Hey Joe, Thanks For The Memories

by | Aug 9, 2007 | 35 comments

I was in quite a long discussion the other day about who my all time favorite basketball player is. When I look back and remember the early days when I was first introduced to basketball and The Pistons, I can’t really say that I had a favorite player.

As a child in the early 80’s watching the Pistons I always appreciated what Isiah Thomas could do on court and I wouldn’t be a true Pistons fan if I didn’t have love for Bill Laimbeer, but it wasn’t until Joe Dumars was drafted by the Pistons that I could truly say that I had a favorite player.

Thinking back made me want to pay tribute to Joe Dumars in some way, so I created a highlight reel of some of his most memorable moments. Watching this video, like so many others from the past, makes time stands till for me. I hope you enjoy it, whether it’s a blast from the past or you’re experiencing these fond memories for the very first time.


  1. RaSteve

    I got chills, although I have seen some of the clips of Joe D many times before I still feel like it were yesterday.

    Great video, especially loved the song.

    Thanks Natalie

  2. Anonymous

    great video. i want it. put it on youtube. please!

  3. Amanda

    Who wears short shorts? lol

    I didn’t get to watch Mr. Dumars as a player but I enjoyed watching that video. Hightlights are always exciting. As long as LeBron James isn’t in them. haha

    Since everybody’s coming out of retirement I say Joe D. throws a jersey on and the league just hands over the ‘ship.

  4. Wolf Bltizer


    That’s a solid number right there; I honestly forgot how smooth Joey D made the game seem back when i first fell in love with it- great work on the clip- When I look at Stuckey…call me on the cliche, but he’s bring a joey D 2.0 to the table right quick.

    I’m Wolf Blitzer, and You’re in the Situation Room.

  5. Junior

    Joe D was a tremendous piece of the puzzle during those championship years. As much as I loved him then, I think I might love him more now. But when I started watching basketball, no doubt Isiah was my fav player. He could do whatever he wanted on a basketball court. Sure there are other greats like Cousy or Magic but I wouldn’t want any other point running my squad.

  6. Natalie

    Wolf, I hope your right about Stuckey!

    Junior, I agree totally about Isiah but there was just always something about Joe D for me. In my eyes when he was on the court (and off for that matter) he could do no wrong. Once classy guy and to this day if I close my eyes I can picture him trowing up one of his high floater off the glass….. So pretty

  7. Bleedin' Pistons Blue

    Amazing video, Natalie. A great tribute to an amazing player who played with such class and quiet intensity; I think that the eyes in the preview say it all.

    My favorite sequences have to be when Joe D plays tenacious D on Jordan following it with a fake and spin move for a layup. It also helps me to realize that I used to depise Jordan almost as much as I loved the Pistons!

    Most impressive, however, is the block that he had on David Rivers of the Lakers in the ’88 Finals… It’s especially impressive when Joe speaks of how he shouldn’t have left Rivers open in the first place!

    Relive some of those Bad Boys memories in this article I found on the web!

    Thanks for doing what you do, Natalie, you keep me from going into Pistons withdrawal in the offseason.

  8. Anonymous

    I get that the song says “Joe”, but it’s about a dude shooting his wife 😕

  9. RaSteve

    “I get that the song says “Joe”, but it’s about a dude shooting his wife :-?”

    Think of it this way…Joe is shooting the Rock not his old lady. And boy did he ever have a hell of shot.

  10. Junior

    I hear ya about Joe D. I think I was too young at the time to take character into account. All I knew was I loved the Pistons and HATED Larry Bird.(who I love now) I mean Joe had an award named after him while he was still playing!!! (I think that is correct) How many guys can say that?

    It was very hard to say whos your fav back then…just like it is now.

  11. Anonymous

    LOVED IT! Great clips and clever music. You’re the best around, Natalie!

  12. Dominic

    didnt rlly like the song so I listened to it with “Bad Boys for Life” by P Diddy it matched pretty well an the Video was awesome

  13. Richard

    I must have watched it at least 10 times already, great vid, thanks.

