Boston has hope

by | Jul 31, 2007 | 33 comments

Kevin Garnett is going to The Celtics for what seems to be their whole team. The Celtics will send Al Jefferson, Gerald Green, Theo Ratliff, Ryan Gomes, Sebastian Telfair, and two first-round picks to the Timberwolves for Garnett. Garnett gets the trade that he wants and Bostons trade their youth for a title run. Garnett, Peirce and Allen should do wonders for the Celtics, but I doubt they have enough on the bench to be true title contenders.

You can bet that they will become the new Eastern Conference darling, like the Bulls were last season after acquiring that other Wallace. I will tell you one thing, this is the first time since Larry Bird was in Boston that I am actually excited to see the Celtics play.

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  1. Anonymous


    Im a Huge KG fan so i was hoping we could do a sign and trade with Webber, and package him with Flip, Nazi and a draft pick or two. He doesnt have much time left on his contract though and he has said he woul like to play under Flip Saunders again with the Pistons, so maybe if he doesnt sign an extension Garnett will be in the Red White and blue before the end of his career.

  2. Anonymous

    Boston would never make this trade without garnett signing an extension. Boston would be a relavant team again, but they would have no depth at all. If the reffing becomes fair and consistent, Detroit should be coming out of the eat no problem.

  3. Eitan

    Ever since Gerald Green became a Celtic, I knew he was going to bring alot to the table. When he was in the dunk contest, I knew he was going to win. I’m a bit upset that he’s being traded, but now that the Celtics have KG + Pierce + Allen, they should be dominant. They will probably make the playoffs this season, but be eliminated quickly, they are still a young team, even though they just gave up half on them to a player who is older and can retire any second.

  4. Anonymous

    For what they gave up, I think that Boston could be even WORSE next year. They kind of remind me of the Suns in a way with 3 really good players but they just keep underproducing. Only the Suns have a slightly better bench than Boston, the only thing is, will Boston even HAVE a bench??

  5. Amanda

    It kind of seems crazy to me that the Celtics would give up so much of their roster and youth to add just one player. A monster player, mind you, but it’s one guy. Is this just my amateur colors shining through or does anybody else find this a little nuts?

    At any rate, a Pistons-Celtics game should be a MUCH more exciting battle to watch this upcoming season than it was last year. Of course, I’ll never forget the second game of the 05-06 season when Rip drained a 20 foot jumper with eight-tenths of a second left to give Detroit a 1 point victory over Boston. THAT was beautiful.

  6. jj21

    Actually Nat, The celtics are KEEPING Gerald Green. The trade was Ratliffe, Jefferson,Gomes, Telfair, and the 2 first round pics without Green.

  7. Anonymous

    It looks like Boston will be starting Rajon Rondo and Kendrick Perkins with Ray Allen, Paul Pierce, and KG. That’s not horrible. Perkins has room to improve and Rondo doesn’t look bad at all, especially partnered with that backcourt. Gerald Green and Brian Scalabrine are pretty much their entire bench. They’ll have to farm the D-League and what’s left of the free agent market… but they’ll be the media darling, like someone else posted; and they’ll get some heat in the free agent market, just like Shaq was able to lure a couple players to the Heat after the trade that planted his Diesal-sized rear there. If they can get another free agent with some ability to contribute AND a willingness to take a small pay check, they’ll be in decent shape.

    I guess the youth movement didn’t work for them… unless these three amazing players can completely carry a team. We’ll see. They’ve got real superstars to working with, at least. It’ll be fun to watch, whatever happens!

    Oh, and I’m thrilled the Pistons went with young players on their bench; I would have hoped they resolved the Flip/Nazr issue, but if Afflalo/Dupree surprise, I think they’ll be in great shape and still able to move forward (didn’t sacrifice their future).

    Bring on the season!

  8. lyndakay

    C’mon Natalie, you don’t think they’ll be true title contenders? Steven A. Smith has them winning the title next year!

  9. Anonymous

    First of all whoever said it reminds you of the Phoneix Suns they are in the west where everything in much superior than the east.. with this 3 player combo they will dominate the East if Lebron can do it why cant KG Ray Allen And The Truth do it? how can it get worse than 28 wins? seriously you guys dont make sense you only think detroit is goin 82-0 give other teams some credit.. and i dont see where it says Gerald Green isnt leaving.. can anyone put a link?

