect city for him. LET”S GO PISTONS AND LET”S GET THAT SHIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Amanda

    I kind of feel bad for Dupree. He was probably thinking he was going to get more playing time after Delfino left and the team didn’t have a primary backup for Tayshaun. I hope he does get traded so he can get some PT with another team.

  28. Amanda

    P.S. Great attitude, Anony 7:48. Geez…

  29. Anonymous

    i belieebve that this guy would feel great with this team. LET”S GO PISTONS AND LET”S GET THAT SHIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. April32

    wow, finally a FORWARD.
    if he isnt good already,
    the pistons attitude will wear off on him.
    then he will be great.
    HOPEFULLY they dont get rid of someone important to the team.
    it seems like everytime the pistons do something we go back to square one.

    they lose the conference championship:
    we worry about the core.

    kobe bryant says he wants traded:
    we had to worry that we would trade for him.

    we have like 98370923 guards:
    we have to worry about rip or someone going.

    i cant wait til this stops

  31. Dominic

    HAHAAHHAHAHA I find this extremely hilarious Sports Illustrated rates Anderson Varejao the best available free agent over C-Webb and Micheal Pietrus. HILARIOUS!! Who would u rather have as your starting F or C?

  32. dirge

    I’m not sure why people expect Amir Johnson to put in minutes at the small forward spot. He hasn’t demonstrated the perimeter skills for that and would stuggle against most prototypical small forwards in the NBA. He’s bound to continue to pick up muscle (and size, as a result), moving him more firmly into the power forward position. I think he and Stuckey have some of the greatest upside on the team (well, perhaps Samb has the biggest upside given where he is now), and I’m excited to see him play, but signing Jarvis Hayes is unlikely to impact Amir Johnson’s playing time. All it does is keep two rookies (Afflalo and Mejia) from playing out of position.

    Likewise, Mad Max isn’t going to be playing small forward despite his loss of thirty pounds. If they aren’t sold on Nazr, he’s going to see a lot of time on the floor. He doesn’t match up with every center, or even every power forward, but he’s a valuable bench piece. If he provides the rebounding (modest) and shotblocking (wonderful) he’s capable of, and scores like Corliss did when he won 6th man… we’ve got one of the best bench players in the NBA… and a guy that can step in and replace a starter if the injury bug bites.

    Our biggest problems were at the perimeter. Dumars addressed that by drafting three guards and signing a solid backup small forward in Jarvis Hayes. He isn’t “injury prone” as many assessments say; he plays hard and uses his athleticism to the best of his ability. Yes, this might result in an injury, but it’s also the kind of energy the Piston’s definitely need from the bench. They got that spark in 04 from a number of players, but haven’t since.

    I think this was a good signing if the dollar signs were right. I suspect it wasn’t for a big piece of pie, so to speak. He’s a good complimentary piece to Prince since we lost Delfino. In a pince, Afflalo can come in and provide some perimeter defense, especially against the shorter small forwards… but he’s more of a shooting guard, much like Rip.

  33. dirge

    Oh, and reports indicated Joe D. only spent a small portion of the mid-level exception and signed Hayes to a one year contract. If he proves unreliable or injury prone, they won’t be on the hook for very long.

    With the roster at 16, they’ll have to make up their mind on the future of a Piston… does Lindsey retire? Does Joe buyout/waive Flip Murray, Ronald Dupree, or Sammy Mejia (only partially guaranteed)? Does Afflalo get most of Prince’s rest minutes despite being 6’5″ or does he mostly spell Rip, leaving Stuckey with the time at point?

    I’m not holding my breath for another trade, but I think everyone in Piston-land is hoping they’ll move Nazr, Flip, and maybe Dupree for a low post threat, or just an all-around better center. Mad Max’s low post game is coming along, and we’ve yet to see what Amir Johnson is going to bring to the table because he’s still learning some of the basics, but the last four regular season games of 06-07 were pretty impressive, and he scored in a variety of ways, but notably in the post.

    It’s still possible Nazr gets utilized better; I haven’t written him off, especially since he’s tied up a fair amount of the Piston’s budget. If he can contribute a solid 25 minutes at center without being a liability, that midlevel signing looks pretty good.

  34. Amanda

    That article was great, Anony 10:18. I don’t agree with it, but I loved it. Is the person who wrote it a big Pistons fan or did they choose to use this team because it has the best chemistry?

    Oh, and you made a ton of great points in your posts, Dirge. Your novel made for some good reading. lol j/p

  35. Natalie

    Well said Dirge..

    ANNon… Thanks for the link, I actually read that piece. It’s a nice thought but it would never fly. Too bad it wouldn’t work because I think the Pistons would have had a better chance at bringing back gold in the FIBA games..

    The more and more I am reading about Jarvis and his signing the more excited I am about seeing him play.

  36. Anonymous

    hey natalie.. this is just a “what if” kinda thing..

    would you be okay if joe d decided to somehow trade c webb to get big ben back as our *renewed* center or would you rather keep c webb as the pistons center? basically would you give big ben another chance

  37. Anonymous

    The pistons should trade chauncey, rip, sheed, tayshaun, and rodney stuckey for Lebron James

  38. Anonymous

    ^please no one respond to that

  39. sammi

    lmao at 12:35…

    jarvis seems like a nice guy! im excited hes gonna play for us. tayshaun can hopefully get some extra rest.

    oh hey btw i run the pistons fan myspace so if you want you can add us if you haven’t already…


  40. Amanda

    Has anybody heard/read about Jarvis’ thoughts on the signing?

  41. dirge

    Great point, Amanda. If a player comes in excited, I’m sure that makes a difference versus a reluctant signing/trade. I’ve read a lot of comments from Jarvis Hayes’ agent, but that can be spin. I guess we’ll know pretty soon!

    Oh, and thanks for the welcome to the site πŸ™‚ I’ve been reading for a couple years, but never posted before. I feel like I need more and more of a “Need 4 Sheed” since moving from Detroit to Seattle! The west coast is breath-taking beautiful, but these are soft, spoiled people!

    Go Pistons!

  42. Anonymous

    lets get Lebron.

  43. Dominic

    LMAO Seattle soft haha welcome to the site tho dirge

  44. Anonymous

    Whoever said to get LeBron go fuck yourself.

  45. Anonymous

    Agreed anon 9:57!! Go fuck yourself indeed!!

  46. Anonymous

    the pistons don’t need/want a selfish player like lebron on their team !

  47. Ahmed

    Delfino injured his leg. he might not play for fiba.

  48. Anonymous

    OMG! MY COUSIN WORKS BY A HOSPITAL AROUND THE AREA AND THEY DID A HEART TEST ON JARVIS HAYES. (it’s mandatory to get one when you are a piston.) She said he was nice. And she even told him that her cousin is a pistons fan, and he said, thats a good thing! =]

  49. Anonymous

    ^^&& that was today.


  50. Anonymous

    I dont know if this link works, but anyway, check it out. (http://www.hoopsvibe.com/nba-blog/who-should-represent-usa-basketball-all-stars-or-nba-team-like-detroit-pistons-ar45348.html) It is an article i was reading on espn.com/nba about how for the USA National Mens team, they shouldnt send a “Dream” Team, they should send the Detroit Pistons πŸ™‚ I found it a good read, since Piston-Land is kinda dull right now. Excited to see our boys play in the Vegas Qualifier(starts Thursday!!). Anyway, check it out!


  51. Anonymous

    maybe we should get anderson varajoe.

  52. Anonymous

    anon 9:57
    Repeat for Varajoe. Fuck yourself!!

  53. Anonymous

    no i am really, we should. i agree with him.


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