  14. DAKS-ISA

    Great video of Joey-D (“Michael Jordan’s worst nightmare”)!!! I like how they showed that highlight of Joe taking Jordan to the hole… PRICELESS!!!
    “The San Diego California/Detroit Bad Boy 4 life!!!”

  15. Anonymous

    One of the best old school Pistons highlight videos ever? And is there a more appropriate song that “Hey Joe”? I think not. Man you sure know how to throw together the highlight videos Natalie. Are you sure that you couldn’t get a job with ESPN making highlight reels?

  16. t

    Natalie: you can’t go wrong with some Jimi as the background music….and as a hoops fan first, Joe is a pro. I’m a Laker fan but Joe is such a professional and if you don’t admire the guy’s professionalism, when he was a player, and even more (if that’s possible) as one of the top 2 or 3 GMs in the league, then you don’t like basketball. Anyway, and that’s a heck of a job editing too. Great use of him guarding Michael. That was the thing, Joe realized he wasn’t going to dispossess Michael and so he didn’t try to. But he knew, as did Michael, that if he could keep him in front of him, the other Bulls weren’t nearly as dangerous. And even if he got round Joe D, it would usually be at a sharp angle and there would be help. Joe D was and is a pro. Great memories.

  17. Natalie

    I am sure glad everyone enjoyed it. I am not usually very good when it comes to highlight mixes, but I was really happy how this one turned out.

  18. Anonymous


    Love the new layout natalie. but you forgot to take delfinos picture of the side. since hes a raptor

  19. Anonymous

    i also like the layout =]

  20. Dominic

    yea as well as Will Blalock and how about a Stuckey and Amir face in their? And don’t forget about Lindsey when/if his time comes

    The new layout is fresh, I love it

  21. altan

    hey nat the new layout ıs nıce

    ı wasnt really a pıstons fan ın the 80,s ı started my basketball love ın 04 05 champıonshıp years ı hope stuckey can help pıstons ın rotatıon same wıth amır.

    and ı have one questıon u thınk reggıe and penny are comıng back to nba ?

  22. Anonymous

    love the new layout

  23. Ahmed

    Cool layout but i kind of liked the other one.

  24. Anonymous

    ^^me too.. this ones nice too but its tooo blue.. needs some red in it

  25. Anonymous

    Wow i jus noticed that the bullets in around the way are Sheed’s face. Very creative Nat

  26. Anonymous

    LOVE IT…. You always amaze us.

  27. Natalie

    I am glad most of you seem to like the new layout. I felt I needed a bit of a change.

  28. Anonymous

    nataliee you really are a great blog owner .. you actually listen to your commentators .. i was surprised when i came back to the site and saw you had actually added red in the titles of the blogs (i was 12:33).. thanks for actually listening to your readers.. dont change and you will go far

  29. Natalie

    It’s funny, I actually thought it needed a little different color because the post title was blending in a little with the rest of the blog. So I was happy when you sugesseted it needed a little color(red) because I was thinking the same thing myself.

    Then after fooling around a bit more I decided to use Sheed’s head as Bullets.

    I think I am done tweaking if for a while, I think I like how it turned out.

  30. Natalie

    And I didn’t forget about Delfino, Davis and Blaylock’s cartoon faces. I am just waiting until the roster is finalized until I update the sidebar. Thanks for reminding me though, I can use all the help I can get.

  31. Anonymous


  32. Anonymous

    The need4sheed facelift looks good nat good work!!!!

  33. Anonymous

    Oh yeah! That’s the stuff!! The focus he always had is so evident on his face and so amazing. He was amazing on the court. I think if we can get all of our guys to focus the way Joe always did every game we would be unstoppable. I love me some old school Pistons. Of course, I love me some Pistons no matter what though =)

  34. kentucky

    nice work, natalie. Hendrix was a great choice for the music. i also like the layout. Keep up the good work.


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