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by | Aug 3, 2007 | 13 comments

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  • Flip Saunders narrowly escaped the tragedy in Minneapolis. It seems he was twenty yards away from getting on the bridge when it collapsed.
  • Detroit is named the Best Sports City in the country by The Sporting News.
  • A Chicago Sun-Times writer is a little bitter about it and bashes Detroit.
  • Joe Dumars flew to Louisiana to meet his favorite football team The Saints.
  • Chauncey Billups knows the true meaning of loyalty.
  • Antonio McDyess got married.
  • Rip Hamilton holds his annual Basketball Camp with a few special guests in attendance.
  • ESPN’s Mark Stein highlights a list of the NBA’s games to watch. Detroit is on the list three times . Once for the Nov 1st opener against Miami on TNT. Second for a game against Memphis in December when the Pistons meet the Darko and his new team and the last season of the game against Cleveland. While new darling Boston is mentioned seven times along with Cleveland.
  • It’s got to be rough right now for Lil Dice at
  • True Hoop does a Blogger roundup and puts them to the test in handicapping the East.
  • Would you like a Rasheed Wallace signed basketball? Or maybe something signed from Tayshaun Prince, Arron Afflalo or Rodney Stuckey? Pistons are auctioning them off for Charity right now.


  1. Eitan

    This is horrible to say, but I bet a lot of people would have wanted Flip 20 yards closer.
    All I have to say is that he needs to work on his own skills, and play with the players and who they are and how they play…
    He has a lot to work to do, because since he has been here, we haven’t gotten as far as we did with the two season with Larry B.
    He was good, I miss him.

  2. Anonymous

    all i got to say to that reporter: DEEEEETROIT BASKETBALL!!

  3. Anonymous

    My friend karen got Sheed to sign a basketball for him last season. it says ‘this ball don’t lie! love, mr rasheed’! Sheed is the funniest guy ever

  4. Amanda

    ^ ha ha That’s great. Oh, ‘Sheedy.

    Any fan who hates Flip Saunders bad enough to wish he had been in that bridge collapse incident should be shot in the foot and thrown out of the ‘base. But that’s just my opinion…

    As for Mr. Harris’ opinion, all I can say is…There really isn’t anything to say, I guess. I doubt that man is very popular in Chi-Town. Every city has one of those jackass writers who is an embarrassment to the fans.

    Did anybody else notice that 2 of the 3 of ESPN’s games to watch that mention Detroit also mention a game following it? I’m sure it’s not the Detroit game that’s the one to watch. Also, how does a Detroit-Memphis (or Any Team-Memphis) game sound exciting? lol Just ’cause of Darko? That makes me giggle…

  5. Anonymous

    it hurts that why would someone would want to make those comments about Detroit. I mean this city is trying really hard 2 get people bakc here, and for us to be the best sports city is something 4 every detroit to be proud of. This city is going 2 continue to grow and become better. DEEEEEEEEE-TROIT BASKETBAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    p.s Chauncey should get a huge ovation at our first home game. He is a really loyal guy, and soo happy that he decided to re-sign here. Oh yeah this is a nice place to live in :). LET”S GO PISTONS AND LET”S GET THAT SHIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. kyle c.

    Do any of you know how to find out if the games are on national t.v.?

    I don’t know why people would want to watch us play memphis?! Although it should be a good game.

  7. Anonymous

    As much as I hate Flip as a coach.. I would never want him 20 yards closer. Thats just wrong for you even saying that EITAN!

  8. Anonymous

    Hi fans it’s Jacqueline, Even though Flip is not my choice for coach for the Pistons, I definitely would not wish anything bad on him such as that terrible accident in Minn. that was just horrible, its good to know that he is okay. Chauncey and Rip are doing a gret job in the community this year, they deserve a lot of applause for their efforts!

  9. Anonymous

    kyle c., if you look at the schedule posted on, they have listed which games are on national tv.

  10. Amanda

    Just ordered my Pistons backpack from Yep, I’m definitely going to be the coolest person on campus. Not that that was in jeopardy or anything. lol

  11. Eitan

    I’m just SAYING that in the past, people were always hating him and that people were cracking jokes that we should trade him for money, because of what he has done for our team, which is nothing.
    I personally would never want that, whoever he is, because that is mean, but he really does have to change his coaching strategies or he might be gone soon, hopefully. I really don’t like him, but I don’t hate his that much to say I want him dead.

  12. Anonymous

    I would shoot my own foot if that gets us another ring. I would love to personlly shoot flip, so we can at least have a better chance. So I do wish he was 20 feet closer. He’s wasting our chances! Where is Larry??? It’s sad that Joe D can’t tell how incapable flip is. Damn, God must made a mis-calculation that day. I don’t hate flip, I just want pistons to have a better coach, resign please!!! I would kill for us to win a ring.

  13. Anonymous

    I love that an athlete like Chauncey is showing so much loyalty to Detroit. And its nice to see that he took the fans into consideration, we are the first city that fell in love with him and hes not gonna find that anywhere else. Too bad Ben couldn’t see that. We were the first city to fall in love with Ben too and it’s not the same for him in Chicago.


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