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by | Jul 29, 2007 | 28 comments

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  • Chris Webber interview at his Bada Bling Charity event. On a side not he refers to players past and present as “my teammates.” We also get a SHEED cameo in the video.


  1. Dominic

    Lol I love that Sheed vid “Tea and Crumpets!” lmao

  2. Anonymous

    2nd comment

  3. Eitan

    That was amazing. It just goes to show that all those rowdy basketball players really do have hearts, on and off the court. C-Webb is the perfect example and should be a role model for all; NBA superstars and people like us alike.

    Glad your back baby!

  4. jess

    Love the video.. whenever SHEED pops up, you know its gonna be good. LOL

    (I know this is off topic but..)
    Did you guys know that C-Webb used to date Tyra Banks?

  5. Justin

    Thank you Nat for another posting. I really enjoy your blog and I kind of go through withdrawals when there isn’t anything going on with the Pistons. Keep up the good work. I look forward to training camp. By the way do you know when it is? GO PISTONS!!

  6. Justin

    Oh forget I asked that last question. I always hate it when people ask you questions that they themselves can take 2 minutes and find it out themself. I know that this isn’t a full time job for you so I respect your time. I will look it up myself. 🙂

  7. Anonymous

    I leave in Las Vegas. Chris Webber was all over the radio stations. He was basically the talk of the city. I didn’t mind (because i’m a huge Detroit fan) I went to the event and there were plenty of people there Hamilton as you seen Sheed. I saw lots and lots of face it was great. Chris Webber is not what most people would expect he’s a awesome guy

  8. Anonymous

    hahahaha IM NOT YO FRIENDDDD !!!!

    aww theyve grown really close they hugged each other for like 5 years.. but that just goes to show how easily someone can get attached when youre on the pistons team/ are a piston fan (believe me i know.. i cry when they lose in the playoffs and sometimes just big reg season games ha.. but that just goes to prove that im really not a psycho obsessed fan like people tell me..its something no one can help)

  9. Natalie

    I appreciate the comment Justin.

  10. Anonymous

    i just like to say that sheed is wearin his red white n blue during his mtv cribs video. oh n nat yoour doing a great job.go pistons


  11. Anonymous can always count on Sheed to pop in and make you laugh!

  12. Anonymous

    i hope to see sheed and cwebb hug like that next year in june =)


  13. Dominic is nothin like NEED4SHEED!!!!! Maybe u can give him some tips Nat 🙂

  14. Anonymous

    Gotta love C-Webb… Anyone hear about Garnett to the Celtics? That would be awesome… Seeing Ray, Garnett and Pierce in a starting lineup… I dont think they would win a championship, but i think they would be fun to watch… My money is on Chris coming back to the Pistons next season, and us tradign Nazr… and Flip Murray, for someone… Anyway, PEACE OUT!~


  15. Anonymous;_ylt=AvP8AiOAeMykpb.AVcZV.Kt80bYF?slug=ap-pistons-billups&prov=ap&type=lgns

    “This is the first city and the first organization to show me love,” Billups said Monday. “They’ve helped me go from a pretty good player to an elite player, and I wasn’t going to break their hearts.”

    “I told my agent that Detroit got the first chance to sign me, and they also got the second, third and fourth chances,” he said.

    [aww we are soo lucky to have this guy on our team!];_ylt=AmGjpizEXyzN71eYEnzWLDl80bYF

    ^^ANDD he looks gooood haha veryy nice pics from his golf charity

  16. gee gee

    aww that was so cute, how sheed and c web hugged. you can tell that they are probably the best of friends. i really and truly hope that he returns because he has gained a family here in detroit. and i truly don’t think he is going to find that bond anywhere else. man that gets so warm and fuzzy inside. lol you gotta love sheed to spark something up!! I ain’t yo friend lol from that hug we sure couldn’t tell…just kidding

    detroit fa life babay

  17. gee gee

    oh yeah there was one more thing i forgot to mention…did sheed shed a couple of pounds? he looking real good and a little slimmer to me. does he need to lose weight or something or are my eyes just playing tricks on me?

  18. Ahmed

    Nat, Did u know that Garnett is now with the Celtics. He traded like for gerald green, al jefferson, sabatian telfair and more.

  19. Anonymous

    hahahah sheeds scream while hugging chris is too funny and then a little after they hug you can hear sheed screaming some more

    that man is too crazy!!

  20. Anonymous

    lol oh sheed. “I’M NOT YO FRIEND” too hilarious.

  21. Anonymous

    Hi fans its me Jacqueline, is it just me or does it look like Sheed has lost a little bit of weight? He appears to has slimmed down a little bit! That was a cool video, I know that they had a ball in Vegas, I would have given anything to be there!

  22. Anonymous

    its me Jacqueline again, I know that I just posted but I had to come back to post again because I just visited and saw pics of Chauncey at his golf tournament today and I do think that I almost suffered a small heart attack, because he was looking so handsome and smooth, you all know by now that he is my favorite, and since I had no one to share this with I had to come back. Chauncey is so fine, man I think i need go to the hospital for some therapy!!!!

  23. Amanda

    “The way the season ended — that hurt, man. I know this is an elite team that can still win championships. I still believe we were the best team last year, no matter what happened against Cleveland, and I’m going to stay here and prove that.”~Chauncey

    Damn straight, man.

    2008: Vindication is inevitable.

  24. Junior

    hey Jacqueline and Gee Gee–
    I was about to write the same thing about sheed looking slim. It was the 1st thing I noticed.

  25. shatia

    awwwwwww. That was too cute. I think its great when a person helps others in need. Great job chris!!!

  26. Amanda

    lol ‘Sheed was huggin’ everybody! I think he got the party started in the parking lot.

  27. Anonymous




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