2001-2002 Detroit Pistons

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Not many remember the (or certainly don’t want to) lean years (especially the teal era) of The Detroit Pistons. The Pistons went 32-50 in the 2001-2002 season, coached by George Irvine. The next season The Pistons flipped their record and went 50-32 under Rick Carlisle on their way to winning a Championship and becoming a dominating force in the East.

While the 2001-02 Pistons weren’t close to being called a threat in the NBA, let alone the East, there were some highlights to a roster that had Ben Wallace, Jerry Stackhouse, Chucky Atkins, Jon Barry, Corliss Williamson and Michael Curry. Here are some video highlights of the not so distant Pistons past.


  1. Anonymous

    oh yeah, Mcdyess got married.

  2. Dominic

    Great Vid I used to love Corliss Williamson during that era and I was pretty sad to see him go I know he wasnt the best player but I just loved his energy and enthusiasm well at least he won a ring with us 🙂

  3. Tara

    he got married? when? i didn’t kno that he wasn’t married.. haha

  4. Austin

    if those were the teal days where were the teal unis i dint see em

  5. Anonymous

    01-02 pistons went 50-32. The last teal team that went 32-50 was the 2000-01 pistons.

  6. Anonymous

    Corliss “Big Nasty” was the best. THat night he threw the ball at Jermaine O’neal was great and then he proceded to dunk on him. THose were the days of the “Alternators”.

  7. Anonymous

    Those were the day when there was no bandwagon jumpers!

  8. Natalie

    “01-02 pistons went 50-32. The last teal team that went 32-50 was the 2000-01 pistons.”

    Thanks, I just fixed my typo.

  9. Junior

    a lot of people got back into the pistons with that squad. They were actually fun to watch again. Its like the Tigers a 2 years ago, we have always been fans but it was just too hard to watch. Man I loved Barry and Scoreless.

  10. Junior

    I wish Barry and Atkins could have won the ship with us.

  11. Anonymous

    This is a nice tribute;
    real fans are there for their team even when they aren’t at the top- isn’t that right, fellow lions fans?

  12. Anonymous

    I am as die hard Detroit fan as it gets. However I am not watching Mateen Cleaves, in Pistons teal, run my squad into the ground. It gave me ulcers. I used to be friends with the guy and still couldn’t watch.

  13. Amanda

    I wish I had been a fan during those times so I could fully appreciate the highlight video. It was still fun to watch though. I loved Ben’s mini-dreds. lol *Sigh* I kinda miss that other Wallace…

    McDyess just got married? I figured he got snatched up YEARS ago! Congrats, ‘Dyess and nice catch, Mrs. ‘Dyess!

  14. DJ

    Jon Barry was phenominal off the bench. The Pistons could definitely use him now….I miss Arroyo actually as well. His shot was inconsistent but he brought so much energy. This video also reminds me what a waste Rodney White was.

  15. Anonymous

    Come on… you want some vintage “old school” Piston magic… bring on the late 80’s high lights. Vinnie Johnson, Joe D., Rodman (before he went crazy), Isaiah, Big Bill etc…
    let’s see some way back stuff. The “teal era” ain’t it.


  16. Anonymous

    As far as Antonio is concerned… congrats, I hope this woman is worthy! McDyess is my favorite player (contrary to popular opinion) and I wish him the best ALWAYS!! I want the championship ring on his finger this time because he wants it and DESERVES it more than anyone else. I am not a ring seeker — I just love my Pistons — but this guy has more heart than alomst anyone I know and I want him to have a ring.


  17. Eitan


    Since when did we have Damon Jones (#14), and why or who did we trade him for?

  18. Chris

    That was precisely when Pistons basketball began to become exciting again . . . a great year to watch, actually. The crowds were LIVE. Cliff, Ben, and Curry were defensive black holes. Atkins was somewhat of a sieve, Stack’s D was so-so, and Barry’s D was slow-foot-react, just like his brother’s. Barry had a great 3-ball shot. Corliss was energy inside offense, and he was another so-so defender. I remember Rebraca, Rodney White (lol), Damon Jones, Brian Cardinal, and Dana Barros. I can’t stress what a great year that was to witness.

  19. Anonymous

    “The Pistons went 32-50 in the 2001-2002 season, coached by George Irvine. “

    The Pistons went 50-32 in 2001-200 and were coached by Rick Carlisle. They lost in the conf. semifinals to Boston.


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