  10. Natalie

    From all accounts of the Trade that I found Gerald Green has been dealt too.

  11. jj21

    sry my bad, the news site i heard this from changed the article a few minutes ago.

  12. kyle c.

    I was watching ESPN News and all the anyasts say that Boston will be the best team in the east just because they got 3 good players. Pistons have the best starting 5 in all of basketball and they have not been labled to win the east. I hope Boston is a big dissapointment this season to prove that just cause you have good players doesn’t make you the favorite.

  13. Anonymous

    I was the one who posted that they are like the Suns and it is totally true. The media will LOVE them because they have 3 superstars and they may have a good regular season record but they will be the team who loses before expected and everyone is totally shocked. Teams take years to build not just a couple of days and the Pistons are living proof of it.

  14. Anonymous

    Yeah a proof of a team that is just like the Suns underachieving and everyone is shocked when the Pistons lose ain’t that true? seriously everyone should take the fact that with this team we should of gone Finals 5 years in a row but we underachieved as well. Spurs are the totally opposite of what the Pistons are.. and the media doesn’t like that team at all. We aren’t underdogs media does pay attention to the Pistons.


    P.S with Ben gone we no longer have the best starting 5 of all basketball thats a thing of the past maybe one of the best 4 players but thats about it Nazr isn’t good and C-Webb showed that he doesn’t have it anymore.

  15. Anonymous

    KG has always been a great player but he’s a 12 year Vet who’ll be 31.5 when the season starts, and the last thing the Pistons need right now are more vets, so even though I like him I’m actually glad he didn’t end up in D-town. He’s going from one non-play off team to another right now and I don’t think he’s going to make the Celtics that much of a threat.

  16. Anonymous

    Okay, so you’re saying that if this year we just threw together Rip, Chauncey, Sheed, and Tayshaun we would win the championship. Yeah right. The teams that have won championships like Pistons, Spurs didn’t just happen overnight. Look, I don’t like many other teams out there but I can honestly say that Boston is NOT going to be that great. Oh and my definition of underachieving is not getting out of the second round when you only lose like 20 games in the regular season. At least the Pistons got to the final 4 EVERY year. And, everyone acts like the Western Conference is God. It’s not!! The spurs will win a few championships but otherwise the East will win it.

  17. Anonymous

    Steven A Smith is a horses’ patute!

  18. Anonymous

    Yes, we would! look at Miami they dealt half their team and they got a championship that same year why cant the pistons? If Boston doesn’t get good role players than I agree they aren’t going to be great but if they do they can dominate.. The Pistons should of been in the NBA Finals every year they only done it twice thats underachieving maybe your definition is just to make the Pistons look good.. I am not biased There are many teams in the West that if they have gone to the East they would be in the Finals period.

    In another note we should be happy KG didn’t land in Chicago or it could of been even worse at least it’s just Boston.

  19. Anonymous

    If Garnett had gone to chicago it would have been even better because if you look at what they would have to give up they would be left with Hinrich, Wallace, and KG. Gordan and Deng would for sure be gone! Yeah, Miami got a championship in 06 but did they even stay half as good as they were last year? NO!! They got swept in the 1st round. With all the hype the Shaq gets he shouls have been able to get his team to the 2nd round without a fully healthy Wade. And, do you really think that the Suns high school basketball would have got them a ship? I don’t think so!

  20. Anonymous

    Hinrich ,KG, Wallace,either Deng or Gordon that is pretty dam good you don’t know basketball if you think they wouldn’t be improved.. Yeah Miami lost in the first round but they didn’t have a healthy Wade. you don’t know what you talk about.. Explain to me why did the Pistons lose to Cleveland if they were healthy? oh wait YOU CANT.. Look Suns probably would of had a better chance if they didn’t get Suspensions.. you are 100% biased

  21. Amanda

    It’s funny how people are biased on a website devoted to a specific team, huh? ha ha

    Of course every Pistons fan thinks that the Pistons are THE team to beat. Just like every Mavs, Lakers, and Bulls fan feels that their team is the best. This kind of reminds me of all the heat the Golden State fans were getting in the Playoffs. Everybody was calling them morons because they thought their team was going to win a championship. If you don’t believe that every year is your team’s year, it seems hard to label yourself a true fan.

