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by | Aug 5, 2007 | 19 comments

I am going to be on WTKG Radio in Grand Rapids Sunday August 5th at around 7 PM. The show is called Sports Extra with Bennie and Jeff . I have been a guest on Sports Extra before and had a great time talking with Bennie and Jeff. We are going to be discussing The Pistons as well as the new look Eastern Conference, but you know me you never know what I might say. You can tune in right here.

UPDATE: Here is the clip from the show.


  1. Ahmed


    dont forget to talk about rodney and the Garnett trade. I got a Rodney jersey.

  2. Anonymous

    Please don’t tell them that Boston will win the East because I don’t believe they will. They can beat Cleveland but not DET or CHI. That’s assuming they gel well.


  3. kyle c.

    Thats really cool!

    You should talk REALLY bad about Cleavleand.

  4. Anonymous

    Talk about re-signing C-Webb or J Rose if they trade Nazi.

  5. Ahmed

    Yeah, you should talk about signing Jalen Rose. i love that guy. That would be so cool if we signed him and c-Webb. they would such good buddies from college. And we would have a backup for. Nat, you have to say that! I unfortunately cant watch it because i will be on the airplane going back home from vacation.

  6. Ahmed

    sorry, i meant to say a backup for Tay

  7. ashley

    There’s a very strong rumor going around that Chris is signing with Dallas. I don’t know if there’s much hope of us getting him back.

  8. Anonymous

    natalie, thanks so much!! I loved listening to it.

  9. Anonymous

    ashley i dont think theres anyway c webbs going to dallas or even more i dont think dallas wants c webb.. i mean c webb did great for us this year and i love him as well as all of detroit and all piston fans… but the fact is (regardless of what we think of him and his game and what he did for us this past season) hes growing older not younger and that is what allll the teams will be looking at, his age and his bad knees.. i just dont see many teams fighting for him and making big trades for him especially the “big”teams… which is unfortunate because we all see passed his bad knees and peaking age and know that he’ll use whatever is within him and just spurge it all out for the game he is playing at the very moment just so his team can achieve another victory…

    but on the brightside..thats a better chance of him staying with us :]

  10. Anonymous

    I don’t know 8:55, I just read an article that said Dallas was close to finishing a deal with C-Webb coming off the bench to back up Dirk. Here’s the article if anyone wants to read it: http://www.hoopsworld.com/article_22959.shtml

  11. Anonymous

    AMEN about Grant Hill, Nat! I couldn’t believe how hopefull those guyes were about signing him last time, when I was really hoping we’d just let him move elsewhere for the very reasons you mentioned.
    I really like C-Webb and I think that he’s either going to resign with the Pistons or just retire. Being able to finish your career in your home town seems like something he looked forawrd to when he first arrived.

  12. Natalie

    I just posted the report on CWebb, although I would like to see Chris Webber back I just didn’t see it happening. I know the guy wants a ring so I believe hes going to do what he can to get it.

  13. Amanda

    I guess in a way it’s a little sad that C-Webb will most likely be in a different color jersey next season. It’d be cool if he could win a title here and retire in his home town but apparently he sees Dallas as the better bet. I wish him luck and I hope he does well with the Mavs but of course, much like the way I felt last season with Ben, I hope his team fails miserably. Is that poor sportsmanship? Eh, oh well.

  14. The Spin

    Nice appearance, Nat! Well spoken, and you seemed dead on with your comments.


  15. Anonymous

    Are you being sarcastic kyle c? If your not let me tell you Cleveland aren’t not all that. They have Lebron and he’s all that can get them into the playoffs really.


  16. Anonymous

    Natalie, how can I hear what you said on that show? I want to hear your take but I click on the link and it says down for maintenance, is it radio or video? If it’s video the little thumbnail doesn’t show up.


  17. Dominic

    ONe thing I love about this site and as the radio show mentioned is that you regularly update Need4Sheed and I think that’s amazing of you. I now go straight to Need4Sheed for Pistons info rather than nba.com/pistons. Thank you so much Natalie for updating Need4Sheed daily I rarely find it looking the same way as it did yesterday

  18. Natalie

    Thanks Dominic!

  19. Anonymous

    You seem to have more insider info than Pistons.com or ESPN (as you know some things you have to pay $ to read ESPN Insider articles, etc) I still visit espn.com/nba first, then sports.yahoo.com nba section, and then this site. Usually in that order. Keep up the good work. Maybe you could give everyone your early predictions of the Eastern (now Beastern Conference).



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