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by | Aug 13, 2007 | 19 comments

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  1. Anonymous

    i like the websites new ‘makeover’. Anyway, Sheed is the best there is. And i got the first comment! 😉

  2. Anonymous

    after seeing that story about the Ppistons, i hope they look at that as motivation, because soo many people are saying that were done, whe nwere not. I just hope/pray that we win the ship. LET”S GO PISTONS AND LET”S GET THAT SHIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Anonymous

    haha i think dumars is in love with sheed..

    be proud, guys. we have the best TEAM around :]

  4. Anonymous

    you gotta love rashheeeeeed. its funny how his own teamates cant even get a word in an argument with sheed. the ball dont lie =]

  5. Anonymous

    Yay for Tay- opportunity is knocking!

  6. The Spin

    My thoughts exactly on Hinrich. I wrote my thoughts on way he pulled out at

  7. Anonymous

    i love the tony mejia article. it is 100% true.

    i would give up anything in the world for the pistons to win.

  8. Amanda

    Did anybody happen to read the Mailbag at lol Some of our fellow fans are nuts. Like the guy who suggested trading Rip, Tayshaun and either Blalock (who’s gone, right?) or Dupree for Kobe Bryant. I laughed out loud when I read that. And then there was some fool who wants Varejao on the team. Somebody call up the sanitarium, there’s crazy people on the loose!


  9. basketballnmike

    “Can you tune him out or is that impossible at this point?”
    Dale Davis: “Thats impossible he’s too loud” LOL I love the Pistons and Sheed is the man.

  10. Anonymous

    omggggggg what the heck kind of piston fan wants varejao to play for the detroit pistons?!?! that is NOT a sane person….

  11. Ahmed

    Tay is in usa basketball. yesssssssss!

  12. Dominic

    YEA LET”S GET Varejao on the team!!! and while we’re at it let’s trade Sheed Rip Tayshaun and Chauncey for Kobe and Fire Joe Dumars!!! Might as well bring Bill Laimbeer out of retirement as well! In short WTF IS THIS GUY SMOKING???? I can’t think of a worse way to ruin a teams reputation then bring in Flopper Varejao!!!

  13. claire

    yea, i saw that varejao comment on the pistons mailbag page. And I was just thinking, if varejao was on the team, then i think i’m just gonna stop watching the pistons altogether…having flopper here would just be an uncool thing.

  14. Anonymous

    NATALIE- I JUST SAW RASHEED WALLACE ON ESPN AROUND 1:57 at an AND 1 game. it was pretty awesome to see him there. I was shocked that he was there. just letting you know.


  15. Natalie

    Thanks for letting me know about Sheed on Streetball, I saw him on an episode a while back maybe in 2005. I was wondering if it was an old episode or a new one.

    I will be on the lookout for the rerun.

  16. Beth

    FYI for everyone…I just heard on 89X that they are doing some event at Memphis Smoke in Royal Oak to benefit the Red Cross and a number of Pistons will be on hand signing autographs. I freaked out and checked the 89X website and they say they are going to be at Memphis Smoke 8/15 (TOMORROW!!!) but it’s 21+ only. And it didn’t mention anything about the Pistons =/. If anyone could get any more info about this that would be great!

  17. Anonymous

    it was detroit against another team. i thought i saw him in the backround, but i thought i was just halusanating. Then, he got interviewed! =]

  18. Anonymous

    Rasheed is so funny! you got to love that sense of humor! He’s great and I love to watch and listen to him talk trash! This is Jacqueline again!!!

  19. gee gee

    rasheed is lovable there is nothing to that, no matter how much he is hated on the court (by the refs, oppents fans, etc) he is loved everywhere else. I can’t get enough of his corky ways and I can’t wait to see him wilding out on the court this season. I want the old sheed back, the one that could say anything without getting a technical. so lets pray that since old dude donghey(sp?) got fired that maybe that will lead to the zero tolerence to be obselete as well.


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