    In the end, the best team wins. Except for the last…3 years, right Detroit fans? :)

  22. Anonymous

    Yeah, but come on you cant think your team is going to go 82-0 give some credit to other teams I am a Piston fan but before that I love basketball so for someone to say a team that just added KG is going go worse than 28-54 is just being ignorant..

  23. Anonymous

    Also the only team I think is going to be able to shut down this new 3 headed monster will be the Pistons. Rasheed knows how to stop KG.. Pierce shouldnt be too much for the Prince of the Palace and Rip should be able to handle Ray Allen

  24. Dominic

    I don’t like this trade. Why? Well first of all in the Celtics point of view they lost all of their bench players and young guns meaning that they will probably not last long. They seem to be going in the same way the PIstons went this year and last. Not enough young players in the bench to give their starters some rest. But thats the Celtics problem I don’t like the trade mostly because now this is probably the only team in the East that will be talked about the Pistons will just be shoved aside in many peoples eyes as the Kings of the East which we rightly deserve seeing as nobody else has been as consistent as we have. but this is my opinion who knows maybe Celtics will be able to take out LameBron for us early and we can wipe the Celts in the ECFs lol :)

  25. Amanda

    lol Who on here thinks the Pistons (or ANY team)will ever go 82-0? I think that’s something you started, isn’t it Anony 11:27? And I don’t know who thinks the Celtics are going to do worse but I’m sure if they thought about it, they’d change their mind. The Celtics had a lot of injuries last year, didn’t they? It’s not like they didn’t have the talent to have a decent record, they just didn’t have the man power on any given night. I think when you add a player like Garnett to your team, it automatically improves, regardless of who you give up in the deal.

    No way, Dominic. The Pistons get the Cavs in the Playoffs. I don’t think many fans or players would want it any other way.

    I heard Jay Leno say that Tim Donaghy gave Shaq 40 undeserved free throws. lol With the way Shaq shoots from the stripe, I wonder which team he was trying to help win.

  26. Anonymous

    “And, do you really think that the Suns high school basketball would have got them a ship? I don’t think so!”

    I’m sorry but that comment really made me laugh. The Suns team is fantastic and it’s inclussive of a two time MVP, the 6th man of the year, a monster in Amare S., and several good all around players like Marion, Bell, and Diaw. How can you possibly compare them to high school caliber- just because they had a rotten suspension situation in the play offs?
    I’m a die hard Pistons fan, but give the Suns some credit!

  27. Anonymous

    .| ~Richie~

  28. BMan

    Kiki V. has the Celtics in the championship next year? What a joke. This does nothing more than get the C’s in the playoffs (maybe) and put some butts in the seats. I would have liked KG in D-Town but there is a very good core here. Beantown is in shambles and Ainge is an idiot. Garnett will regret this move…

  29. Anonymous

    Gordon and Deng would both be involved in that trade. One of them would not be left in Chicago. The Pistons will not go 82-0 and I never said that. They are not the best team the whole season but at some points I think that they were. For example, when we got Webb I thought that we could win it. But in the Cavs series we broke down mentally and that is why we lost. I am biased, I am a huge Detroit fan, but I do give credit where credit is due. The Spurs and Parker were playing great basketball when they won it. Dallas was great in the reg. season. Chicago and Utah are great up and coming teams. But I don’t think that it is that bad if I don’t like teams like the Suns, Miami, and the Cavs who have a few superstars, have had a bit of success but the media and fans LOVE them. I believe basketball should be a TEAM sport not a one or two person effort.

  30. Anonymous

    What I meant by high school baketball is running all over the court with no play and basically having no defensive plan.

  31. Anonymous

    “Like that other Wallace” lol

  32. Anonymous

    anon 7:58 AM – “the cavs have a “few” superstars”??????????

    the cavs dont have a few starts, let-alone superstars.

  33. Anonymous

    That comment was a generalization. I couldn’t say that Miami had one superstar without being criticized so I used the word a few to apply to all teams.


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